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  1. Thank you both then CPU: Intel i7 920 Motherboard: EVGA X58 E767 SLI3 RAM: 12GB (6x2GB) Corsair Dominator GPU: EVGA GTX580 w/ AC Xtreme Plus 2 Storage: Corsair Force 3 120GB SSD Storage: Western Digital 1TB Green Chassis: Corsair 550D Cooling: Noctua NHD14 PSU: Corsair HX750 Display: Dell U2311H Audio: Audioengine A2 w/ Creative Titanium HD Keyboard: Ducky Shine Mouse: Logitech G9X Country: United States
  2. American Dad, My Little Pony and Invader Zim
  3. Quite agree. Those of us who want proper communication with teammates / squadmates usually have the option of Skype, TS or Vent. Where we can ALL speak to one another, bypassing the squad limit (ie have essentially 8+ people in various squads as one "unit"). Not to mention the last thing most of us want to to hear anyone of any age whine about how they just got popped. I simply refuse to pay for Premium out of principle. It is simply not a trend I wish to be a part of in the gaming community. Yes, I receive less content, but I can live with that.
  4. Absolutely excellent review. Almost went for this case at one point too, but as Panda pointed out, it's expensive and it does have a fatness to it which seems quite unwarranted. It's basically butchery of the FT01 at higher price point. Also, the rocket scientist that made it mandatory to use an allen wrench should just be strapped to a rocket and sent to the sun. Sure it's "different" but it's also tedious and stupid.
  5. Maybe the cooler on that one core is mounted improperly / needs a new application of paste? That's just bizarre :\
  6. Little 2.0 setup. Audioengine A2 Headphones only if it gets a bit loud, much prefer the speakers though.
  7. In for one. Time to retire this FT01. Awesome review as always Panda
  8. Different products, Ducky Shining keyboard, Logitech Performance MX mouse, but agreed entirely. Wireless mouse and wired keyboard =
  9. All considering... glad he's taking everything seemingly light-hearted, that's awesome!
  10. I think he meant that his post would be deleted. Not sure though :x
  11. This, and plus, the House if full of idiots, chock effing full of them from both parties and other. Not saying the Senate is any better but at least they used to have clout, the House never really did imo. As with this President, and every other one, let's see if he caves (as most do anyways, again, both sides) to big corporations. They practically run this nation anyways and it's beyond pathetic.
  12. You actually don't need one of the exact same size, just close enough really. You have the option, instead of using retention clips, to use thermal adhesive on the base of a fresh new heatsink. These heatsinks can be found from FrozenCPU or any other seller of chipset heatsinks. To make life really simple, measure the length and width of the heatsink in question, find something close in side, doesn't need to be exact, and buy it with some thermal adhesive like the Arctic Silver Alumina. That stuff will essentially cement that new heatsink on top and you won't ever need to worry about retention clips
  13. Munkypoo7

    My rant.

    Unfortunately no. It's now in my backup skt 939 build. If I did, after your ebay ordeal, I totally would have asked you without question. I just can't justify setting up a loop for a system that has literally only been turned on once in the past.. like 2 months. That was just to snag some updates :\ I will never give the system up though, good times
  14. Munkypoo7

    My rant.

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand... Agreed wholeheartedly. Kinda odd that I almost always agree with you Waco. Creepier that we both have / had Cobalts, and an undying love for our 4870x2's. Fine not creepy, it's awesome
  15. Agreed. Acronis is more of when you're migrating from one HDD to the next, in the same machine. That way you have a seamless transition. Download all previous installers, reinstall all your goodies, and transfer files via external drive / dropbox / usb flash drive.
  16. Awesome! Congrats! Just realized what that phrase means when typed out. Was wondering why it was used in one of Halestorm's songs. Life makes sense again
  17. For what it's worth, after the first time I was burned on eBay, I bent over and the buyer got everything he wanted and more, fine, fool me once. Second time, just as you did, photographed everything, submitted everything, sided with the buyer as usual. So I started the appeal process. Then gave eBay a call, explained everything, mysteriously they ruled the appeal in my favor and I had my funds back a long while later, but I came out ahead I suppose. Granted this was like two years ago, not really sure what their phone department is like now, but that 1-1 human interaction seemed to have helped. I mean hell, it couldn't hurt any right? You guys already got shafted :\
  18. Vulcans would be insulted Asus is using their Race's name on such dribble Typically your best option is to get a quality set of headphones and either a Logitech Desktop USB Mic or the Zalman Clip On Mic (which I despise with a passion but whatever, to each their own). If you absolutely must have a headset... Senn PC 350 / 360 depending if you want an opened or closed back and then you always have the insanely expensive Beyerdynamic MMX 300. Quality is second to none but it'll cost you. Really though... typically speaking... the general Logitech / Razer etc headsets will be "good enough."
  19. Late reply, but yessssssssssssssss. I didn't have that Lyra saved D:
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