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  1. Dang.... expensive little pappy gone to waste
  2. Somewhat unrelated.. but are you looking for an 80mm fan or 120mm? Your links indicate 120mm, while your thread title suggests 80mm :/
  3. Actually MrAlex, if you look under the 999, it shows that after instant savings it comes out to 799, which is the price level im looking at Cirro, if my dad would be ok with it, we would be discussing prices shipping etc.. but he doesnt
  4. Well yea as the title says, I would like to know if this laptop is a good deal, it will mostly be used for work, but the occasional autocad, 3d studio rendering, as well as some gaming from time to time, this is my college laptop so it needs to be dependable at least... Additionally, if it is not.. if someone can find something for me? price range has to be <$800 (USD) (Its kinda tight for what it needs to be used for, but thats how things work...) ***No refurbished or Open Box, Dad hates that stuff >.>*** Thanks in Advance, ~Munky PS> If this is in the wrong section or anything if a mod / admin can move it, but i think i put it in the right place :/
  5. +1 for the TRUE, unless you're considering water cooling =o
  6. When i had my s939 system running i wanted "faster" ram, and bought 2gigs of ddr2 (cuz it seemed faster) ram.. oops... Luckily though newegg actually replaced my ddr2 sticks with some ddr ones (i had to cover the difference though)
  7. load is 67C (Highest ive seen), idle is usually around +/- 45-50 Idk if thats good or not, but to me its fine =o
  8. Ive got the 1GB version of this card, and with the fan speed at 70% its as silent as my Noctua fans, since i cannot hear anything from this case (except the stupid hard drive XD)
  9. I use the lachesis on the eXactMat, Control side, works wonderfully...
  10. Try booting the system with just one stick (of the medley you seem to have...) If you can get any of one stick to boot, run memtestx86 on the and check for errors, although Kingstons usually are good and do not have errors you could just be extremely unlucky. Otherwise maybe your RAM slots are fried (for some sick and twisted reason?) and i doubt this one is true, but always leave the worst possible problem open :/ Good Luck :S
  11. I am wondering the same thing as well...
  12. Voted for 600W so theres a bit of extra power for small upgrades / overclocking
  13. I prefer Noctua, but then again im on an AC7 and its actually quite good :/
  14. I myself am more of a Sapphire fan, although my brother does have a HIS 4850, and its just freaking amazing.... I don't know how, but HIS makes/ uses pretty kick . coolers on their gfx cards ^^ !vote buythatcard
  15. If you have a psu tester, that will either mark the baddy to be the psu or put it in the clear... Honestly, a psu tester is like $20 and it comes quite handy in times like these
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