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    cool looking saitek eclipse in red to match all the other pretty lights!
  1. Not entering contest just sharing a memory. I received the following PM from Verran: Background image, Jul 3 2009, 02:43 PM "RIP 1981-2009 Group: Honorary Staff Posts: 7,026 Member No.: 13,138 Joined: 24-October 04 I raised your warning level for posting that screenshot with the inappropriate background image. That was absolutely uncalled for and is well below the maturity level we expect here." I keep my desktop background as lemonparty and had posted a screenshot with some benchmark scores on it. I thought covering up the genitalia with the windows was good enough. Verran could have been a jerk about it but it was a gentle reprimand. Edit: Can I please have my warning level lowered now? Been a good guy since Jul I promise!
  2. Same here, you can by pass this problem by manually setting your fan speeds, but coming out of sleep or hibernation you will have to reset the fan speeds.
  3. Considering the cost of .45acp nowadays it might be more cost effective for them to pay a shop. I just spent 66$ for 100 rounds of winchester range box. About 3 years ago the exact same box used to cost me 21$.
  4. agreed, 9800gt it is. It has a lot of sentimental value too. It was a great card in its time.
  5. For PhysX. Just thought I would be provocative with the old school cards in the title. I have been running the system in my sig for a year now and I don't need another card to help out the 295 but realized yesterday I have the above two cards laying around from older systems and thought it might be fun to use one for physx and let the 295 do everything else. If it were you which of the two cards would you use? The 9800gx2 is the more powerful of the two cards but then I would have 4 gpus going. Is that an issue if they are not in SLI? I have plenty of power overhead either way. I'm thinking the 9800gt might be better/more simple solution? Just wondering your thoughts/opinions.
  6. Holy Carp! I hate to see that man. Good luck on getting that fixed!
  7. Outpost 2 and TA?! Good taste my friend. Outpost 2 was an awesome game, as was TA. TA is still one of the most fun RTS of all times in my book.
  8. No, thank YOU. You actually finished the rest of my thoughts. I can deal with very large wheels on exotics and upper level luxo cars. Good taste sir.
  9. Yep Cali Special. I like the rear air diffuser in that package but count me as an old fart who believes that 20" wheels have no business on a muscle car, but good looking ride from one stang driver to another. Just to prove we are making progress....
  10. Good write up and I am surprised at how many good economic minds are in t his forum. I think as a whole, we get it. There are a few bleeding heart types but for the most part people here seem to respect competition and free markets.
  11. Hmm, I got a little crazy with the shaders, just couldn't get the crazy things to mess up! I use the bump it up and play some crysis, bump it up and play some crysis, bump it up and, "whoops, that's too much," back it off a little method.
  12. I cannot figure out what the deal is. I used to play with the frequencies on my gtx 295 all the time and could save different profiles etc. I always used the nvidia control panel to do this and had not problem. recently when I try to make a change and apply it or save it I get a message that says the changes made were invalid. I have tried to use coolbits but to no avail and would really like to keep using the nvidia software as I am comfortable with it and it is easy to use. The drivers are up to date. Any ideas? Thanks for the help.
  13. No, because someone else owns the store. He is charging the customer for a service that he provides. He provides the service through you or an employee like you. It is in his interest to make the most money possible out of you (charge the customer as much as he can while paying you as little as you will work for,) just as it is in your interest to make as much money as possible by making the most money possible. If that means all of his employees start to leave because he isn't paying them enough, he will go to a lower class employee. If the customers are still happy with the service, he will keep these lower class employees. If not he will be forced to pay higher wages to get better employees. It all works itself out. But you are doing the right thing by looking for the best deal for you. It's when you settle for the status quo that the system stops working. BTW since this is a car thread the mustang motor rebuild I started back in Feb. is almost complete, just waiting for the engine to be finished at the machine shop where it is getting all forged internals, bored out etc. This has been a long hard project but the end is in sight in maybe another month or two. Pics and vids will be forthcoming someday.
  14. add me to the ranks of people who are not fans of timing belts. I know chains can eventually slip but they don't tend to have the catastrophic failure like belts do. The best idea, Anyone seen a big block chevy built up with timing gears? Not only is it a strong way of running but it sounds awesome, more mechanical whine!
  15. They were some pretty interesting cars, my sister used to drive a white one and we put that thing through some shenanigans on the county dirt roads by our house. Not quite like a WRX or EVO, but still a lot of fun for less $$
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