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  1. I was wondering if I should get my M1 now, or wait till I've bought a bike first? I live in ontario where your M1 permit is good for 90 days, then you have to go for your M2. I dont really want to get it now only to have to take my M2 as soon as I've bought a bike since I'll more than likely need some practice. Also if it matters ill probably be looking for a used sportbike for around 2500ish..
  2. -OCZ 520w powerstream psu -BFG 6800 -Casino poker chips -Clothes -CDR's and Dvd-r's
  3. Ph33rh4x

    Nfsu2 Challenge!

    Id like to see someone beat this with a 240sx
  4. :drool: Looks like thats what ill be getting
  5. I hope you dont have troubles fitting that in your case.. I think I read somewhere that the x-connects wouldnt fit in that lian li case since the cables stick out too far. :\
  6. If you can, get some A-DATA pc4400 i think it is (DDR 566).. they use TCCD chips and are alot cheaper than ocz, mushkin, corsair etc.
  7. 6800's like it, pretty much every other card in the world doesnt.
  8. TCCD is great.. but will never be as good as BH-5
  9. That is probably one of the best things I've ever seen. You should really consider making some money off that wire management system.. if I could buy something like that I definatly would. If you make it so you can just plug your psu right into it without too much modding I bet big companies would jump all over that!
  10. There are a couple reasons p2p can be a good thing though.. for one the server quality is pretty much always top notch, and second you dont have to deal with nearly as many immature kids and everyone is generally more polite in my experience.
  11. I played alot of ffxi a couple months ago... took me like 4 months or so and I was only lvl 50.. the was lvl 75 though I dont know what it is now. When i stopped playing (only 15 i have no money :'( )I think there was only a hand full of lvl 75 players.
  12. cat6 is the best IMO. Im pretty sure you can go about 500ft with that stuff before data corruption but dont quote me on that, could be more could be less.
  13. Yeap.. the celey is a big bottleneck on that gfx card.
  14. what about skate or die and skate or die 2!?
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