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    Core i7 920 at 2.66ghz @ 3.59
    Noctua 12-HUP
    Coolermaster Cosmos
    Asus P6t Deluxe Mobo
    XFX GTX 260 Core 216 Black Edition
    750W PC Power and Cooling Silencer
    6g (3X2) OCZ Gold DDR3 1600
    Windows Vista 64-bit SP2
  1. Ya Black Friday. Man hope I can put if off that long, but with all the sales and holiday deals in a month, I can wait. Never owned an MSI card before, so Im a bit nervous, but I have yet to read any bad reviews. Anybody else have this card or any experience with MSI cards? I guess Im gonna go for it. Hope the ole' 260 holds out for another month!
  2. Well my case is a Coolermaster Cosmos, so their is tons of room, but from what Ive gauged, the 480 isnt a world beater and gets way too hot. You guys got me thinking 2 460's is the way to go. I was thinking abt 2 MSI gtx460 1gb Hawks in SLI......One now and one in a few months. I have a 750 watt pc power and cooling Silencer, that gonna be enough to push 2 OC'd Hawks in SLI? From what I hear, the power consumption and heat out put are amazing, and they overclock like a beast. Also, isnt their some kind of "talon attack" version due out soon. Anybody think its worth waiting? Thanks
  3. lets say that you had to pick one of those, throwing all other options aside. Don't know what im gonna do,but just curious what the general consensus on these 2 cards are Thanks
  4. Well, there was a time when I honestly considered just going SLI. SO what Im hearing for you guys is neither the sapphire toxic hd 5870 nor the gtx480 superclocked are better than 2 gtx 260 SLI at a 2560x1600 resolution? I buy graphics cards every 3 years or so, so am I to understand that 2 sli gtx260's are gonna be relevant an use-able in 2-3 years? If so, Ill just go that route, but with DX11, new games, new architectures, is that really the best option to future-proof my PC> I have a juiced up corei7 machine so, my CPU will not be a bottleneck. Plus I have a buyer for more GTX260 at 100 bucks. Just wondering if thats really the best options for that large a resolution.
  5. Yes, its pretty much between those 2 cards, two 260s are still not as powerful as either of these and thats with twice the power and heat,
  6. Ok, so Ive decided that its time to upgrade from my XFX GTX260 core 216 Black Edition. Ive been searching, like I always do, and have narrowed it down to two cards. card 1: Sapphire Radeon 2gb HD 5870 Toxic card 2: EVGA Nvidia GTX 480 SuperClocked Both of these cards seem to be at the top of their game. I'm looking in the 480 dollar range and both are in that range. The question I have is, which is better. Here is what Ive deducted: The Sapphire is cooler and stays quiet and also draws a little less power. The GTX is loud, hot, but has better frame rates at higher resolutions. What I plan on doing with it: Im upgrading to a monitor with a resolution of 2650x1600. I need this card to push every pixel, so it needs to be beefy and durable. I play games and do graphic design and web design. Which would you choose and why? Any help is appreciated.
  7. Sup guys. Started noticing yesterday these really wierd rope like graphic glitches following players around durning multiplayer in MW2. Then the screen would freeze and I could only recover when I cntr+alt+del to desktop and came back and that would only work every now and then. I have never had a problem with it til now. Temps enevr go above 85C, so I ran a FurMark stability test and got a Purple Screen about 30 seconds into the test. The card is a XFX Gtxo 260 core 216 Black OC edition and I havent had a lick of trouble out of it til a few days ago. The question I have is I upgraded the drivers to the latsest ones from Nvidia to try and fix the probelm, but to no avail. Is it time to retire it for another?
  8. I have a 920 and you dont need to touch the voltage for that overclock, only the Base Clock, roughly 150 or so for 3.0 ish. As for your cooler, it probably isnt sufficient from what I can see, go after a poven aftermarket cooler, such as Noctua Good luck
  9. Those are good, but the sub is meh....of course for 90$, ya can't beat it. If your on a tight budget, they are the way to go. I prefer the big brother to these : Big Daddy Cheapest I could find them. Course I got mine referbed for about 180. Amazing set.
  10. I liked Noctua better....best fans out there, comes with 2, easy and imo, more effecient mounting setup. This thing moves some air. I dont know why I chose it over the true, prob cause its the whol package instead of having to worry about extra fans and mounrs and stuff. Mine works real well and is quiet to boot! I really dont think you can go wrong with either.
  11. Those charts are BS. All reviews Ive seen show the Gtx 295 the winner in all benchmarks. What the hell is a simulated benchmark anyway...... Here ya go #1 #2 Enjoy
  12. I I have the Asus P6t Deluxe and I enjoy it. It overclocks well and has a nice bios that is a sinch to OC. I pished my 920 to 3.2 in abt oh 3 mins haha. It has both SLi and Corssfire and built in digital sound. It also has 6 Ram slots, but I only use 3 of them, thats pretty much the standard as far as performance goes. But the other boards you listed are just as good. You cant go wrong with Asus though.
  13. Ya Crysis is fun, but honestly, its not $500 dollars fun...geez, no game is. Screw it and keep 300 bucks, get a 4870x2 or gtx 260 and play at awsome levels of detail at 1900X1200 instead of dropping 1000 bucks on a setup that will be a dinosaur in a year haha. Oh and do you know what you can buy for 1000 bucks?! A whole new rig hahaha
  14. I think your splittin hairs at this point. OCZ nad Corasair are both very good brands and will serve you well. You wil generally pay more for the Corsair for those fancy heatsinks and awsome name, but honestly, OCZ can OC and run just as flawlessly. Get whichever brand you like or whichever might be cheaper...both have lifetime warranty Im pretty sure. So, I really dont think you should worry about this decision.
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