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  1. this sometimes happens when the cone warps due to pushing it to hard like you said. most of the time there is nothing that can be done beside getting a new sub because it has changed shape and will never be the same.
  2. how do you clear the cmos without taking the side of the computer case off? simply unplugging it from the wall doesnt clear the cmos i just dont know if thats what you meant...
  3. I have the q9550 and got it at 3.91 for 3 days straight stable, gaming and everything. I eneded up clocking it back to 3.83 because northbridge was just to hot for my comfort. I booted on 4.0 and 4.2, my cpu was ice cold on air but my northbridge got way too hot and i would crash in benchmarks. I like the quad core for my use though.
  4. I figure some people might be interested in seeing this. From the front From the back Close up of it over the mobo heatsinks Later ill post some pics of my whole build.
  5. This isnt what i am saying though. Whatever peripheral that may be attached to the none working machine may be causing the problem. I dont know if he has tested them in the other machine. He is saying he switched the motherboards and it still didnt work. So that means he plugged the working motherboard up the all the other peripherals that were on the other machine that isnt working...i am assuming. This would mean if one of them weren causing a problem it would stop the working motherboard from functioning also is all i am saying. And it may not be a short but any other malfunction that can happen, but you dont have to try hard, sometimes things just happen. I have experienced this on a clients machine so i know it can happen, it may not be common but part of troubleshooting is giving all suggestions you know of.
  6. Not if your using the same peripherals. So lets say the keyboard is causing some sort of problem just for example. When you put his motherboard in your machine it works because you are using your keyboard. When you put your motherboard in his machine it doesnt work because you are using his keyboard. So its just a suggestion that it might be a peripheral.
  7. Im not seeing anyone with any gtx285's so i guess ill step up and represent mine. I cant OC my gpu any more though or 3dmark crashes. So i guess im going to have pull through with more OC on my cpu.
  8. Sup Queenz Just saying hey from Nassau
  9. Personally i would go with the quad. Im noticing a big improvement with my chip in sig(even at stock) over my e6600 for video editing and graphics rendering, specially while leaving 400 other apps open that you need to switch between. But i also think my huge cache could be helping as its 12megs.
  10. Yeah i was eying up that card too till newegg had a sale on gtx285 so i grabbed that for i think 325 once the rebate comes back. Plus it came with COD and i prefered that over farcry. But definitely a good choice but most things were since my last card was a 8600gt.
  11. Have you tried running the system with no peripherals attached, no keyboard, no mouse, nothing...see if you get any beeps. Depending on how the machine responds shut it down and hook just a monitor up to it and book it up with nothing else attached. I have had a usb mouse stop me from posting before on a comp i was working on. with that said also unplug all usb slots connected to the motherboard like front panel ones. I dont know if you ever stuck a screw driver in a USB slot but you can turn off the machine that way by creating a short. If one of your usb slots have a short some how it could be doing this as well.
  12. You say your using the driver from the site, can you try using the driver from the original cd?
  13. I took a chance on the zerotherm nirvana 120 after reading a few reviews...for 40 bucks i am beyond impressed. Hell for 80 bucks i would be impressed this thing is a beast. Plus its shinny gun metal .
  14. You might also want to try running a fixmbr as i have solved this error message with that cmd.
  15. Ah cool thx for the info verran. I will try that when i get off work. I was playing with speed remotely from work but the weird temps got me nervous and since i cant change my OC settings remotely i chose to just shutdown.
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