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    HP m1070n - P4 3.8GHz - 2.5MB RAM - 500GB HDD - XFX Radeon HD 4650 Graphics card - XP SP3 Media Center 2005

    HP m8100n - Athlon 64x2 5600+ 2.8GHz - 3GB RAM - 500GB HDD - MSI NVidia 9800 GTX+ Graphics Card - Vista Home Premium

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  1. Just broke into the top 15 of OCC folders with a bit over 3,000,000 points. Just about ready to stop folding for the next few months because of the heat my machines are generating, so I will put my points toward Verran's name and help push him past me before I shut it down.
  2. VirtualHogger


    Congrats! : :thumbs-up:
  3. I had an intermitten crunching noise from the rear of my car once, turned out to be an inner wheel bearing that wore out. The bearings were so worn that when going over a bump in a turn allowed the bearing surfaces to misalign and make a sickening crunch before returning to its normal alignment. Easy to check, just jack the car up to get the tire off the surface and see if there is any play.
  4. Antec 900 for my main rig. Antec 300s for my 2 secondaries.
  5. Inside dog - Westie (West Highland White Terrier) puppy 9 mos old. Outside dog - Duke's Mixture about 9 yrs old
  6. Well, not sure how much of it is needed to function, but the Windows folder is about 17GB in size vs 22GB for Vista vs 15GB for XP. RAM usage is around 1.5GB for Win 7 and Vista, 600MB for XP. Negligible differences really when you get a 500GB HDD and 4GB RAM in a not too expensive system.
  7. I have two computers running XP, and one computer that I am dual booting Vista and Win 7. I have never been much for the pretty interfaces in XP and Vista, so I actually run the Windows Classic style (Windows 95 look and feel ) in XP and Vista. But in Win 7, I am really liking the Aero themes (United States is my favorite) so much, I can't go back to the Classic style. Very nice interface and Win 7 runs great too, even with Aero enabled. If I could get Win 7 free, I would definitely upgrade from XP, but I am still very happy with XP, so I really have no incentive to upgrade yet. So, in short, I guess what I am trying to say is if I HAD to pick, I would go with Windows 7.
  8. Other - my cell phone is an LG enV3 and it is running BREW.
  9. I got a new cell phone on the 23rd - not really for Christmas but because my old one died and I was able to upgrade. It's an LG enV3. Not a Droid or iPhone, but it serves my needs very well.
  10. I had at the time: HP Pavilion m1070n - P4 3.8GHz - 2.5GB RAM - 160GB Samsung HD - Radeon HD 4650 - I believe it had an Asus MB - Win XP Media Center 2005 and HP Pavilion m8100n - Athlon 64 X2 (W) 5600+ 2.8 GHz - 3GB RAM - 500GB Samsung HD - 9800GTX+ - ECS MB - Vista Home Premium
  11. Congrats! :thumbs-up:
  12. My first computer experience was at college with an IBM 360 Model 20 - punch card system. It only had 4KB RAM. Built my first home computer, an H89 Heathkit with 2.048MHz Z80 with 32KB RAM. Internal 5 1/4" floppy drive, external cassette tape. Since then: Packard Bell 286 Packard Bell Pentium 90MHz HP PII 400MHz
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