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  1. 6 PCI express slots? i dont know why you would need that much but why not! the color combination is great and also would go with my case =) Big Bang? awesome name =)
  2. was the cpu lapped or lapping will decrease the temps further?
  3. he got 2 19 inches because it was cheaper and he said that he needs multitasking more than gaming. lol thats like $250+
  4. i think that a 1650x1050 is better than 1368x768 in dual monitor. i think that a 24" 1080p will b good for his needs because he doesnt need 2 show alot of windows and what not.
  5. if he can get a 24" 1080p, ill tell him to get that. also, i told him about the 30 dollars for windows 7 professional they have
  6. hes gonna be using it for gaming mainly so i think he should get a single large one
  7. lol yea... money is almost there he's gonna be using it for gaming, watching movies, and school use lol i could tell him to do tht...
  8. i personally loved honda until they discontinued the s2k although my dad has 2 hondas (02 civic and 01 odyssey) and thats an interesting question about the rsx...
  9. yep just imagine all that understeer... Thats 2 for the ASUS. Personally i would take the chance and buy the hanns g but hisdad is buying him it...
  10. yep there is but the shipping brings it up to 200 before mir
  11. lol what about 2 jdm civcs and 1 sti? lol your right.. ill pick the sti... (or maybe cuz thats my favorite car lol) and ok thats 1 for the Asus
  12. lol ok ill tell him to get a 23-24 inch monitor Which one do you guys like? Acer 23" LG 22" ASUS 23" Hanns G 23.6" Which one would you guys like? Also, hows the brand Hanns G?
  13. the only exception to that is i would buy 2 Subaru STi's (that is the 04-07 gens) than 1 70k car
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