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  1. @Cowking Not really although I suppose I could. The argument in this thread thats being repeated a lot is that FNC is conservative, and not "fair and balanced," but the article posted is very much not a conservative one. So what I'm saying is, maybe finally we all dont have to hear about how conservative FNC is, since here's yet another instance where they are taking a pro- big government stance.
  2. I guess you answered your own question- Fox News must not be conservative if they are coming down on the side of big government. Maybe people will stop repeating this ad nauseam finally?
  3. Yes and tell me what you think of it cuz I'm thinking about one as well
  4. Why would you need to pull out your card?
  5. Hooray I'm signed up! Lets rock some clock... err, faces!!
  6. Well then, I've been severely misinformed. Thanks for the lesson =)
  7. His dad should be fired for not teaching his son about life. Was this on a forum or do you know the guy personally?
  8. Bum diddly ump. Out of curiosity, is anyone interested in any of the individual peices of the complete system?
  9. I'm pretty sure a full format does the trick. The quick format is the one that just zeros out the file tables and all that jazz, but a full format clears those on top of zeroing out the actual data.
  10. How many games do you play? Or rather, how much space do games take up on your drive now? I'm about as big a cheerleader for SSD's as you'll find, no matter how much you spend you'll never have buyers remorse with an SSD. Then throw in some more hard drives later =) And yes, theres no reason a HDD should need SATA 3 haha.
  11. If you're installing the OS from scratch, all you'll need to do is format the drive from the install screen in Windows. I havent installed W7 in a while but there oughta be a format option somewhere when you're choosing the installation partition. Simply do a long format, not the quick kind, and you should be good to go.
  12. Where did you sell it? I have a rig I want to sell but nobody wants it on this forum haha.
  13. Depends on what you want to do. A 120 SSD will most likely fit your games and such, and a 1TB drive is a great backup/media disk. From a speed standpoint it would be far and away the best option. Would you RAID the mechanical drives or leave them as two different ones? If you leave them separate then get the 2 drives, less chance of catastrophic failure. I love my Intel SSD's but they arent the fastest available. OCZ, Corsair, and Crucial are the leaders in SSD's right now.
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