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    Got many. <br />-some might call it "conspiracy theory"... I call it the search for "Truth, awake from the lie" <br />-fitness (41 and buff hehe)<br />-hiking<br />-target shooting & guns <br />-fast PCs and gaming


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    Core2 Q6600 @ 3.2ghz / CM GeminII
    Gigabyte EP45-UD3R(P45)
    4gb GSkill DDR2 800 @ 1066 5-5-5-15
    BFG OC2 GTX 260(216) @ 630/2150
    X-Fi XtremeGamer
    PC Power & Cooling 610w Silencer PSU
    Antec "Gunmetal" P182 case
    Hanns-G 28" 281D LCD
    Logitech 5.1 5300a 5.1
    Vista 64
  1. I pre-ordered Windows7 upgrade the other night. I have not used Win7 betas, I've only seen it briefly on a friends test system, so maybe this is a stupid question. Sorry if it is When I was making the order I only saw three version options. I ordered the "Home Premium" upgrade. The question is I run a Vista 64bit and I definitely want to continue running a 64bit OS. I realized after I ordered that I didn't see a 64bit option. So, does the Win7 upgrade automatically detect 32/64bit and install the same? Is there an option for 32/64bit when installing? Or did I make a mistake and have to get in touch with MS for a 64bit version. tx
  2. I haven't squeezed the trigger on this upgrade yet. You guys kidda got me off it atm... It is true that my 260 plays everything great at 1920x1200, even Cryostatsis runs fine. I usually do an upgrade for the fall gaming season....I was planning to do a full overhaul to an i7 this year......then sensibility kicked in, I know the i7 is faster but how much will I actually gain for all the headaches, money and work I'd have to go through??? Probably not much, this base system is a little old but its no slouch. So why not keep it for another season?? my thought is\was just plunk in a killer vid card and play the hell out of this years games.
  3. ok....let's shift gears. If I upgrade to a GTX 295, how do you think my PSU(PC Power&Cooling 610 Silencer) will do with it? It only has two 6pin PCI-e plugs, so I'd have to use the included adapter, no big deal since this is a single rail 12V PSU. I did an Extreme PSU calculation based on my system with a 295..its tells me at 85% utilization is 521watts and 100% utilization is 544watts... Its well below my PSUs rating, but how's it going to work in the real world?
  4. Do you guys think it is worth upgrading now?....I'd be going from a BFG OC2 260(216) to a 295. (I'd also add, 4gb of RAM, because its cheap and a PSU which will last me through a few years) but mostly on the vid card, should I get a 295 or are we too close to the launch of the next gen cards and a 295 will to soon be out dated? thanks
  5. My type of article http://www.techwarelabs.com/articles/event...ve_destruction/
  6. PaiN


    ok...I ran Vantage (1920x1200 High), then a few loops of the nV Madusa demo, followed by a over night run of nV Cascades @ 1920x1200 8xQ/16x and 4 water falls......I feel more confident that this card is not failing, the crashes must be software related.
  7. PaiN


    Crap! I know this is an old thread but, I believe I'm getting the same type of failure from this second factory OC'd BFG card. The system has been 150% stable, now as when the first card died, suddenly I'm getting crashes and black screen lockups, I looking for a DX10 Graphics intensive app I can loop over night to test this card. Any ideas?
  8. The back yard....My wife finally talked me into getting a pool. (now you have to stop by on your way through, Rev. )
  9. PaiN


    ya know??? ...I was thinking about this. Crysis came out in Nov of 2007......I'm now not sure if I had an AMD64\7900GTX setup or the C2D\8800GTX at the time no matter I guess, the game plays a hell of a lot better now...to say the least
  10. PaiN


    I had 22" Dell at 1650x1080.....when Crysis ran like doggie.
  11. PaiN


    I finished Sacred2, I'm taking a break until the PhysX patch is out for another play through as an Inquisitor and waiting on DCS: Black Shark in two weeks. So, with nothing to play and time to kill I decided to dust off Crysis..I played once when it was first released.....I want to say I had a C2D 6600/8800GTX set up(not 100% sure) at the time. I remember, being frustrated at the constant low FPS and the logy battles, I had to use "medium" and no AA and it was still slow....the final battle on the aircraft carrier was like a side show. Fast forward to running Crysis on the PC I have today with the v1.2 patch.....I can't believe how slick the game runs now, High settings, 1920x1200, 2xAA Its completely smooth(not to mention stunning). My eye can not detect a slow down anywhere, I can now appreciate what a cool shooter Crysis is. I'm looking forward to this second play through.
  12. You think so... Such an obvious little detail, a fact known for ages.... Explain why there are hundreds of millions of people on this planet still following like sheep? ....really such a "freshman" fact, taught in all the schools, you'd think the masses would have gotten a clue by now..
  13. I don't talk often about my beliefs....but I'll let a little out for this thread. God and religion should never be mixed. God is complete freedom, inward self love that reflects out to all that is. Religion, be it Christian or Satanism, Muslim or Judaism, any religion...is a trap, a method of control, meant to keep followers in fear and slave to its dogma and rhetoric. A tool to separate peoples, breed distrust and instigate hate. Religion is the chain keeping multitudes some spiritual health and always far from their true power.
  14. PaiN

    The Helo is back!

    yea hell....I had to pre-order it. Its been more than a decade since I "simed". I was huge Jane's Longbow fan and I'm now getting anxious again for some NOE hunter-killing
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