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  1. I need a graphics card for under $75. There's nothing by nVidia in that price range, and I read that the 4670 can destroy the 9500GT. So is the 4670 still a good choice for a budget? Because it is a pretty old card... EDIT: Forgot to mention I'm using 1280x1024. Rest of the specs are in sig. (also, how big of a power supply do I need? amps of 12v?)
  2. hold on there, misfit i have a similar gateway computer (specs in sig) that uses btx design did your computer have a green shroud for directing airflow? did the heatsink look like this? http://www.cwc-group.com/8008526.html if so, how do you remove the heatsink from the mobo? does it use a backplate? sorry for the mass of questions, i need to get new fans and cpu heatsink for my computer :|
  3. when in doubt... just RMA it. PSU problems are DANGEROUSSSS
  4. I suggest that you go for the 7750. It can compete with the Intel E5200, and it's 10 bucks less. The Kuma architecture is also based on the Phenom core, so it's better (?), I assume.
  5. StealthXStream should suit your needs too. OCZ is pretty good at making PSU...but don't expect to get a rebate if it is advertised. Their rebate system sucks.
  6. Sorta Related: Why aren't the OCZ StealthXStream's 80+ Certified? They claim 80% efficiency, and some review have confirmed that.
  7. That case is butt-backwards! Lancool K7 is a beauty. I think Imma get that one, thanks!
  8. If it works, don't replace it. It's a waste of money...if you have to buy a new card, aim for at least a GTS250. Otherwise, just stick to your 8800GTS and wait for the new P55's.
  9. @Fueler Why did you block up the vents? And how are your temps?
  10. Maybe your memory is just fragmenting really bad. It also might be a virus or something
  11. +1 on P45 the X38/48 are also good, but P45 is better price/performance-wise. And yes, P45's do overclock quads pretty nicely Just remember to get decent cooling for the CPU and NB (zip-tie a fan )
  12. You sure all your sticks are seated right? How can you use all 6GB of memory? Unless your running "OVER 9000" programs at once, you should not have your memory maxing out.
  13. Cut out the panel and add a window Or you can just repaint it.
  14. You're not going to get a "truly" clean look in the 900 without drilling. Antec didn't leave much space for cable management so you're on your own. This is a pretty well-known problem, so if you GOOGLE it, you're probably going to find a couple tutorials. Good Luck!
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