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  1. i'm on nvidia chipset and i still able to get pass 4.0 but at a slightly higher vcore compared to an AMD based board, i don't know about 955-965 but even with all 4 core unlocked in my cpu i'm still able to get pass the 4.0ghz mark but to get it stable enough for benchmark require almost 1.6v of vcore
  2. do a stability test first before you decide the oc is successful, i think most of the X2 550 settle at 3.8 OCCT 1hour Stable
  3. good choice, i use corsair myself... even a 400watt version is powerful enough to run my rig let alone a 550 ^_^
  4. I'd skip i7 920 and get i5 750 instead, it's the same speed clock by clock just minus the Hyper Threading, you don't need 8 core to play games 4 core is an overkill already. you will save a lot of money instead of spending it into less productive performance in game , unless you wanna do cpu intensive task. and later if you really need the speed just oc the hell out of it the i5 reach 4Ghz on air cooling quite easy
  5. i use LG W2253TQ, it's a lot better than W2243T or 2333SW and mine comes with the DVI cable.... as for gaming i can't really comment cause nothing beats crt monitor but a 2Ms response in 2253TQ is better than 5Ms in W2243T and 2333SW, you get less blurry picture in gaming and movies FYI i use this both for PC Gaming and Xbox 360 and it's quite good... also worth mentioning is the touch panel and auto bright is kinda cool
  6. yup, i'm looking for that thing only... they have that for sale here but it's around 240MYR=69USD that is robbery man and why would i need an extra controller just for the sake of getting the receiver
  7. nice dude, i've tried the phenom msr but still can get pass the 19x multi.... anyway i'll update soon after doing some research as for 4ghz point i already break it... look here EDIT* how do you change it to 3 core instead 4 ? mine will boot with 4 core in xp but not in vista..... and p95 show that 4th core is full of error
  8. we got ebay here but none of the local seller sell xbox accessories, and i don't wanna buy from international seller cause i don't have credit card and shipping+tax is super pricey
  9. thx guys ^_^ i've been busy with my pc that i've neglected my bike... i think it's time to ride again hehehe
  10. oh... so basically i'm there is nothing i can do looks like i'm gonna have to search for the wireless controller that comes with the receiver, let's just hope i find one here... anyway thx man :thumbs-up:
  11. but if they don't send data why there is a new device everytime i hook it up the pc?
  12. superbike ( not super actually just 250cc pocket rocket) still saving up for a bigger bike
  13. hi everyone, i've been asking myself how to install my controller to pc since the wireless receiver is not available for sale here, is it possible to use the usb charging cable like this? i got one of this thing which i use to charge my battery but everytime i hook it up to my pc vista wont recognize it even after installing the driver from microsoft it still say unknown device. any info on this?
  14. hi everyone sorry for not checking in properly, i've been here for quite sometimes ( almost a year ) and everyone is nice. i'm actually new to the overclocking world and after signing up with OCC my computer life is getting more interested. i hope you guys keep up the good work. oops..! i forgot i'm from malaysia and currently working with the immigration department so if any of you guys get here the first person you might see is me p/s= anyone in here ride a bike?
  15. agree :thumbs-up: as long as you don't have issue with size and weight (10inch wide and almost 30 lb with all my stuff in it ) i think your gonna do fine :thumbs-up:
  16. updated my last post, but will the suicide shot counts? cause i oc'ed it in windows
  17. hi guys, can i join?? SuperPI 1M SuperPI 32M still trying to get OCCT 1Hour Stability test and suicide shot, i'll update soon.. cooling is done with CM V8 lapped EDIT* here is the OCCT and suicide shot OCCT 1Hour suicide shot i'm still not satisfied with the result cause i'm having a problem with the bios that doesn't wanna let me go over x19 multi i have to bump up the voltage to get it stable enough for that suicide shot. still waiting Alexvision to get my pm and give me some tips :thumbs-up:
  18. 400 watt is enough i think, look at my rig ^_^ :) welcome to occ :)
  19. yup, i'm still unable to install a newer driver either using setup in the driver folder or update via device manager.... but in there is no problem in xp
  20. i'm unable to do it vista wont let me install other driver even after all that cleaning, if i try to install different driver the setup will hung up for a few minute and then finish saying that i haven't change anything what is happening here??? :blink:
  21. so i've tried higher resolution at 1050p, GTA4 is better about 8fps more but no improvement in ARMA II even at the lowest setting i'm still getting sub 30fps..... what the hell??? i was hoping for at least 10 to 15 fps jump in games but this is really dissapointing if only my psu isn't the limit i might be better of with 4890 FYI futuremark doesn't really show much of an improvement since the only jump i see is sm 2.0 score and cpu score 13200 3DMarks 1366x768 14612 3DMarks 1280x1024
  22. the cpu currently runs at 3.8ghz, about the display i'll try my friend LCD first. grid show a great improvement going from 60fps to 110fps, will be trying other games also.... i'll update soon
  23. so what is it i should do? i will try hooking up my old CRT see if there is an improvement. i'll still have some credit to get a 1050p lcd
  24. hi everyone so the last few day i've been doing some shopping and do a minor upgrade on my pc and i've decided to go for a GTX260 and a PII X2 550, the problem is i'm not seeing any improvement in my games such as ARMA II and GTA4. at first i thought my cpu is the culprit as i'm playing at 1366X768 but oc'ing it to 3.8ghz doesn't improve anything i'm still getting 25-35 fps average. 3dmark06 13200mark and old one is 10817mark. old cpu is 7750BE at stock speed. is this right? can you guys recommend any specific forceware for me, right now i'm trying the beta 190.56
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