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  1. At this time it would be a good idea to by the Phenom II as well as a new Motherboard. Reason being that it will support all your current components and allow you to start overclocking that CPU right off the bat. Also the 790FX chipset are tested, reliable boards. They have been out awhile. The New AM3 will be a brand new release that maybe good or bad at release. You may want to be a Guineapig for the new launch, I just don't recommend it. AMD as well as Intel have both had their troubles with instability on what they thought would be the next best setup to date. Video cards are pretty good upgrades for gaming but since you said you wanted to upgrade gradually, go ahead and start out with your the main bottleneck. The CPU and Moherboard. Video cards will go on dropping in price in the mean time. With all that said, it would be a good idea to: 1( Get the processor and motherboard together 2( upgrade gradually as planned 3( Give us regular updates on OC'ing your Phenom II
  2. When it comes down to it, you have a budget and should go ith the cheaper system. AMD's platform will get you up and running with a great price/performance ratio. Programs these days don't even utilize all the power that these new platforms offer. It may not be until 2010 until we start seeing games or utilties that use the quad core to it's full potential. By the cheaper AMD system and use the extra money for more Ram, or a better video card, or even a BLU-ray Burner.
  3. About it? Not by a long shot! Of all the games launched in 2007-2008 Crysis was one of only "complete" games out there. Granted, it wasn't perfect. I think the ending sucked, since it was more like a "to be continued" than a game ending. It was complete though,full story line, great graphics, good physics, and verygood gameplay. Replay value hits an all time high since Crysis is a sandbox game. Multiplayer shifted into higher gear especially in Lan gaming! I mean you have all the guns you could fight with, suit settings and interesting maps. What pushed it over the bar in my book was all the vehicles!! Single player, Multiplayer, I loved all the vehicles you could use. CoD4 doesn't even come close in that respect. And last but not least is the map editor! Bored with all the multiplayer maps? Make new ones. The Buttom line is that even when I bought the game off the shelf on release day. It was worth ever penny of the $50 I spent on it. ...and it still is! hey even made a worthy successor in Warhead.
  4. Chalk up another vote for Vista! I am sold on DX10 for FPS, especially Crysis. I have had zero problems with this OS and don't expect to have any in the immediate future.
  5. Steam is probably your problem. Like windows Vista, it is a virus. :thumbs-up:
  6. Actually, my Nick is from way back when I joined Xfire. It was one of the first programs that I installed on my very first PC. I am an avid Fantasy reader. After finishing the Sword of Shannara series, The one book that stuck in my memory was Wishsong of Shannara. The Prince of Leah has been given the sword of his fathers. The sword is dipped in the waters of the HadesHorn and infused with the ability to cut through magic as well as flesh. It goes from an old polished broadsword to a Magic infused EbonyBlade!
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