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  1. As I said on another forum, Activision will just giggle and wait a day, then all will resume as normal. You complain and boycott before a purchase, not after. Rocket science right there.
  2. Holy crap Waco. Least you're ok :\ Things could have gone a lot worse....glad they didn't
  3. It's all a tease to get our own personal rigs jealous
  4. Agreed. That kid is nothing less than a brat. Then again, doesn't help that he can freely walk into Daryl's camp, take his pistol, and walk into the swamps without either of his parents wondering "Hmm, where did my son go?" (last episode, no spoilers required I assume)
  5. Munkypoo7

    Mass Effect 3

    Scooped mine up a few minutes ago. Seems I have no classes tomorrow, well.. I'm cutting them out of my schedule. Screw it.
  6. Keep trying, that error came up twice (Sorry =( ). Then it wen't through :3
  7. Overall they were extremely "meh" The Clint Eastwood one was good though, invoked the " 'MERICA #1" feeling. I would have been so much happier is this was played.. just once. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvYP_d2S1Pg
  8. You spelled Rarity wrong. It's ok, it's an honest mistake. Rarity is the most amazing pony evar!
  9. iPhone 4S 32GB and a Nano 8GB 6th gen. I love them both.
  10. I *just* went through the motions of cloning from my Black Cav to a Green Drive. Used Acronis True Image, WD Edition [it's on their site for download], ~280GB in under 30 minutes [caught an episode on the teevee]. Worked like a charm
  11. EVGA. Despise Asus for the past two RMA fiascoes. Will never touch one of their boards or any of their hardware again.
  12. I like it.... if it's done tastefully. <3 my FT01 with a window
  13. That dead horse made fun of him once and kicking it is satisfying? Supply: way down. + Demand: still as it was and rising. = Prices: Up and Upper and Upperer. Basic Economics... why is this an issue? edited for typo and added upperer.
  14. Voted no. Always have had to skimp somewhere. Even on the tiniest of details. :\
  15. One 120GB Corsair Force 3 and a WD 1TB Black. Works fine to date, the Black is a bit louder than I would like, but prices are kinda insane to even consider purchasing a quieter drive at this point. Also: Yay Monday poll!
  16. No TNT service here too in Florida. Though we have the standard UPS, FedEx and USPS... ironically we all know each one of the drivers, it's kinda funny. Guess that's what happens in smaller neighborhoods, it's kinda nice really. Never had any issues with any of the three aforementioned companies, other than delivery times, FedEx likes delivering closer to 6pm
  17. xD Anywho, congrats to the winners! As for the BlacX5, should I pm you Dave or? I feel way outta whack. Time to go pickup the folks and bring them home for dinner too. Today's fun
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