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  1. well, i guess i'm stuck at 3.8 right now i'm afraid if i spend more money on a new mobo the same thing happens cause i've seen people with the same mobo as mine goes well beyond 19x multi.
  2. it happens while i'm in the bios, say you open up the cpu clock ratio option and try selecting 19.5x and hit enter it will go to auto instead of 19.5x selecting 20 will go to 5x. you guys understand what i'm trying to say ? i'm still in the bios. the temp at 3.8 200x19 is around 37-38 C in the bios
  3. hmmm....at first i thought the cpu multi maxed out, but then again after doing some research in here lots of people get their cpu multi over 19x, and about the speed i'm just curios of how far this baby can go. everyone is looking for that magical 4000mhz no hehehe *edit- about the multi, it rather a bios problem not oc limit. everything happens while i'm setting up not after restart
  4. hi guys, so today i just got my x2 550 the problem is my mobo doesn't wanna let me chose ratio higher than 19x i'm kinda stuck at 3.895ghz 205x19. i still don't have the time to do HTT overclocking and the best i can get right now is 205. i've tried updating bios and downgrading bios still the same. when ever i select 19.5x the setting will go to auto and 20x will go to 5x as if it has gone full circle. maybe it's the chipset i'm using or maybe bad luck? FYI the maximum multiplier is 35 and when i select 35 it will go to 19x here is my mobo i have try bios f4,f5a and f5. anyone here use this board?
  5. opss, this is not right... that is an AM2+ Cpu you cannot use it with DDR3 and UD4 is for DDR2, i suggest you skip the DDR3 thing and get a better CPU like 940BE( if you can find one) or 720BE
  6. wow, this is something. a G25 on steroids i think i'm gonna pass since waiting for it is going to be forever, G25 is the way to go. thx dude
  7. momo is still available here but, the thing look fragile i just wanna buy a wheel that is going to last for quite some time. how about driving force gt? it looks like it has the same spec like G25
  8. so guys, i've been having back ache playing racing games with keyboard and since the release of need for speed shift and DiRT 2 i just can take it anymore.... i was thinking of getting a G25 since that is the best steering wheel for PC, do you guys think it's worth the price tag? i mean can future games have support for this wheel? I've read the OCC review a few years ago on this but i need some info on newer games, so i hope someone can give me an input cause i really really want this thing
  9. the clear stereo remove hiss from songs and make music sound more vibrant at high range, you can clearly hear every word coming out from the singer even at high volume from left and right channel while the clear bass controls the bass sound so you can get deep controlled bass at high volume when other player starts to distort. i notice this when i first change from my iRiver mp3 player and for your information i use a sonyericcson HPM-77 earbud cause i i don't like long wire and the sound is just superb ^_^
  10. sony network walkman E series i own an older E series that looks like a thumbdrive and believe me you're gonna love the clear stereo and clear bass feature it got a clear high range sound and deep bass without any distortion and i bet this new one is far much better.
  11. if that is the case then i will go with X2 550 ^_^
  12. getting an extra 16sp is not an upgrade man, my oc'ed 9800gt right now is almost on par with that anyway i'll take my chances with the GTX260 just need info more on these phenom II. how much power will these thing draw when oc'ed
  13. i really have a bad experience with ati due to poor driver support and try to stay away from it also i use badaboom for video conversion so i can't utilize the gpu, anyway thanx for the info
  14. cheers guys, so i'm going to do some minor upgrade on my existing system and desperately need some guidance here's the system Athlon X2 7750 oc'ed to 3.225ghz CM V8 Gigabyte M720-US3 AM2+ 2 X 2GB Corsair Gaming Memory @ 4-5-4-12 DDR2-800 XFX 9800GT + Xigmatek VD964 @ 710/1000/1785 320GB WD Caviar Corsair CX400 Benq G900HD @ 1366X768 Vista Ultimate 64Bit i plan on upgrading my cpu and gfx and here is some candidate for that Phenom II X2 550 Phenom II X3 720 GTX260 and for the topping i'll be getting HAF922 i'm in dilemma right now since this rig is strictly for gaming and some video conversion via badaboom so i don't now which one i should pick, go for higher clock or that extra core. since i will be playing at low native resolution this rig will get cpu dependent, unlocking core on X2 550 is something i don't wanna rely on cause it's a hit and miss thing and most games these days does not even utilize all core. now here comes the problem, my CX400 have only 1 6 pin pcie and 30amp on the rail and after some calculation i wonder if it's going to be enough even the gtx260 will at least suck 16amp @ 182 watt out of it and there's not much room left for me to oc the cpu. i don't wanna change the psu since it's only a month old help guys
  15. sunbeam CCF is definitely what i'll chose and you also get a free syringe of tuniq tx-2
  16. what is the pitch for standard gt200 gtx260? the palit pcb look like a standard one but from my observation instead of using the standard mounting hole they remove the IHS bracing and reuse the hole meant for the brace meaning the mounting pitch is smaller than usual.
  17. hmmm... how are we going to solve this -_- i guess we just have to trust each other
  18. yeah, i guess you're right most of the time i use s15 but in freestyle i use corolla, different power for different track. the toyota soarer got a balanced power/handling so i guest it's suitable for multiple discipline i got an idea, what if we take the screen shot just before the finishing line. that way we know how many lap there is just don't forget to break the drift first to get all points before taking the screen shot, about the track i'm pretty sure nobody can cheat that hehehe
  19. i'm in andrew, i think you should let people use their own favorite car, i prefer S15
  20. the thing is beautiful and touch panel is sexy but it's not deep enough, if you want to install CM V8 in there you have to remove the side fan. and another thing is all the intake and exhaust fan are limited to 120mm fan only. also the space behind the motherboard tray is a little bit tight for cable management if you have a non modular psu. i suggest you get HAF932 if you want a spacious casing it's cheaper than cosmos
  21. hi guys anyone here knows the pitch for palit gtx260sonic mounting hole? like in this picture here and here there are 2 sets of hole and this palit version uses the inner mounting hole, it looks like the outer hole is the same on standard gtx260 and the inner ones are new hole for their custom cooler. i'm going going to upgrade my old 8800gt to this and i wonder if i can transplant my xigmatek battle axe in to this thing, FYI the xigmatek got 2 mounting hole which is 53mm for the G92's and 58mm for the G80's
  22. try 1.15 V at normal multiplier, a site here show that the 4850e voltage is rated at 1.15,1.2,1.25 V maybe it will work. run prime95 to test the stability and make sure the temp never reach 78 C. if the temp is still high try lowering the vcore 1 step at a time at normal multi and run prime95 until you find the lowest posibble vcore/temp or maybe you can just rma the chip i'm guessing the thing is still under the three year warranty
  23. you might wanna try applying new TIM and check whether the fan run at normal speed, maybe the bearing dried out of lube... it should be around 3000-3500 RPM
  24. i'm going to do some testing after work tomorrow, maybe i can get lower voltage with this i think it's posibble since i manage to go sub 1V just by using cool n quiet and setting my vcore lower in bios
  25. will the the thing work on desktop cpu like mine?
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