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  1. Would love to have one also if you still have some, thanks!
  2. Hello there. I just got my new headset yesterday and got to love the sound quality of those, problem is my mic isn't working right. Firstly, everyone says my mic volume is too low, even if I have max volume and +30dB mic boost. Then for me (or everyone else too in vent/ts3 if I try to speak), I sometimes hear some crackling noise from my mic in background if I try to say something. Getting really annoyed with this.. I'm using integrated sound card from my mobo which is M4N78 PRO. Drivers are from VIA (VIA HD Audio Deck) and operating system is Win7 32-bit. Sound card drivers should be up to date, downloaded from asus.com EDIT: Ok, tested with my laptop which has different sound card, same problem occurs. Mic is active all the time with that crackling sound. What should I do with this problem? :/ Ah, never mind about this. Close this up or whatever. Called to customer service and they suggested RMA. Sorry if this was a bit useless post.
  3. All right, think I should share my gamertag also! XBL: Azzeli Only game I'm playing pretty often in online is Halo 3 or the Firefight mode from ODST. Feel free to add me
  4. Or better maybe . Not upgrading for a long time yet, maybe at Summer 2010 or a bit earlier. Wonder how much price dropped from HD 5850 in that time Or just taking new nvidia's video cards if the price/performance is right for me!
  5. All right, thanks for the replies guys! I'll think I go with this 19" monitor still and buy a new one when I'm upgrading the video card too.
  6. Hey there. I am just asking about performance of 9600 GT on a 1920x1080 resolution how it plays games? Usually playing atm: WoW Guild Wars CS: Source Team Fortress 2 Call of Duty: MW2 Call of Duty 2 So how it would perform in those games, atleast WoW is pretty CPU limited so I think it wouldn't matter so much. At the moment I am playing at 1280x1024, which is my native resolution and after 3+ years it's getting so small after I've looked at 24" screen in school... What do you guys think?
  7. I think the Phenom II is worth it. Especially when it can be overclocked so easily. Myself wondering how Phenom II one would perform with M4N78 PRO, 3 GB DDR2 800 and 9600 GT at 1280x1024 resolution? Any ideas?
  8. Yeah, I know a few of them. http://www.multitronic.fi/index.php?setlang=en is one of them though only one, which has their site in english. The other ones are (BUT only in finnish): http://www.verkkokauppa.com/ http://www.nettori.org http://www.jimmspc-store.fi (IMO Way too overpriced compnents in there) Thanks.
  9. Hi Paul. I'm not sure what resolution my friend plays at but I think it's 1024x768 or 1280x1024 as he has a CRT monitor still. Budget in dollars is about 400$(= 300
  10. Hey, I'm just wondering. My friend has a HEC PM-420PB 420W power supply which has: +3,3V 30A +5V 28A +12V1 16A +12V2 15A -12V 0,8A +5Vsb 2A Now hes running old s939 build which has 2 gigs of ddr400 AMD Athlon X2 3800+ 7600 GT Now he's been asking what would be the best choice of upgrading his computer and he has a low budget. I've been thinking about MSI P43 Neo-F E5200 HD 4770 4 gigs of DDR2 800 Would that power supply be enough for the new components and how high I could overclock the processor? Thanks!
  11. Hehe, but thanks so much for helping, think I can continue from here by myself! :thumbs-up:
  12. Any idea how big performance boost should I get with that? And should I get the 65W version of that processor? And what video card you would suggest, which won't need better psu and won't bottleneck processor?
  13. Firstly, hello OCC Forums! It's my first post to here so waiting for good replies from you :thumbs-up: And on to the topic: I would like to change my processor for a better one just because it's seems so slow already and look for one which is good with my 9600 GT. I usually play games with 1280x1024 (native resolution in my screen) and my main games atm are World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, Call of Duty 4/WaW, CS:S and Diablo 3 in the future. Budget would be something like 200-250
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