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    pc1 spects:

    cpu:core 2 q9550 2,83 ghz
    ram:ddr2 8 gb mushkin 1066mhz
    psu:chieftec 750 watt crossfire certified
    motherboard:rampage formula x48
    hdd:WD 640 gb sata 2 7200 rpm
    case: cosmos s
    screen: samsung t200
    cpu cooler: noctua u12p

    pc2 specs:

    hdd: WD 500gb sata,120 gb WD
    screen: 17'' yama
    cpu cooler: stock intel
    gpu: 3850agp
    cpu: intel pentium 4 3,6 ghz HT
    psu: premier 550w
    motherboard: asus p5p800
    ram: 3 gb 400 mhz
  1. you are right but because i have already make this pc new i want to put and a new processor and i will stop upgrading it...i had 1 gb ram and now i have 2,i had 9250 agp and now i have 3850 agp,i had chieftec 350 w and now i have premier 550w the only thing that remains is processor...i have a 2,8 ghz hyper threading 800 mhz fsb and 1 mb cache...as i saw the prices for the 672 are too high...so i am gonna buy a 670 as i saw the only difference between 670 and 672 is virtuality techology[something like that ]which is for having 2 operating systems at one processor and i dont care about that so i will get 670 which is cheaper and has no difference...thank you very much all...9kracing its not your fault that the link is not working... edit: if you know any good offer for the 670 please pm me or post a reply...i dont care if it is second hand or no...or if you know any good shop that sells it...do the same...because i cant find it nowhere here in greece...
  2. so as i saw the 2 best processors i can get for my motherboard are these 2 : http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/Pentium_4/In...47PG1122MH.html http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/Celeron_D/In...7RE3330CN).html which one you think is better?
  3. i found my answer on asus website... 9kracing gave me the answer at the link but i cant see it...i found it and i saw its the same link ty very much all
  4. please give me a clear answer not links...
  5. its socket 775 not 478 <_< <_< <_<
  6. i have now pentium 4 hyper threading 2,8 ghz... and i would like to upgrade it to a cpu with 2 cores like this: http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=41493...pec-codes=SLGU9 or this: http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=40478 the first is better...but i want to be sure if i can put a dual core... so should i look only for dual core celeron processors?
  7. hi guys.I have an old motherboard at my old pc...the motherboard is asus p5p800[not se]and its this: http://gr.asus.com/products.aspx?l1=3&...amp;modelmenu=1 well...i am thinking about putting a dual core cpu...is this possible? here is the latest bios there is for this motherboard: http://support.asus.com/download/download....mp;model=P5P800
  8. no one knows?anyone with this case?...
  9. hi guys,i have a coolermaster cosmos s case and as u will know this case has a side fan and i dont want to remove it because it lowers the temperatures of my 4870x2...i want suggestions about what cooler to put in it...my socket is lga775,please be careful because this case is very strange and it doesnt fit all coolers...i want it to be silence and make my cpu temperatures better than they are now...because i have a very cheap cooler and its very noisy and it sucks...i dont care about the money because i know that coolers are not so expensive so recomend me please the one you think is better...thank you very much
  10. hmmm i wanted to make a new topic but i see u still working on this topic so i will post here.i havent buy graphic card yet cause i was waiting for a price drop of 4870x2...today i saw 4890.I wonder now should i wait a little more for 4890x2?because now i have the money but i am at a laptop with pentium 4 3 ghz,512 mb ram,sis 661fx 32 mb, lol!what u think?a and if you know the date when the 4890x2 will come out i will be very happy if u tell me.thx again guys.
  11. hey guys i didnt say that your reviews are not good.the opposite.they are fantastic.i just suggested something...in each game to show all kinds of anti alazing.thats what i said.is it so bad?for example crysis review all settings to max,aa x2,all settings to max aa x4 and all settings to max aa x8.because as i said and before some cards take advantage of high anti alazing like 4870x2.thx for listening my stupid opinion
  12. well i wanna say greetings to all.your website is perfect and i trust the reviews very much.i wanna say something about the reviews.i think that some cards like ati radeon 4870x2 show their true self after anti alazing x2 or x4.i wanna just please the personal of this website to put in reviews all kinds of anti alazing at graphic cards reviews.[x2,x4,x8]and ofcourse if you can put and higher resolutions will be perfect.thx.
  13. guys i just found that: http://extreme.outervision.com/psucalculatorlite.jsp i wrote my system spects and it says i need 681 watt at full load.that means my 750 watt psu is ok.ty all for your answers
  14. look here: http://extreme.outervision.com/psucalculatorlite.jsp
  15. i have already read that.it doesnt have my psu.but it has one which is nearly the same.corsair tx 750 watt and it says it can handdle 2 4870x2
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