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  1. Long time no see, OCC, but finally i am back to the world of living with a decent system 5870- http://service.futuremark.com/resultAnalyzer.action?resultId=2164577&resultType=19 http://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/fe8mm/ GTX470- http://service.futuremark.com/resultAnalyzer.action?resultId=2187089&resultType=19 http://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/na6mp/
  2. I used to run a lapped TRUE with 2 fans for almost two years,it was the best cooler around,the only problem is that thermalright cant make a flat base so you need to lap it... ProlimaTech Megalems is also good,currently i switched to a new german cooler: EKL Brocken and its 3 celsius cooler than my old TRUE ,its direct contact heatpipe, no need to lap,takes push pull fan configuration a really nice HS for a quad would be my vote if you can get it.Like i see you are from USA so your best shot would be the TRUE
  3. One more thing i forgot to mention,i preffer to have more smaller monitors than one bigger screen i am already running dual 1680x1050 and i have an unused 19" screen that i would like to hook up,i still use just one screen for gaming but work on the 2/3 screen setup would be welcome,that means i need 3 DVI which is 4850x2 or 2 cards...
  4. To be honest i want to set some nice 3dmark scores i our local competition in the category thats up to two cards,thats why i want the 4870CF,I did had a bad e8400 which wasnt able to go over 4ghz,where my q6600 does 3.8 @70 degrees on air which i think is a fairly great clocker,and i do some CAD/3Dmax for shool now i need the power of quad at hand.The 4890 just seems a bit overpriced almost 70 euro more for a bit higher clocks is too much for the performance diference it offers compared to adding a second 4870(i know i could always add a second 4890 but i shuffle my stuff quite much so i usally get the best setup i can afford)
  5. Like the title says i need some advice and help because i building my new computer now and i am lost in the choice of a new videocard.My recent computer was an e8400+9800gt which was quite decent but its now strugling in games,mainly because i would like to play at highest settings possible with highest AA and AF.I play at 1680x1050. I will be ordering a new PSU with the card a Corsair TX 850W which i think is decent enough to handle almost any cf/sli setup. I upgraded the mobo to a DFI UT P45 T2RS(to add cf support) and already have a q6600 and a kit of 1200mhz reapers . I want to get the best performance for the money ,and i am leaning more to an ATI card because i upgraded my mobo to support CF,keep in mind that the pricing here in europe is quite strange So here are my options(feel free to add some): Single 4870 130€ (i allready had an used wo warranty saphire 4870 which was good but i could no play with full AA in games like crysis) Single 4890 198€ Two 4770 CF 213€ Two 4850 CF 214€ Single 4850x2 226€ Single GTX 285 314€ Single GTX 275 218€ Single GTX 260 180€ Two 4870 CF 260€ Single 4870x2 412€(overpriced) As you see the green team is overpriced here where i live,if i would have to decide now i would buy the two 4870 CF, is that a good choice?I think it outperforms a single 4890/GTX275/GTX285 by a good margin and has the power to run any games for 1-2 years on highest settings. I am looking for the ASUS 4870 DK http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...p;Tpk=4870%20dk (non reference cooler,always had a good experience with asus cards) Is the 4870 CF a good choice or should i reconsider it?(And please dont say CF/SLI is a waste on my resolution,while it might be a slight overkill and it scales better on higher resolutions and it surely does improve the performance by a large margin even on my res.)And i want to play games now thats the reason i am not waiting for the HD5000 series
  6. A DFI UT P45 T2RS + OCZ REAPERS 1200MHZ ,my commando was pretty shot allready after a year of torure
  7. I have the G0 and is the one of the latest q6600 G0 batch(they reqiure a lot less volts than the first b3/g0),suicide run was 3.8 ghz with 1.5V on a lapped true+2x push/pull 188cfm fans(sort of a jet starting noise,i dont recommend going that far it was quite unstable),at 1.45V 3.6 ghz is a good clock for benching and temps do not go over 70 and its rock solid stable i was running it daily on 3.33 ghz on 1.375V that provided the best blend of performance and reasonable temps
  8. Say hello to the Corsair TX750 with four PCIe 6+2 connectors,priced 99 after MIR,its a great deal,good for GTX 260 SLI in the future. And you could always use a Molex to PCIe cable with the original PSU to get 2 PCIe connectors...
  9. Beware!Crossfire/SLI scaling in GTA 4 sucks and to be honest there is no scaling at all.(tested with 2x9800GT,no noticeable performance increase when moving to a second card) You can pretty much "max" the settings on a 1gb 4870 to the levels of: Texture quality: high View Distance: 30 Detail Distance:70 Vehicle Density:70 Shadow Density:5 With those settings at 1680x1050 i averaged about 36fps,its a pretty good blend of visuals and performance,so the 4890(4870 on steroids) will do good. Depends if you fold,if yes than go nvidia,if no 4890.FC2 is much easier to run on full details with reasonable frames than Crysis and scales well on multi gpu systems.
  10. Hmm,yes and no,the push pins are fine but i prefer bolt through.The stability of push pins is good look here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N99uS5zE8I8
  11. Hmm,not exactly the 3500 but close enough for me because from the side the 3500gt and 5000gt look almost the same (i can only tell the difference from the front) Its a 5000 GT with touring bodywork.Have the go...
  12. Thanks,in the price range of cheap: YES IT IS THE BEST The "just fine" temps for me on the overclock with freezer were 56 degrees Prime 95 full load... However it struggles with the Q6600 advanced heating device +1 How far you plan to push the e5200 mentaL!?The Xig is good for 4ghz + As cheap as it gets-Freezer 7,or spend the 60 for the Xig i think its the best for the price(better than the 9500,9700 is comparable to the Xig)
  13. Yes i think it will,keep in mind that the overal cost is higher of a true is higher since you need to add a fan,i recommend two,and most of them need to be lapped.But if you are going to clock an e5200 you dont need a TRUE.(I did 3.6ghz on a e5200 just fine with an AC FREEZER 7 pro which is the cheapo budget cooler) From the list you posted i would recommend a Xig 1283 or OCZ Vendetta 2.If you can save up a bit than a Noctua NH-U12P or CM V8 or TRUE.
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