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  1. The performance will almost be double I guess,and the higher the resolution the higher the increase.
  2. Wow that some nice cable management whats the case and power supply??
  3. Well you can't trust anyone ,he was just taking precautions.
  4. Since you have the 5970 ,i would wait for the hd7000 series.
  5. Seem like a bad oc ,just re mount the cmos battery.
  6. Use gpuz to check the clocks of both cards,you can sync the gpu clocks by using msi afterburner
  7. What if you keep your info private?
  8. Dead space just gives you insane shocking moments and startles ,but the scariest is the game from valve i forgot the tittle but you have no weapons and you and to keep hiding throughout the game.
  9. Looks cool,btw a question-Why do you address yourself as a third person in the tittle of the thread?
  10. How did you use it to go in games and how do you make a ram disk???
  11. http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_i9003_galaxy_sl-3761.php Here's a cheaper version of the galaxy s,its just a little more expensive than the wave two.
  12. Nice work ,but could you get his face?
  13. I have 11 fans,6 in the tempest which came with the case,and two on gpu,two in the NH-D14 and one in the psu.
  14. ive heard many people recommending crucial,muskin casstilos and corsair ssd's.
  15. Why would he need an monitor the one he's got is pretty good one,i say 6950 CF,if you wanna save more money get another 6870 they scale very well but before goin cf i would suggest that to check that the games you play support multiple gpus.
  16. i dont see the point of this upgrade ,would rather get a single card solution like any card from the 6000 series that suits your needs and is cheap,like the 6850?.
  17. Just got the game 2 days ago,im a warrior and ive played quite a bit,i have taken my sister who is a mage with me with the expedetion with the dwarfs,and now i regret it,i dint play further but did i screw up?
  18. Just got the game today,played it the cg cut scene looked awesom,but i found the gameplay of crysis warhead much better than this,how can they do this crap,the scroll click menu is all changed im finding it weird ,i liked it how it was before.
  19. GTA is not comparable to just cause,GTA can be compared to mafia ,but GTA is one best series ive ever played.i think another gta is possible only thing is that they have to fix is the optimization.
  20. I ran it on my pc,a long time ago never opened it again after that and it on the pc in sig,all were >7.0 expect hdd i got a 5.9 in that.
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