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  1. Hi there OCC. I haven't sold on here before but I do have a small although 100% positive ebay feedback. I have two GTX 570s that have served me very well for the last year or so. Both are immaculate and in perfect working order. They've spent 90% of their lives undervolted and underclocked as they've been in SLI so the extra heat wasn't needed. The other 10% or so is purely benching. Both run very cool in my Stacker 832 and neither have tipped 72C in the summer and are even cooler in winter. First up is an MSI GTX570 PowerEdition/OC Twin Frozr III. Triple overvolting on this card with Dual BIOS switch. Has an ASIC quality of 94.4%
  2. Ever think that Sapphrie justf ancy getting rid of old stock ?
  3. Hit me up; RaZieL980 Used to play this on Haxbox but it died. Thought I may aswell give my 470 a good DX11 workout
  4. GPU-Z Validation: http://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/wrzm5/ CPU-Z Validation: http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=1384967 ORB Validation: http://service.futuremark.com/home.action;jsessionid=24006219A34E2E8361CA7B1356668AAC Good Luck folks Edit: Did the HT run. Boosted the CPU score considerably. Looks like I'm weighed down by this HD4890. XD
  5. I did, but what you didn't see there, is I had it all sealed off with masking tape and tarpaulin sheets, protecting the hardware from cutting/debris and the like. Most of the removables were taken out i.e. fans, GPU etc.
  6. I have th exact same Pavillion 'a' series. The fan on my HSF isn't crooked though. What CPU do you guys have in yours? Might have something to do with it lol. Mine's an 8650 Tri-core.
  7. Only bit of modding I've done so far is removing the Exhaust fan mesh on the MOBO tray: http://i50.tinypic.com/dp7043.jpg http://i47.tinypic.com/dc4y0h.jpg
  8. So after some time away from teh forums, I return with a question: What sort of prep will I need to do if I want to paint my Stacker inside and out? I want to do all the black panels, metallic blue. Think Cobalt sort of color. As for the inside I'd like to Gloss it black. If I'm not mistaken, the inside chassis of this case is raw alu. so will probably need ALOT less work than the panels themselves. Any help with would be great. thanks.
  9. +1 for the Apogee GTZ. Using one with the Swiftech kit. 1.35v 4.23ghz 920. 2 hour OCCT stress tested and temps weren't over 60
  10. HAH! There might be something for my ol' 9500GT to do now! 5850 + 9500GT FTW
  11. I'd get one from DABS but I want to game before xmas, not in the middle of january like it says when they'll be in stock. I've already been without a GPU for 3 weeks now. I just ordered a XFX 5850 from Scan. No Scansure, but hey, it's XFX, They're known for being amazing with DOA's and RMA. *touch wood it doesn't* Will have it Tuesday by 12pm. At least with Scan, I KNOW I'll get it when they say. *is excited*. For the first time ever, I actually want to go back to work next week as I'm having it delivered there on tuesday. I'll have to get some pics up once I get it. Besides, Noone's seen my W/C yet
  12. OOOOH My bad bro. Didn't know where you were XD
  13. CM RC832 here. So many ways of changing air flow direction. Plus, IMO They're styled, yet not rediculous looking like the Sniper/scout and NZXT cases....Oh did I mention It's all Alu?
  14. SAY WHUT? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...e=STRK:MEWAX:IT http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/HD-4870x2-ATI-Radeon...=item2557d3a2f8 http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Sapphire-Video-Card-...=item48387040a8
  15. Thanks for the replies guys. MJCRO: I'd wait off, but ATM I have NO GPU at all. And I'd very much like to finish Dragon Age, Borderlands, and just get back to feeding my TF2 addiction lol. 00stevo, The Smith: I've been thinking that for a while, The 5850 while may not max a few of my games (Dragon Age?) It'll tide me over till later next year, And will probably hold it's price pretty well when it comes to selling it on. Maj0r Gamer: I'ma still keep my eyes open for a 5870. After all , I have the money to throw at one. The one I tried to get, I got for
  16. I wish I'd have seen that 295 earlier, I'd have HAPPILY paid extra for UK shipping aswell... Darn XD
  17. TBH mate, teh ebayz are loaded with cheap, NEW, 4870x2's. I'm debating whether to pick one up for this reason :http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=170811&hl= So Look there first.
  18. So, the 5870 I ordered, never appeared, and after two and a half weeks of crap, a paypal claim, and a $475US reimbursement, I'm back at square one. I have a working rig ZERO. I now have a nice, expensive paperweight, with NO GPU. FYI I'm gaming @ 19x10, Dragon Age, Mass Effect 2, STALKER:CS, butt.Cre.2, and a few others that I could run maxed on a GTX260, so it won't really matter. I figure I'm left with 3 (ish) options: Try and find another 5870 for a decent price if at all before the new year, Get a 4870x2 for a cooool
  19. Those deltas are POS. Unless he'd be wearing ear defenders, it'd kill him with 6 of them running. It'd lift his case from the damn floor.
  20. De-ionized/distilled water only!! Then add your additive. I use Swiftech's Hydrx. Also #1 tip i'm glad I followed, is FLUSH OUT your rad, block and pump! Meaning buy alot of de-ionized water and fill your rad about halfway ( take a guess here ) and give it a good shake, empty and repeat about 4-5 times. Then use 50:50 vinegar and De-ionized water mixture and fill up your rad to the brim. leave to sit for an hour then empty. using the last of the Vinegar/D-Ion water, repeat the first part of filling halfway wtc. Repeat the mixture flush 4-5 times. then re flush with JUST D-Ion water 4-5 times. For the pump and block try and do something similar. CPU blocks aren't always crap free. so make sure you wash it all out with D-Ion water !
  21. Hey all. Just a quick one, are there any of you who have a 5870/50 water cooled? And what blocks do you use? looking to add my 5870 to my loop, and don't know much when it comes to GPU blocks. Any help/pointers/info would be a great help. thanks. KC
  22. Just bought my loving GF a White gold diamond necklace. Que sitting here for 20 minutes trying to decide what to have engraved,
  23. Agreed. Finding good prices for 295's is hard these days. I was going to get a 295. But the low power and low heat of the 5870 won me over. Plus I really can't be bothered with SLI ATM. I can at least Crossfire my 5870 later on, but for now, I'll stick with my 5870. which I got for
  24. I'm vitually the same man. P6T i7 920 @ 3.8. been running smooth as silk since march. not one problem. Although I'm now watercooled. I'd be looking into chipset cooling, but I'm going into water cooling my 5870. Just looking for reviews on the available blocks before I take a dive (pun intended)
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