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  1. Agreed. To OP: No offense, but the 320 and 640 versions are junk compared to the 512. 8800GTS 512mb = 9800GTX. Upgrading(if you can afford it) is a good idea.
  2. True, but I believe the "green" comes from the not having to use paper plates/wash dishes(which MOST people do). As well as the convenience of the half sized box saving the use of plastic bags/aluminum foil in order to strore left-overs in the fridge(which MOST people do). You don't even need your pizza delivered in a box at all if you want to go your route, but convenience plays a big part in a real life scenario.
  3. WOW!!! Holy sh_t! Where do you live? The local GM dealers here(Seattle) are selling cars/trucks at HALF MSRP! I went down just to see what was up and with $45 down and a credit score of 640 they were stompin' their diks to sell me a truck. I just laughed at em and went to the Ford dealer, bought a crewcab F150. GM owes me(and you) a car...we already paid for it.
  4. Guns

    Baldur's Gate

    I believe that you can set the difficulty level to a lower one and then back again after the fight. Also, having a full party at such a low level will probably spawn more mobs than normal due to your numbers. Not sure as I always had maybe one or two party members tops by the time I hit Nashkell. Spacebar(I think thats what paused the game) is your friend. One other thing, try to follow the story line of the game as much as is practical. If you end up in area you're not supposed to be, it can make for an impossible battle. Stick with it, that is my favorite all-time RPG. I ruined Baldur's gate 2 using the in game cheats Will never do that again.
  5. EVE...of course. Operation Flashpoint is my quick fix...can't wait for Operation Flashpoint 2. Check this out:
  6. I know its kinda apples and oranges not having the quad and all but... For the price this thing is pretty sweet, bought my stepson one for gaduation: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?sk...d=1218043606827
  7. As far as the backstory goes...the kid seemed pretty surprised when she opended the gift. Did not look at all like she knew it was coming. And maybe if that fat b_tch in the pink would stop eating for 15 minutes they could afford an XBox. I see no reason to do this to young children. Adults, teens maybe, but little kids have not had their hopes and dreams crushed yet and are genuinly hurt by things like this. If I had been there I would have kicked each and every person there in the teeth(if they had any to begin with). Maybe I'm biased, as I have a little girl of my own. Some of you have mentioned similar instances and still carry the memory of the event. Being part of the fire service I see children deal with emotional trauma on a regular basis, you have no idea the scars that are left when someone you trusted takes away your happiness. Whats even more disgusting is not one person there actually seemed to give a sh_t that the child was hurt. One of those scumbags will need a ride to the hospital later, from a ganbang gunshot wound or from all the cigarettes and fried food...maybe we should haul a-- to their house with lights and sirens and then just wave as we drive by! I bet they would think that's pretty funny.
  8. My Omnia is pretty decent on speaker(but even "good" for a phone is terrible.). Music actually sounds better than in-call voice.
  9. How are we paying more? A quick look on the Egg showed EVGA as one of the cheaper 275's. I never understand your thinking behind a lifetime warraty. Its called peace of mind, which I for one will pay a premium for if that is the case. My time is worth WAY more than any price difference and I don't want to spend my time dikin' around with some cutomer service rep from India when I could have spent $15 and saved my self the touble. I will most definately not keep the card a "lifetime", but knowing that I have a pretty good chance at not having to deal with RMAing a product will sell me everytime. I suspect a quick search for pricing will show EVGA as being very competitively priced. Due to the fact that they sell a large number of cards because of their quality, step-up program and (here it comes) lifetime warranty. To the OP, I concur with the others who gave EVGA the nod. Having a lifetime warranty tells me they make a product that has such a high level of quality control, that you will not ever have to use it. And, when you go to sell the card, it will sell rather quickly(as opposed to a "cheap" card) and for a higher price because the new owner knows the reputation of the manufacturer. I have bought and sold many of their products and won't even bother with a different brand until EVGA gives me a reason to.
  10. It would be nice to see how his purchase stacked up against other cards. A review here, a site he trusts, would be good for that He seems to have a high opinion of this site and those that frequent it, why does it always seem like this place is ready to jump people sh_t for no reason? As far as a lifetime warranty goes, only an butt would think to keep it for a lifetime. The thinking(at least mine anyway) is that if a product has a lifetime warranty, odds are heavily in your favor that you will not need it at all.
  11. Thats true, but 40% of that debt is from OUR Federal Reserve another 20-30% is owed to private corporations, lenders, etc. I am pretty sure we don't owe France a single red cent. Maybe France could force Gremany into a treaty that pays them money, then use it repay the U.S.... oh, wait. They did that. Guy named Hitler showed up soon after.
  12. Lol, how much of that debt do we owe to France? And how much do they owe us?
  13. Debt to who? France? I think I got some loose change around here somewhere...
  14. It would be cool if they paid their war debt too. Maybe with interest we could pull outta this economic spiral we're in. As I recall, France gave up without firing a shot during dubya 2. And they were bound by treaty to help the Polish and did nothing. Maybe this is why: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0r38JNjFh0c
  15. So don't buy their crappy product with the lame program. Sheesh.
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