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  1. Hi All Ok bit of a strange one, a good few years ago I was on here regularly and created a Overclockermail email account. Obviously the Overlockermail domain is now down and from what I gather, not coming back. My problem lies in that I created a gmail account at the same time, which I would REALLY like to use now as I got it very early on and it has my first and last name as it, and I can't get anything like it now due to its popularity. I don't know the password and I've spoke to Google and the only way to get it back is to reset the password via a link to my secondary email address, which you guessed it, is the Overclockermail one. Is there ANY way at all I can access it, or maybe an admin could access the mailbox for me so I can click the link enclosed to reset the password and get control of my account again??? I only need this one email from it. Any help would be massively appreciated. Cheers
  2. Ok, I built my own computer a few times now, and I understand how everything works and how to overclock and stuff. apart from RAM. I know that if you have a 200fsb, you need pc3200, which runs at 400mhz, this is because its ddr ram yeah? Also I know that any RAM higher than what you need, such as pc3500 would automatically run at your fsb, so there is no way higher RAM can bottleneck is there? If the above is true, what fsb would start to take advantage of Pc3500? Can someone please also explain to me all the memory timing thing, I don't understand whats good timing and what isn't... I've overclocked my 2500 upto 3200 speeds, but I haven't changed the Ram timings or anything... Cheers in advance!
  3. Hey, I have a Barton 2500 and an Abit nf7s 2 but I'm unsure which is the best heatsink out of the SLK 947U and the 900A or 900U. What is the diferrence between the 'A' and 'U' on the 900? Also the above 3 heatsinks do not have a fan on them do they, so does that mean that they are silent? I understand that you are meant put your own fan on, but will it work without one?
  4. Hey, could someone sort these cards into 'the best' order, and if poss give a score out of 10? I'm tryin to find out which would be the best to get... The Nvidia cards are made by Gainward, and the ATI's are by Sapphire or Hercules. Radeon 9600xt Radeon 9800 (non pro) Radeon 9700 (non pro) Nvidia fx5900 Radeon 9800 pro Nvidia fx5900 ultra Radeon 9700 pro Cheers!
  5. Ok thanks, just quickly, would you say that corsair, kingston, crucial, samsung or OCZ would be the best Pc3500?
  6. I was wondering, say I have a CPU with less than 200 fsb, I would need Pc2700 ram right? If I got higher RAM, such as Pc3200 or even Pc3500, would It lower the performance at all or make it any worse than if I used Pc2700? I want to know because I'm going to overclock it eventually, and I don't want to bottleneck in the future. Thanks.
  7. I'm just going to use a 80mm Coolermaster LED neon fan, there air flow is 32.11CFM. It's a modded case with a side window, but I'm just unsure where it would be the best use... Yeah I have an equal airflow through my case, so I guess I'l just have it blowing equally over the graphics card. Thanks.
  8. Hey, I'm going to put a fan on the side window of my case, but I am unsure where to put it.... I've heard that it's best to have it blowing air on the graphics card, but where abouts on it? Above, below or roughly equal all over it? Thanks.
  9. Just a quick question, I know the 9800 (non pro) is better, but is it worth spending the extra money on it rather than the 9600xt? Will it last a lot longer or only a matter of months? Also I know 256 RAM is worse than 128 on the normal 9600pro, but does the same apply to the 9600xt? Both are Sapphires by the way.
  10. Hey. I want to make a keyboard mod with the neon string inside it, but I don't want to have it powered by my computer. Is there any string you can buy which is battery powered or has anyone got a guide or tips on how to convert the power supply to mains power? Thanks
  11. Can someone tell me where the stepping is? Is it physically on the CPU or would it be on the box? Thanks.
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