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  1. Happy Christmas and Merry New Years all
  2. Good luck all! Another awesome Christmas contest! Thanks Dave, staff... all the behind the scenes crew, and the sponsors!
  3. Now if EA would just put Insaniquarium in the AppStore I'd finally be happy. PopCap also created PvZ, so at least EA can spawn a bunch of updates / regurges... I'd buy each one assuming they're fun!
  4. Awesome review ccokeman! Now, I must find one and buy it... but not at the stupid $239 Newegg price
  5. Most exciting three minutes of my life! You sir are the greatest man ever to live! Ok, seriously.. I was laughing to hard even may dad wondered wtf was wrong with me... damn that's hilarious Any ways, on topic, Newegg has been getting skimpier and skimpier with their packing [i used to hoard those spare peanuts, now I just hope boxes aren't damaged]... but until they break something I'll live with it, they day they do though.. hell hath no fury.
  6. Why must you make so much sense? But yeah, agreed on all points. Carry on.
  7. I've actually gotten extremely bored. My titles don't show it [30/50 HoM], but idk.. I feel like I've done everything. I only play for holidays and the newer Winds of Change content. Can't wait for GW2 though
  8. Messes ftw :3 Before: Link in case the thumbnail fails After: Link in case the thumbnail fails The crappy part? After getting it tidy, in 2-3 days it'll be back to normal EDIT! Deathmineral! Applejack spotted!
  9. Zero issues flashing a bunch of iDevices on my Desktop for iOS5. If the phone blacks out on you, just plug it into your PC again, kick it into and re-restore. Problem solved.
  10. It's sad to say, but this is why I personally only use tech forums or just recycle with Gazelle or even Best Buy. On tech forums, people build up rep, and have more of a tech savvy mentality, Fewer scammers and tards. Plus you can competitively price your goods and sell them quickly to a respectable member. As for Gazelle / Best Buy.. you lose money / possible gains... lots of it, but it saves time dealing with those CL / FleaBay tards. It's worth it in my books. Path of least resistance, it's worked with me for years and I'm sticking to it FWIW, you can always call paypal, tell them your dispute information, and calmly explain your case, usually it's a guaranteed win in your books. Had to do it twice, called both times, defended my selling position twice. Honestly too, I wasn't scamming. When you sell something one way and they mysteriously took over 2 weeks to open the box to mysteriously find a totally random part, yeah scam. Call paypal, problem solved.
  11. I'd send it to my brother so he can get off his OCZ StealthXtreme. The HX750 is more than enough for me AMD 1055T Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H 8GB Mushkin Silverline EVGA 560Ti Seagate 500GB 7200.12 OCZ 600W StealthXTreme
  12. lol got it Didn't notice at first though. FedEx better not get the same idea to shuffle my iPhone 4S around.. it better arrive today as it says.... it better.... it will.....
  13. This just makes me happier to own an i7 920 Awesome review ccokeman ^_^
  14. Yup preordered though it as backordered so i'm looking at a week to 2 week delay. It's an upgrade from my 3GS, just wanted an upgrade. The 4S seems like a solid upgrade hardware wise. Though I might still keep my 3GS as a test device. Having an old bootrom makes it an untethered JB heaven
  15. The only.. only viable Rep. candidates are Romney and Huntsman, but they're too centrist for the radical right at this point. I will gladly vote to re-elect Obama if anyone but Romney or Huntsman slides in. Those two are the only candidates the Rep party has propped up that actually have a grasp on reality. Yup, my opinion. I will admit though, I am glad to see the diversity of opinion here, least it isn't a cult-ish sort of "We must all vote for xyz"
  16. When they, well he, sped up the release of his autobiography.. something was clearly up.. though at 56 this is no way for anyone to go. More reason to fold
  17. I did! Actually, I can't believe I've never seen this thread! Been following it since it's release, it's unreal how much more dynamic the mane cast is, and how funny thee first two episodes have been, it's nothing short of awesome
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