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    I'm back!

    Got a new rig started with a Q8200 core 2 quad and my 8800 ultra but I haven't had the money to put in windows 7 as of yet so I'm running ubuntu 10.04. I got the smp client up and running but the graphics card is being somewhat difficult. I'm not that experienced in linux so I was wondering if someone could show me the way. I read on the official forums of a headless install. Not sure what headless even means but I think its when a graphics card is not being used with a display. Can someone confirm that? So when I tried this guide I came to a part that said because I'm running X that it can't complete a step in the process and then after shutting down X it put me into a text only prompt and I wasn't sure what to do. Is there anyone who can give me some advice on getting this client setup. It use to bring me in 5 thousand ppd so I'd really like to get it back up and running. Thanks
  2. haha that would be pretty damn cool of you. but not necessary... although if anyone comes across an xps 710 motherboard at a decent price or one that I can reuse my components and maybe just have to buy a new case that would be great
  3. A few days ago my XPS 710 went down. Pretty positive that it's the motherboard and seeing as it's no longer under warranty a new one would cost $450.00! according to dell.. which I think is pretty outrageous. So I'm thinking of finding a case/motherboard that will accept as many or all of the components that I have assuming that none of them are damaged as well... I'm about to take a nosedive on the folding charts
  4. First of all happy 4th of July! So I guess the windows smp is now expired because it would not open... and I found out there is a drop in executable so I downloaded it and placed it in the same folder as the previous one and it just hangs at "2 cores detected" what can I do?
  5. I have a pretty steady average of around 6k ppd. Havent really changed anything. Whats the deal in the 3pm update I did 9,527 and 18 wu's !! I wish I was putting up these numbers all the time. EDIT: nevermind i just had a peek at other ppls stats and it looks like it was a global thing. Anyone know what happen?
  6. and now its telling me that my card is not supported or i need to update my drivers... and i just updated them... this is becoming such a pain
  7. couple of questions... 1 i can't copy the client into my home directory. or the directory called home i can put it into the directory with the same name as my user name? 2 i tried running it from that location and got Module not found.... EDIT: thought i got it working... but then after it started and downloaded its first wu it failed giving me this + Working ... err:module:import_dll Loading library nvcuda.dll (which is needed by L"Z:\\home\\james\\Desktop\\[email protected]_XP-623\\FahCore_11.exe") failed (error c0000020). err:module:LdrInitializeThunk Main exe initialization for L"Z:\\home\\james\\Desktop\\[email protected]_XP-623\\FahCore_11.exe" failed, status c0000135 [04:20:32] CoreStatus = C0000135 (-1073741515) [04:20:32] Client-core communications error: ERROR 0xc0000135 [04:20:32] This is a sign of more serious problems, shutting down. [email protected]:~/Desktop/[email protected]_XP-623$ i just renamed the one i got from the folding site after i extracted to the desktop and in the terminal cd'd to that directory then ran it... can't i do that or is this something else?
  8. dang... if i had another machine that i could put this card into i would. and i'm more than alittle afraid to try to mix different cards in my personal computer...
  9. Just asking in anyone here does this because I have a 8400GS in a kubuntu machine I would like it to fold. Its on the latest stable release 9.04 and I'm having some issues getting it setup. Tried over at the official [email protected] forum but not much help... I'm not sure what the directions mean here in the instructions. " You will need to tell the system that the CUDA toolkit is installed and make sure the cudart.dll.so file can find its required dependencies. Add /usr/local/cuda/lib to /etc/ld.so.conf and run as root" add that file to that file and run what as root?
  10. New one just arrived from tigerdirect today. Tried it out but with the exact same result...
  11. I don't see that option in my bios... what I do have is primary video controller which is either onboard or auto. auto being selected will use a video card if present. I'm still looking to update my bios but I've been talking to tech support from the manufacture and his latest email to me was a form letter explaining there warranty and how to get a new card... so it might just be defective
  12. the problem is that the file that they would want to be booted from a floppy isn't an iso. i'm sure this pc can boot from a cd because i installed xp on it that way. ya i've burned iso's before i know how it can be but I was thinking I might be able to find some program that would convert this BIOS executable file to an iso but i've had no luck so far thanks
  13. it should, my new one does. but it just has F2 to enter setup. i looked around there for an option to boot from the cd but no dice. i may have to track down a floppy disk haha
  14. this pc doesn't allow me to boot from usb and of the two formats found here i tried burning the second one which says its a a BIOS executable file but it just booted windows even with the cd at the top of the boot sequence
  15. i found the update to the bios however its telling me to put it on a floppy disc is but I don't have any so could i use a blank cd instead?
  16. After a bit of trial and error I got this 8400GS installed in a older dell optiplex gx110 that use to be running on-board video. I installed the driver and the display adapter it showing up with no problem. The problem occurs when I go into the bios and turn the on-board off and reset. The dell logo appears and if I try to go into the boot menu or not the screen goes blank... I'm not sure what to do. Thanks
  17. This has been stumping me now for quite a bit... I go this wireless usb adapter to connect a older windows xp machine. My first attempt was to use the dynex supplied utility and it discovered the network just fine but clicking connect didn't get me a response at all. So I tried the windows tool, with the same result except that it kept telling me the network was out of range which it isn't. I've tried everything I can think of from windows repair which fails. Disabling the adapter which fails. Even calling dynex and he told me that they have had issues with sp3 so i went back to sp2 but it still doesn't work!! Is there anything else i can do with this thing? I can't find the receipt or i'd be taking it back asap
  18. what sort of ppd would this one add? its dirt cheap Sparkle GeForce 9400 GT
  19. can anyone confirm that the 185 works for windows 7 64 bit? Edit: dosn't look like it does... <_<
  20. ok. and since i'm not really interested in buying another 8800 ultra i'll go with something else. any suggestions on a decently priced gpu?
  21. So I'm thinking of adding another graphics card to my Dell xps 710... It currently has a 8800 ultra, so would it be possible to add something different? do they have to be in a sli pair? Thanks
  22. i tried both. still no luck.. i've removed the motherboard from the case and set it on a piece of cardboard and disconnected everything and connected only what i this is needed, 1 stick of memory, power, ps power, vga, power switch, and cpu fan so it should tell me that it can't find a hard drive connected but i still can't get anything to show up. i followed this up by removing the battery and to rest it. but with the same result... could the motherboard or cpu just have been damaged or gone bad by me handling it?
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