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  1. Hi all, I had put together a brand new system and finally got XP to install last night. I ran into a bit of an odd situation. I originally hooked up my monitor to my 8800GTX via DVI link. Display was functioning correctly up until I installed the drivers. My screen was madly going blank then back again then blank and so on. I eventually had all these weird images on my screen. This happened during the install. Once I rebooted, it looked fine because I had the nvidia control panel, but the resolution was at the lowest setting. I tried to change the resolution but anytime I tried to do anything in windows (i.e. click on start; open a folder; etc.) my screen would go blank for a period of time. Oddly enough, it would come back when I minimized everything via Windows Key + 'D' THIS it the funny part. The second I use the VGA connection, it works fine! No problems! Works as it should. I'm guessing there is something wrong with my DVI connection. It's a brand new monitor too.
  2. Hi all, I ran into a bit of a road block while attempting to set up my RAID 0 configuration. I managed to set the drives up to RAID 0 (Striping) and the discs are recognized as a single 620GB drive. I have an ASUS P5N32-E SLI motherboard. I configured the BIOS correctly and allowed the RAID drives to be bootable. I pressed F6 during the Windows Setup load and loaded the RAID/Controller drives from a floppy that was created through the ASUS Setup CD that accompanied my motherboard. Up until this point, everything is going well... When I attempt to install Windows XP (SP2) I get to the part where it asks me to select the partition in which I want to install it on. Windows Setup detects my 610GB "Partitioned [RAW]" drive. I attempt to delete the "RAW" partition and now it's an "Unpartitioned Drive." It's when I try to CREATE a partition on my RAID drives I run into a wall. It doesn't want to create it. Note: When I run the DOS based version of DiscWizard (Seagate) to "prep" the drives, it only allows me to format my RAID drives to FAT ... It says it can't format to FAT32 or even NTFS. Any ideas? -------------------------------------------- Figured it out. I had to disconnect all my hard drives except for the RAID drives. This allowed Windows Set Up to create a partition on my raid volume.
  3. Hey all, I just got my new system. Just wondering if it's a good idea to run in some burn-in tests prior to using it full-out. If so, what applications should I be running and for how long should I be running these burn-in tests for? Cheers.
  4. Well, my taste has changed since my last rig. I'm looking for something a bit more conservative (i.e. no lights, windows, etc.). I really like the simplicity of the Lian-Li's... so I'm looking for something along the lines of the Lian-Li, in terms of minimalism. Essentially, I'm looking for a case that's not too big, quiet, good cooling, and will have no problem fitting the 8800 GTX. -------------------------------------- I decided to go with the following case: LIAN-LI V Cool PC-V1200 Plus I really like the look of it. I'm not a big fan of the wheels though but whatever. My only concern is the CPU Fan. I want to put an after market fan on my E6600... but I'm a little concerned about it fitting or not.
  5. Alrighty. I've refined my components to the following, except I'm not sure about the case. I want something that's quiet, relatively small, and doesn't have any friggin' lights or windows. CORE 2 DUO E6600 2.4GHz 4MB 1066MHz LGA775 ASUS P5N32-E-SLI S775 NVIDIA NF 680I SLI2PCI/1PCI-E OCZ Platinum XTC OCZ2P800R22GK 2X1G DDR2 800MHz Dual eVGA 8800 GTX Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 320GB 16MB SATAII (x2) Enermax ELT620AWT Liberty 620W Active PFC Sound Blaster Audigy 4 7.1 (OEM) Asus DRW-1612BL/BK Black 16x Lightscribe DVDRW BenQ FP241W Any recommendations on a case (something that'll take the 8800 GTX?)
  6. Hey, Great suggestions. I have decided against the SLI board. I was the ASUS P5B-E was a good choice; any thoughts on this bad boy? Also, I'm having a bit of a tough time deciding between the following LCD's: Benq Fp241w Vs. Samsung 244t. I made a post about it in Other Hardware, but got 0 replies. The BenQ seems to be have great value and quality for the price... and it's half the price of the Samsung. But I want to make sure I'm ready for HD-DVD/Blu-Ray when the time comes... apparently the BenQ is ready.
  7. I'm having a hard time deciding between the two models. After doing some reading, it sounds as if the BenQ is really a great product for the price... but you also can't go wrong with a Samsung (in my experience anyway). Any input on either or both of the 24" models? Cheers.
  8. Awesome, I can definitely work with this. Thanks. What don't you like about the ASUS 680i board? You said it was ridiculous; in what way? How does it size up in comparison with its eVGA counterpart?
