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  1. I wanted to be saved from committing from so I had you guys give me a pep talk...
  2. Those who have direct x 11, is there a big difference between 10 and 11?
  3. This is what I was thinking. It's immoral and my card is working perfectly. Should I just buy another 4890 1GB then? And will that crossfired run battlefield 3?
  4. Sapphire's return policy states that I have to contact the vendor to get the video card replaced. I originally paid 195 for my 4890 and that full amount will be refunded. I want to upgrade my card to support Battlefield 3 perfectly haha.
  5. I am currently in a dilemma. I currently have a HD4890 Vapor-X 1GB and I contacted newegg what would happen if I RMA'd my discontinued video card and they responded with the following: I was wondering if it would be better to fry my video card and get the full refund and then buy a Direct X 11 card OR should I buy another Vapor-X 4890 from eBay (currently looking at a 2GB version)
  6. I have the xbox to VGA converter cable by microsoft. I play the ps3 almost every day and the xbox i play atleast once every day
  7. Would this work? This is meant for a dual screen set up rather than a 2 video output to a single VGA port
  8. Can i use a VGA switch to connect an Xbox 360 and a computer to a single VGA port on monitor? I have a monitor that has 2 ports (VGA and DVI). The DVI port is being used by my PS3. I only have one other port, the VGA. My computer is using that. What can I use to use also the xbox on the VGA port?
  9. I have 8 hours lol so i'll keep looking after my psychology work and my medical pharmacology studying is done xD Edit: I want DR. Bowtie..
  10. Wow, how much did that TV tuner cost? And I will be using the TV Tuner on my desktop PC lol -- A flashlight - My dad just got like a 10 pack of those LED Flashlights -- BBQ scraper - I don't need one for I am only 17 -- mantles for outdoor lamps - I don't need light outdoors because I mainly stay indoors using my computer xD -- zippo/ lighter (unique) - Its just going to be lying there with no use -- deck of cards (exotic) - Not really my thing. -- beer opener (antique/unique) - Non-Alcoholic -- laser pen (green?) - I tend to lose pens -- case fan - I have 4 noctua 2x120mm and 2x140mm lying around that I dont have use for -- any crazy Japanese drink - Might consider but it has to be halal for I am a muslim. -- artisan art (hand made widgets/crafts) - This could be used for my "office" but i would never see it because my place is always a mess Edit added: -- bowtie - YOU MEAN I CAN BUY DR. BOWTIE?! -- fishing lure - I dont fish -- pocket knife - Might consider a butterfly knife so I can play around with it -- change dish (for dumping pockets out) - I really don't get much change because I don't buy much in cash -- key fob - Might consider but I only need one key for my front door Edit: How about this?
  11. I would but its linked to my account... and it expires Friday
  12. -New case for your / significant others cell phone - Might consider although I do not have a SO -HDMI Cable - I have 4 lying around I dont need some ATM -t-shirt - Might consider one if its really funny or something -stuffed thing (think Yoshi or some other possibly stuffed toy) - Something cute.. xD -audio jack splitter - I have one :/ -universal remote - Have one :/
  13. I would but I really don't want to spend more than 10 dollars after the coupon. I would get this but I am afraid you can only use the $10 off on 1 item and not like a cart to checkout. Hmm, its gonna cost more than 10 bucks and well don't we all need one?
  14. Try not go get above 80. 80*C is usually the safe temps that people recommend when overclocking
  15. I got a $10 off ebay purchase and there is no minimum. It expires on Friday and I still don't know what to get. What should I get? Edit: Is a TV tuner really worth it? Should I get one off ebay using the $10 off? Maybe iPhone 3GS accessories? PC components? PS3/360 games?
  16. yea well my temps are like that as well but i live in NY but my room gets really hot in summer and reallyy cold in the winter so now that winter is coming up, overclocking is the best thing to do
  17. Well I do plan on overclocking or else i wouldn't be at a site called "overclockersclub" and thanks for that, I hope my core temps are somewhat less than 30 idle
  18. Haha I was planning something like that but I might not go past 3.8Ghz. It really just depends on the temps that my i5 gives me.
  19. Well I hope it fits in the Scout I have.. and hows the temps you're getting? Yes i do have two of them. Although, Noctua's site says that there is only 2 CFM difference between the P14 and the S12's so I might get the 140mm ones on just for the lulz
  20. haha I might have to get a longer screw or gonna have to craft something just like macgyver did in his old days
  21. Will do, although I don't think the 140mm ones will fit xD
  22. I pulled the trigger on the frio for 40 shipped from a different site, thanks for everything guys
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