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  1. Well its the cards in question and since the cards are pulling almost as much as the PSU is rated for then thats all that really matters, I had 8800GTs with a better PSU than he's running and it didn't cut it, I'm just here to try and help the guy out, if you have some sort of ego you need to fulfill you can just leave me out of it bud (no offense).... I don't come to OCC here to flame posts with BS, I bring what I know to the table to help people, and receive the same back from others... if you want sources that bad then why don't you google some 9800GT reviews... i'm sure they'll tell you what you want to know there. as for HoLoDreaM that PSU is just not going to cut it, you need to get one with more Watts and Amps to run those cards in SLI.
  2. Well the fact that I ran the same cards source is experience... I had to get a new PSU to run mine, so I read up about them, they are more power hungry cards than most people think... and taking more than 40a at load (informed by GPU-z) his 20a PSU isn't gonna cut it
  3. 225W max / GPU... so you're actually looking at 400W-450W just for your cards! once you throw everything else in its pretty damn clear that your PSU doesn't have enough power... or amps for that matter... only 20A per rail (what is PSU holds) ..... not enough for those cards
  4. well either way buds gonna have to get a new PSU to run those cards
  5. Well, I had a Enermax 550W powering my SLI 7800GTX, which was all fine and dandy, but when I upgraded to my SLI Zotac AMP! 8800GT I was having similar problems as you, After a while of trouble shooting and surfing the web, turns out the PSU didn't have enough power for those 2 cards and thus was causing crashes. I upgraded to a Antec True Power Quattro 850W and have never had another problem like that since.. I went overkill on my PSU tho because I like to upgrade my GPU every year and I'm always interested in SLI... But since 9800's ARE 8800's you should get a new PSU! :thumbs-up:
  6. A relationship needs one this... Trust, once that trust is gone, it's pretty hard to go on with the relationship... 1. He can try to regain that trust (which will probably never happen) or 1. He can find someone new and build a new relationship (I vote for option 2, but thats just me)
  7. I've ran both OCZ and Mushkin (current) and personally I like the performance of the mushkin a lot better. I have the same kit you have listed up there and running them at stock 5-5-5-15 speeds @ 1100Mhz, stock volts... I haven't tried to push them higher because I'm good with this speed, but I'm sure I've read some reviews before buying them where they got these sticks up to 1200mhz
  8. personally I like a nice clean case, so I'd go with the modular one just because of that! have you looked into the Antec PSUs? I've had some really good luck with them and am currently sporting this one http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16817371009 Its modular and is a quality name and I've never had any problems with it.. I've had it powering 2 different motherboards and 3 different kinds of high powered cards and it gets the job done.
  9. US - Beat It - MJ ( Noice!!!! lol ) UK - True - Spandau Ballet ( Good'ol Wedding Singer) AUS - Billie Jean - MJ (Damn early 80's and its MJ takeover!)
  10. I don't know dude, I've read that you need a lot more than 36A per card, so even if that PSU will put out more amps then stated it'll just burn the PSU out faster, and if it doesn't, it'll just crash every time you launch a 3d application. If you were just running one card I'd say that PSU was good enough because the Rails can draw the extra amps from the unused rails, but since you are going to be using all 4 rails you're really gonna be busting the balls on that PSU. the 850W PSU on the page you linked may be able to handle it, although I wouldn't put my money on it. I'd go with that 1000W one on the page, therefore you know you have enough power and won't kill your PSU as fast. my old 600W couldn't run my 2 Zotac 8800GT AMP! edition (G92) cards, so just going off that I'm pretty sure this 750 you are talking about won't run 4 RV770 GPUs
  11. maybe not for the fps, but for the heat difference and higher overclock-ability..... then yes... yes it is worth the $50 more!
  12. true, not by much but it is cheaper... also if you need/want a bit more power you can easily add a 3rd 260 for another $200 instead of having to buy another 295 for $550
  13. buy another 2 of the same HDDs and set them up in RAID, a cheaper way to get a nice HDD performance boost.... along with the 260 you should be well off!
  14. This is my Vista.... Ever since XP I've always made it look like 98... just like it that way! :thumbs-up:
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