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    E2180 stability, any suggestions?

    I'm kinda new to ocing too,but I've been playing with this e2180 for a year now. I had my memory at 960mhz at one point but my computer would just randomly freeze. I found that it was from the memory being to far from the cpu fsb, lowered the memory to 640 and the problem stopped. I'm not sure why just thought I would tell you what I have found with the 680I lt board. I'll be waiting to hear from someone that knows why so maybe I'll understand too. I have found that my computer starts up faster with the lower memory speed.
  2. The Goblin

    E2180 stability, any suggestions?

    I would try turning the voltage to 1.406 and running the memory down around 600mhz(will keep it closer to the cpu). Turn the voltage down on the mem., mines at 2.0v and timings are 4 4 4 10 1t. You should be able to hit 3.2ghz with that voltage, good luck with any more ghz's then that.
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    2009: Post Your Ride Thread

    01 ZX6R
  4. I have the intel E2180 @ 3.2 from 2.0ghz(stock), XfX 680I lt mobo. After reading some of the forum thoughts on the nvidia chipset boards, I think I hit that oc wall. Board refuses to post after 333bus speed, just stops at bios and wants to change fsb back to stock settings. This board only supports chips up to a 1333fsb, is that why it won't post after 333bus speed? I'm happy with the 3.2 oc but know that this chip could go to 3.6 with no problem. I know most of you don't like the nvidia chipset boards but this board has been great up until this point, might have been dissapointed with a faster chip though.untitled.bmp
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    2009: Post Your Desktop - Windows

    Windows XP- SP3- Stardock theme-Pic(body art)