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  1. I wanted to be saved from committing from so I had you guys give me a pep talk...
  2. Those who have direct x 11, is there a big difference between 10 and 11?
  3. This is what I was thinking. It's immoral and my card is working perfectly. Should I just buy another 4890 1GB then? And will that crossfired run battlefield 3?
  4. Sapphire's return policy states that I have to contact the vendor to get the video card replaced. I originally paid 195 for my 4890 and that full amount will be refunded. I want to upgrade my card to support Battlefield 3 perfectly haha.
  5. I am currently in a dilemma. I currently have a HD4890 Vapor-X 1GB and I contacted newegg what would happen if I RMA'd my discontinued video card and they responded with the following: I was wondering if it would be better to fry my video card and get the full refund and then buy a Direct X 11 card OR should I buy another Vapor-X 4890 from eBay (currently looking at a 2GB version)
  6. I have the xbox to VGA converter cable by microsoft. I play the ps3 almost every day and the xbox i play atleast once every day
  7. Would this work? This is meant for a dual screen set up rather than a 2 video output to a single VGA port
  8. Can i use a VGA switch to connect an Xbox 360 and a computer to a single VGA port on monitor? I have a monitor that has 2 ports (VGA and DVI). The DVI port is being used by my PS3. I only have one other port, the VGA. My computer is using that. What can I use to use also the xbox on the VGA port?
  9. I have 8 hours lol so i'll keep looking after my psychology work and my medical pharmacology studying is done xD Edit: I want DR. Bowtie..
  10. Wow, how much did that TV tuner cost? And I will be using the TV Tuner on my desktop PC lol -- A flashlight - My dad just got like a 10 pack of those LED Flashlights -- BBQ scraper - I don't need one for I am only 17 -- mantles for outdoor lamps - I don't need light outdoors because I mainly stay indoors using my computer xD -- zippo/ lighter (unique) - Its just going to be lying there with no use -- deck of cards (exotic) - Not really my thing. -- beer opener (antique/unique) - Non-Alcoholic -- laser pen (green?) - I tend to lose pens -- case fan - I have 4 noctua 2x120mm and 2x140mm lying around that I dont have use for -- any crazy Japanese drink - Might consider but it has to be halal for I am a muslim. -- artisan art (hand made widgets/crafts) - This could be used for my "office" but i would never see it because my place is always a mess Edit added: -- bowtie - YOU MEAN I CAN BUY DR. BOWTIE?! -- fishing lure - I dont fish -- pocket knife - Might consider a butterfly knife so I can play around with it -- change dish (for dumping pockets out) - I really don't get much change because I don't buy much in cash -- key fob - Might consider but I only need one key for my front door Edit: How about this?
  11. I would but its linked to my account... and it expires Friday
  12. -New case for your / significant others cell phone - Might consider although I do not have a SO -HDMI Cable - I have 4 lying around I dont need some ATM -t-shirt - Might consider one if its really funny or something -stuffed thing (think Yoshi or some other possibly stuffed toy) - Something cute.. xD -audio jack splitter - I have one :/ -universal remote - Have one :/
  13. I would but I really don't want to spend more than 10 dollars after the coupon. I would get this but I am afraid you can only use the $10 off on 1 item and not like a cart to checkout. Hmm, its gonna cost more than 10 bucks and well don't we all need one?
  14. Try not go get above 80. 80*C is usually the safe temps that people recommend when overclocking
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