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  1. I need a video card, Mobo and ram. (I have everything else) I already have the CPU (i7 3770k) My budget is $800 (CDN) Primary use is for gaming (75%) and CAD (25%). I'm not an overclocker. I may/may not OC in the future. I prefer nvidia so I'm thinking the GTX 670. Is there one 670 that is better than another? What about Ram? 8 or 16GB? (I didn't link any ram cause I have no clue) What about this Mobo? Can I do better? Recommendations? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Ken Video: gtx 670 http://www.ncix.com/products/?sku=71705&promoid=1338 Mobo: Asus P8Z77-v Pro http://www.ncix.com/products/?sku=69883&promoid=1338
  2. It wasn't me! Someone got ahold of my account... tried to frame.... ok ...I admit it. It was... my wife. I feel so... dirty. What was I thinking. I'm going to wait... and change my password.
  3. Tell me if this makes sense. My current rig seems to be doing pretty as far as gaming goes. If I were to invest that $700 in maxing out the CPU to say, This one and either bumped up my existing ram to 8GB -or- added faster ram. Or should I just hold on for a bit longer. Here I go rationalizing again. Make it stop!
  4. Ya? Are we talking equiviant to i7 2600k? Somewhat comparable? As previously stated, I have no allegence to either. More reading to do. Hmmmmm.....
  5. Yeah, Bulldozer. That will add to my confusion. At least this will give me the time needed to come up with a whole nuther round of questions for you all.
  6. Ok, now it's coming together. Thanks. I think I will let this thread trail off and sit idly by while hours turn to days. Hopefully they get this fixed soon. Thanks again to everyone for your patience and knowledge. Ken
  7. Thanks Alexandre. There is a fellow selling this one for $300 but I don't know how to tell if it is affected. The product sheet says it's "Based on Intel X58/ICH10R chipset" I don't know what that means. Is there a way to tell? http://www.evga.com/products/moreInfo.asp?pn=141-BL-E760-A1&family=Motherboard%20Family
  8. What is the benefit? Is SB/P67 a step up in performance/technology? (off to do some research) I have no problems waiting. By that time I'll probably have a bit more cash as well.
  9. Go ahead, price it out. I just want to get the best I can for $700. If this means I can only afford the mobo/cpu or mobo/cpu/ram right now that's absolutely fine. My current rig hasn't failed me thus far so buying a PSU and/or 6GB Ram at a later is not a problem. Thanks again. Ken
  10. You see? That's why I come here and post these n00b questions. I don't get flak for n00b questions and I learn something about RAM. I'll admit, the quote for 3 sticks or ram made no sense to me and it kept me up last night. I'm glad you explained it. You saved me money in the process and I'll sleep better. Thanks all. Ken
  11. Wow! That's fast, The internet never sleeps. Yeah I heard about the recall, sounds like they'll get it turned around fast. $700 is a self imposed cap. If the wife found out how much I was spending.... ~shudder!~ They may never find my body. With that said, I could go higher. As for your question Alexandre about over clocking, I honestly had no idea. I guess I just assumed everything runs hot and must be cooled. It's good to know I could get up and running without having to worry about that right now. Is 8GB Ram worth it or a waste? It seems the quotes coming in are for 6. As for the question about the OS. I'm running Windows 7 Ult 64 bit. Thanks all, you don't know how much this helps. It at least gives me a starting point, something to research.
  12. I recently came into some cash and want to build a new PC. Problem is, I have no idea what is what or what is half decent. You have $700. What do you buy? I'll need the following: (Keep in mind I don't have to purchase everything at once. I can add things like the A/C and PSU later) I'm sure I could get a decent mobo/cpu/RAM for $700. Mobo CPU Air cooling PSU (able to handle two HD6870's in the future) 6 to 8GB ram (8 is preferrable cause it just sounds better, no?) I have no preference to AMD or Intel. i7, i5, (amd equiv?) just as long as it is sturdy, steady and reliable. NewEgg, NCIX or .... BestBuy (kidding) Primarily gaming. Oh, and I'm not an overclocker. I've always found this board to be quick, courteous and professional. (why yes, I am buttering you up!) Thank you, Ken
  13. Man, you are all spewing out 'greek' but I asked for it. Ok, so sounds like I've got some more reading/research to do. It also sounds like I won't get into too much trouble. Thanks again.
  14. No, it's my gaming/video editing (home) computer. I'm honestly trying to learn this stuff when I have time and have spent time reading this site and others so I don't have to bother people with inane questions. Recently I've had a real desire to learn about overclocking and such, hence the questions. UPDATE: I knew there was something else I was forgetting to ask. What about voltages? Or is this another one of those, it will just pick the slower speed? My big concerns is, I don't want to fry something.
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