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  1. I forgot I tightened the timings on my ram a while back, sp I loosened the timings on my ram, from (5-4-4-12) back to stock (5-5-5-15). Passed 10 hrs of p95 so she seems stable.
  2. My system is set up as follows: Phenom 940 BE - (230x16) 3680Mhz, 1.45 vcore. 1.35 Nb vcore Lapped T.r.u.e. (antec Tri Cool Push/Pull) 2x2gb Gskill pc2 8000 Gigabyte 790gp ds4h Corsair tx850 Running p95 I get a core 1 "FATAL ERROR-rounding was 0.5, expected less than 0.4" after 1 hour. Every other core is fine for 10 hours of stress testing. I had the nb voltage at stock, and core 1 failed after 2 hours, a little longer than with the voltage raised. Does anyone have any tips? or anything I can tweak in the Bios that will help get my OC stable. I'd really like to keep it at 3.7 ghz if possible, as my temps are about as high as I should go for OC'ing. Maybe I should try some better fans on my true and raise the cpu vcore a little more (thoughts?) Thanks.
  3. Yeh COD5 rules, My highest so far is 60 kills, 1st place. But I forgot to get a screen. You Even Beat CHUCK NORRIS!!!!
  4. Tru, my old 4850 could max any game on my 22"(1680x1050). I currently have a gtx280 and a 24" (1920x1200). Frankly for the 500-600 CAD extra it cost me it wasn't worth the difference. The 4850 is a very solid card for 1680x1050.
  5. Yeh I'm sticking with 3.7 ghz, cause anything higher and I need a big voltage increase. When gaming I never go above 50C load, but hopefully my new gtx280 coming isn't going to turn my computer into a heater.
  6. Alright, thanks guys. The solution where I don't have to spend more money is always the best :thumbs-up:
  7. My setup is Phenom II 940 (3.7ghz) 1.45Vcore T.r.u.e Lapped with Antec Tri-Cool Push/Pull Antec 300 Case with 2 intake, 2 exhaust. If I lower my vcore to 1.425 I get about a 2C drop. These are idle temps, under load I hit 55-57C. Worried that idleing at 40C+ is going to drastically reduce my cpu's lifespan. Will different fans on the True (i.e. Panaflo) produce a decent drop in temps? Another thing to note is that without the intake fans(@ 32 cfm) running Temps go up by about 2C, so they clearly aren't doing much.
  8. 1 gig is better for larger screens/higher res, 512 is fine for 1680x1050.
  9. Looks like they're located on the circuit board right behing the fan, they are smd's if im correct. I think the best thing to do would be to de-solder them. You'd have to look up a guide to dissassembling a cpu fan, and remove the fan to get any decent acces to it. Other then that maybe taking some needle nose and gently pulling the smd's off the board.
  10. Got my Oc stable at 3.750 mhz, I'm not able to increase the NB volts without the computer rebooting to a previous CMOS setting upon post. Need some help with the upping the northbridge, in bios I have the option of NB voltage control, and NB VID (not really sure what this is for) I've tried +.025 on the NBVID and NB voltage control, and up to +.050 NB voltage. System specs are: Phenom II 940 BE (15x250) 1.45v True (Antec 120mm fans in Push/Pull) 2x2 G.Skill CL5D 1000 (stock timings 5-5-5-15, 2.1V) Gigabyte MA790GP-DS4H Hd4850 Corsair TX850W Right now I have the HT link at 1.8ghz, and NB 2200mhz I'm thinking of reseating the NB heatsink with some MX-2 and see if that somehow helps. Thanks.
  11. Seems like a decent deal, any reason why you don't just buy the proccessor and drop it into your current board?
  12. Almost a 70% overclock... Thats insane, and on air too.. If the q6600's were known for that kind of clock it would've been in my computer instead of my phenom II. Good job!
  13. Well, it turns out the card is fine. Apparently after running every test imaginable the motherboard has crapped out.
  14. Didnt mention that the card/computer was fine for 1 day. I don't get any beeps while booting. I double checked all connections, I had integrated graphics disabled in BIOS. So I will try to reset the Cmos and use the on board video for now. Also, yes the red light is on the card itself, no lights on mobo.
  15. Good news is, I successfully built my first rig. Wish I did it a while back. Bad news is, my gc isn't responding. The card gives off a red led, which from my understanding means either faulty power supply, or overheating issues. I doubt the card would overheat straight from booting. That would mean its the power supply. However, I've tested the power supply/molar cables used to power the fans and they are fine. Thinking there was a short in the system I dissassembled the computer and installed everything out of the case. No dice. I've really run out of ideas. Normally I would RMA the card but sadly is has an aftermarket HSF and I tossed the stock HSF. System specs are. Phenom II 940 Gigabyte MA790GP-DS4H 5 Gigs Ram Corsair tx850 Psu 750GB Hitachi 7k1000 HD4850 w Arctic Cooling Twin Turbo If I could afford it I would just go out and buy a gtx260. But sadly I can't as of right now. *Note* When I power up the computer the fans do not spin, but when I shut down the system the fans spin briefly before losing power. The monitor displays no signal at any time. My guess is it may be a short between the molex connector and the fans/4pin plug in on the gc. Hopefully thats somewhat legible, I just want to get my new system up and running. Any thoughts/advice is welcome, thanks.
  16. Well, I found out the hard way, the answer is no. This just got a lot more expensive than I expected. Antec 300 - $65 Gigabyte GA-MA790GP-DS4H - $160 Vista 64 home Premium - $140 Freezer 7 Pro $22 Total + Tax = $442 CAD Might just get the Mobo + OS for now, Perhaps butcher my stock case for more airflow
  17. Oh, I'm very aware that the mobo won't overclock, and that it is an am2+ socket. I was just looking for more solid evidence that it supports the phenom II. If I'm going to overclock I'll be buying a new motherboard of course. The ram is 1gb x 3, 2gb x 1, which is stock. EDIT: Bah! just realized when I was looking at compatible mobos they were for the am3 proccessors, all this researching and pricing for a new system has scrambled my brain. But I think I've found my best option for now, as long as I wont need to upgrade my OEM vista, I think I'm good to go...
  18. Just to back up the 4850... I get 60 fps in WOW maxed 1680x1050 Sorry to hear your having problems though...Sorry I can't offer any advice.
  19. Hey everyone, this is my first post here. A month ago I bought a HP m8530f, (boxing day impulse buy). But soon after I started getting into gaming more and reading about overclocking and benchmarking. I quickly realized how limiting the computer and name brand computers are. So I'm interested in upgrading my computer. The thing is I'd like to spread it out a bit, instead of just buying a whole new system for another $600. So after a lot of thinking I would like to buy a Phenom II 940 BE processor and drop it into my current mobo (Asus m2n78-La). That way my hd4850 won't be so bottlenecked. Plus I'm hoping I won't have to buy a new copy of vista. Later on I would like upgrade my Mobo/Ram/Psu/Case for Overclocking. My current specs are: Phenom 9550 (2.2 Ghz) Asus m2n78-La (Hp) Mobo 5 gigs ram (stock) BFG 550gs Psu Hd4850 Vista 64 bit Sorry for the length but just wanted to get everyones thoughts, I've googled the mobo and can't find anything saying the mobo will support the Phenom II, but seeing as they made the processor to be an easy upgrade I think (hope) it will. Edit: If this will work maybe ill just get a new gtx280 instead of overclocking the phenom II, methinks that'll make a bigger difference for gaming.
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