  9. Porsche: My bad about the HD-DVD confusion. I was looking for an HD-DVD ROM really... as far as burning is concerned, it's way too early to get a $600-800 Blu-Ray burner. Err HD-DVD Monitor? haha I was probably on crack... I'm looking to get the Samsung 24" 244T. I'm really not up to date with the whole DVD scene (if you can't tell already), ... but I wanted a drive that'll work well with my Samsung. As Verran mentioned, it looks like they aren't out yet which is no big deal. I've got a good plextor on standby that I could use in the meantime. Sorry about the confusion guys. Verran: Thanks for clearing up the HD-DVD question. I'll just wait around and see what the market puts on in the coming months. Thanks for pointing out the 680i... I was looking for a reason to select and you've just given me one I'll try to research the DFI Lanparty series you mentioned. Do you know when this series will be available? I thought the P965 was the latest chipset "officially" slated for the dual cores? Any thoughts on that? As for the memory, I'm not looking for "Value RAM" ...that's for sure. I've learned my lesson years ago when I bought my first rig. I'm just looking for something with good timing that'll hold. As far the RAM matching the board, I'm not well informed on which boards and support which speeds of ram.. that's all. I'll take your advice and go with G.Skill or some other modules that have good reviews. I will definitely not skimp out on the power 600w seems reasonable for sure. I'll read the reviews on the available options I have and choose one. Maybe I just wanted to know which brands to stay away from and how much power am I looking to have? Yeah I know the different setups,..I have storage drives, but I want to stripe two new HDD's for my games, os, etc. Thanks again for the additional info guys. I should probably mention that I plan to get this system late December or January 2007. Maybe I should be aware of anything that'll be released in this time period?
  10. Hey all, Thanks for the suggestions so far. As far as the budget is concerned... I'm looking to spend roughly $2500->$3000 (Canadian dollars) on the system itself: PROCESSOR: Intel DC E6600 RAM: ??? MOBO: ??? VIDEO: 8800 GTX (is eVGA a good choice?) Hard drive: ??? (Thinking two 7200RPM's w/ RAID will do the trick, I'm not too fussy about this) SOUND: Sound Blaster Audigy 4 Optical drive: ??? (Looking for decent HD-DVD player/burner as I will be getting an HD-DVD compatible monitor) CASE: ??? (Looking for something that is small, quiet, and good cooling) Power supply: ??? I think that's everything no? I'm doing this really quickly (I'm at work) so please forgive anything I've accidentally omitted. I guess we need to figure out a good motherboard before selecting the memory right? What are your recommendations and why do you feel it would be the best choice? As for the overclocking situation, I'm not a hard core overclocker, I just want to be able to squeeze that extra 15-20% extra power out of my system without it locking up and running on the stock cooling solution... but I hope that the system is already a powerhouse and won't have to do that for a little while longer haha. So I can relax on the RAM, but I dont' want to go cheap on it... I do want it to be reliable when the time comes to boost my CPU's performance.
  11. Purpose: Ultimate gaming Budget: Looking to get better to best core components at a reasonable cost (i.e. Going all out but not ALL out ) Things I need help deciding on: CPU: I've decided to go with the Intel DC E6600, as it seems most people are... rather than spending 200+ more for the E6700. VIDEO: As for video, I want to get the latest 8800 GTX. I want to have an SLi setup *eventually* but motherboards aren't that expensive these days that it makes more sense to sell the old and buy a newer piece of hardware with current SLi technology. When I want the extra power, I'll simply get the latest SLi board and pop in another 8800 GTX. Considering how powerful the card is now, it makes no sense to overkill and get two. MOTHERBOARD: The only thing I'm really having difficult choosing is the motherboard. Should I go with the latest chipset (P965) or something else? MEMORY: I want to get 2GB of RAM... but this will depend on the motherboard I choose no? Any recommendations for high performance RAM that will stick with my CPU if I decide to bump up the clock? HARD DRIVE: I want a RAID setup this time around; should I be looking to get the 10K rpm drive or two standard issue 7200 rpm drives in RAID setup? Any opinions? Any insight/advice any or all components in question is greatly appreciate. Thanks all for reading.
  12. Hey all, I found this site: http://geared2play.com/ there are some great option with the ASUS "Whitebooks" ... opinions?
  13. I hear that there are two new modular type designs that will allow any laptop that utlizes it to be upgradeable... the name slipped my mind however. I've narrowed it down to a couple of choices though: 1. HP Pavilion Z8080US (like the one I posted above) 2. Acer Ferrari 4005WLMI What i want to do with it: 1. primary is school; programming, database, etc., etc. 2. gaming/multimedia Has to last me 2-3 years Which would you choose and why?
  14. I am curious if anyone can recommend a nice laptop that has an upgradable graphics card. I don't mind using say an x600 or 6600 Go... but i want to be able to keep using my investment for future games. I understand that i can't expect the best top of the line performance on par with any Alienware notebook, but options would be awesome. I'd LOVE to get this one but I am not sure if the graphics card is upgradeable: http://www.canadacomputers.com/index.php?d...=007726&cid=896
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