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  1. Thanks for all the replies. I'm considering it might be my hard drive needing replacement.
  2. Motherboard Asus P5K SE, processor E2180, 4Gb Gdata ram, Graphic card XFX 9600 GT, Samsung HD 160Gb. Thx
  3. Hi I've got an old E2180 processor which should easily overclock from it's native 2Ghz to 3Ghz. However, I've always ran it at 2Ghz because as soon as I start increasing the FSB speed, the mentioned errocrstarts occurring. How frequently this error occurs depends on how higher I set the values. But it starts hapening at a mere 2,4Ghz. What could be causing this? Thanks
  4. I wish google was that concise. Thanks
  5. Hi, I'm buying a Sapphire HD 6870 and I wondered if it was possible to play a 2 player game but instead of having a split screen, having two screens, one for each player. I googled it, but I wasn't very clarified on the subject. What I've learned is that I'd need a dual link, which the 6870 has. So far so good. But will I be able to play, say, Dirt 3 or CoD Modern Warfare 3 on two different monitors? I've got a 22" monitor, but I find it very small for a split screen. If it is possible, could I use a laptop as the second monitor? I'm making these questions and they look a little nonsensical to me. But, at this day and age everything seems possible. Thanks
  6. Ok, so I shouldn't bother upgrading my processor. Well... Great. A penny saved is a penny earned. God, I'm cheap! Lol : ) . Thx
  7. Hi, I've got an old Asus P5K SE 775 LGA motherboard running with a e2200 processor + a XFX 9600 GT graphic card. I'm not an hardcore gamer, but I like playing some shooters every now and then when stress starts to creep in, and so I though of upgrading my graphic card to a Radeon HD 6870. As far as I read, my processor will limit the HD 6870 performance, but I don't have the budget to change my whole system to a 1156. So I've decided it would be probably a good idea to buy a budget processor running at about 3,0Ghz+. I'm not that computer savy, so any help would be appreciated. I'm considering the E5700. Will that make any difference in gaming performance? Thanks
  8. Thanks 4 ur answers. I'll go for the 5770.
  9. Ok, so I guess I better wait a month or two to see if the prices drop with the lower models. Thx
  10. Hi, I'm sick of always having to set game's settings to medium, details off and that sort of things. So I'm thinking of getting myself a new Video Card. The thing is, I'm not an extreme gamer and I'm looking for the best value. Here are my specs: [email protected],8Ghz | Asus P5K-SE Skt775 | XFX Geforce 9600GT 512Mb | 2x 2GB DDR2 Adata RAM | Res 1152x720 on a 22" screen (It's low I know) I don't know if I should go Nvidia or ATI. I guess the GTX series is faster, but ATI has DX11 compability. Will I see that much of improvment if I get a GTX260 or a HD 5770 over my current video card? Which one of these (or any other that you find to be fittest) should I buy? Thanks
  11. Pax3

    DirectX 10 or 11?...

    Hmm... I see. Ok, thx
  12. Pax3

    DirectX 10 or 11?...

    Hi, My GPU's a 9600GT, which supports DirectX 9 and 10, but not 11. I recently updated my OS to Windows 7, which comes by default with DirectX 11 installed. Since my GPU doesn't support DirectX 11, on what DirectX is my PC running? I've just installed Burnout Paradise ever since I've upgraded my OS, and it seems to be running on a lower framerate with the same settings. Any connection with this DirectX issue? Should I uninstall the 11 and install the 10? If so, how do unistall it, just install the 10 over it? Thanks
  13. That's not the native res. That would be 1680x1650. I've set it that way. Thx for the advice.
  14. Ok, thanks! But say, shouldn't I go for the HD4890 Vapor-X instead?
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