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  1. So how much hours running it should be considered stable? i did quick runs, 4GB x 20, on Windows. Going to try linux version
  2. I'm checking my overclock's stability with prime95. i choose "custom", 6144mb to use and 5m of time to run each FFT... I'm using an i7 3770k, asus p8z77-v, corsair vengeance red 2133mhz @ CL10. Cooling is an apogee xt cpu block, blackice gtx-lite 240 radiator, 4x noiseblocker mf s3hs 1800rpm, mcp350 (355 mod) and danger den reservoir bay. At 4.4Ghz, with 1.110v in bios, stressed during 4h's: Is it safe to run for 8 - 12h with that voltage and temperatures? At 4.6Ghz, with 1.190v in bios, stressed during 4h's: Same question, is it safe to run for 8 - 12h with that voltage and temperatures? At 4.8Ghz, with 1.280v in bios, stressed only during 1h: Now this the deal with this one. I only stressed 1h at 4.8ghz because of the temp.. it reached 91ÂșC .. !!! Can i run it for 8 -12h without cpu degradation or having to had more voltage to the other overclock's due to electrical emigration? Also whats the safe temp and voltages to run my 3770k with my current readings for 24/7 watercooled? I'm going to let it fold for a few days but want to know whats safe and whats not.. Thanks, infected_
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