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  1. {WTB} Compression Springs for HS Mount need a set of 4 for a good price, I cant find where they sell them online!
  2. Cant find Compression Springs for a HS mount don't like the bolts I have installed because I'm getting a 5 degree temp variation. Been looking online and cant find a set for sale!
  3. sold 1 q9559 on ebay for $242 + shipping sold 1 ud3p for 151 + shipping sold 1 9800 gtx+ for 60 bought i5 760 for 195 from micro center (thats after tax) bought x-fi titanium 40 shipped on ebay bought 120mm fan with evga 260 216 superclocked for 90 bought asus p55 pro for 65 shipped bought ddr3 2x2 for 51 shipped total cost about 50 bucks, Hilarius
  4. Asus P6T7 WS supercomputer X58 Chipset $ 399 Intel I7 920 do stepping $ 279 Nvidia GTX 480 $ 449 advanced Water cooling system $ 300 fancy hard drives psu case and drives $ 250 gluing bits of copper to a $20 stick of ddr3 and letting it adorn your 2000 dollar rig, priceless
  5. wtb i5 quad pm will pay $145 for i5 750 and $150 for i5 760
  6. I happen to have 3 hdd in raid zero runnnig xp. I want to make the switch to windows 7, but i still want the option to have xp so i can play my Mario emulators. I have a spare 750gb hdd that i dont use. I was wondering if i can copy all the information from my raid zero array to this one 750gb hdd and use it from now on as my xp hdd when i want to play Mario and such. I cant find the windows xp cd or key anymore so i think backing up the files and reinstalling xp isn't going to be an option anymore for me. what do you think i should do? I tried calling mircosoft... wont be dont that again anytime soon... thank you for your time, mychal nvm i think i found what im looking for. if you have a freeware recommendation please let me know!
  7. mgsmid

    Budget PC

    bam baby $330! http://www.officedepot.com/a/products/5794...-Computer-With/ includes monitor, keyboard and mouse! for !330! x2 240 rigor, 3gb ddr3. office depot-
  8. do it ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/1-DAY-SALE-Intel-Core-...2#ht_500wt_1182
  9. http://cgi.ebay.com/Microsoft-Xbox-360-Eli...7#ht_500wt_1182 scam much? lol... how are you supposed to know he even has an xbox to raffle to begin with, course i don't think you need one for this scam. wow and people bought all his tickets. dang jena. i kinda think i should pull 3 or 4 of these. jk
  10. i have a true copper edition and 2 120mm kazi slip stream fans i am looking to possibly get rid of if your interested.
  11. no i left A and B out, stick C was an original from his computer that passed memtest that I put back in. Im starting to think its not the ram because the 3 sticks in the computer have been tested to be working (512mb A, 512mb B and 1gb C from his computer, 1gb D from my computer and 1gb E from my computer)
  12. I was thinking it might be a PSU problem or a MOBO problem. Any possible truth in that? I was gonna head up to frys and buy a new MOBO and PSU for testing purposes though I have no really technical knowlage at this level. (that way I can return whatever doesnt fix my problem) I had this feeling that a CPU was pretty much indestructible as long as i didnt physically brake it or run it to hot. thank you for your reply bty!
  13. Hello OCC, (I posted this before, but I cant seem to find my old post.)_ I have been trying to fix my brothers computer so he'll stop using mine. ha has an HP Pavilion a6000n Desktop PC (RX885AA) http://search.hp.com/query.html?charset=is...&oc=rx885aa It has been a good computer for a few years now up until about 6 months ago when it crashed and would no longer boot on. I told my dad to buy a copy of xp and I would re install the OS so he didn't have to buy a new computer (bad economy for the self employed). I found some compatible drivers on the web and this configuration work for about 2 more months until it crashed again. I told my brother not to watch adult movies on his computer and again reinstalled the OS. the computer keeps crashing into a blue screen or it will just turn off randomly. other members on this forum instructed me to check the HD and RAM. I ran EStool and the HD passed off with no errors I assumed the RAM and he had 512mb drr2 in dimm 0 1gb ddr2 in dim 1 and 512mb in dimm 3. I first removed all the RAM and put 512mb (call this one stick A for short) stick in dimm 0 and tried to boot the computer on. The computer did not boot, but the motherboard gave a series of long beeps. So i removed stick A and replaced it with the other 512mb stick (stick B), the computer booted on and I started mem test. about ten minutes later the computer turned itself off. I removed stick B and Put in the 1gb stick © and rebooted the computer ran mem test and it passed though mem test without any errors. Thinking I had solved the problem I took two working sticks of ram from my computer and put them in DIMM 0 (D) and 2 (E) again the computer would not boot, it just gave a series of long beeps I then put D in dimm 0 and E in dimm 1 and the computer booted, i didn't wait to run mem test, I just turned the computer back off and put stick C into dimm 2, Filling dimm 0-2 with 1gb sticks and booted the computer. The computer ran mem test for about 70% of the test and the computer again just powered down. what do you think I should do from here? Thank you for your time and please enjoy your day. Mychal
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