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  1. maybe it's just a bad chip, getting sempron140 will not help you find the culprit cause you need to overclock it by increasing bus speed instead of multiplier like you're doing now. about the ACC i suggest you try clearing the CMOS first and start over again without touching the ACC setting, i doubt the cpu temps is high cause you're not using stock cooler so maybe the culprit is ACC setting
  2. where did you get the B50 driver and how do you even turn off the 3rd core?? post a shot of that BIOS please
  3. Bioware EA Ubisoft Lucas Art +1 for Bioware for giving me great time with RPG games since KOTOR
  4. he has a very small case i bet the gtx260 will dump quite some heat in there
  5. +1, or you can always go with 9800GT. there's alot of them in single slot low power configuration
  6. My 1997 ZXR250 mine is on the left i swap the stock exhaust with the bolt on Akrapovic muffler and drop in a modded K&N filter last year.
  7. looked alot like an Auburn speedster on the front especially the bumper and the grille
  8. oh, i forgot to mention another thing, the small 2 pin for led needs an auxilliary power any 12V molex. don't put it in your your led switch cause it will get overloaded
  9. great for me, i have 20CM fan on the side yet there is still some space left between the side fan and my V8 and my temps go down 3-4C... although you might wanna go with the 932 since your quote says 932 is cheaper :thumbs-up: p/s: are you sure the price is right? the pricing should be like HAF932>HAF922>Storm Scout
  10. well Crosshair II is a 780a SLI chipset so i think it will work differently anyway what about the Supreme FX 2 sound card bundle? is it great? is worth changing from SB Live24Bit?
  11. hi everyone anybody here use this board with a Phenom II? I have been looking around local stores and the price getting quite cheap and the bundled accesories is great, i'm guessing that with a bios update this thing should work properly with a new proc. the only question I got in my mind is will it oc as good as a 790GX/FX based board?I mean the tweaking option so rich and much better than my board wich is nvdia based too ( i can do 4.0 stable but with a penalty of high vcore ). so is it worth the money or maybe i shoud get 790GX board instead like M4A78-E or KA790GX-M
  12. i've just replace mine with CM Storm Force200, a little bit noisy if you ask me but the air flow is just superb ^_^ i got almost 4C drop on every component
  13. remove both the heatsink and fan/fan shroud and soak only the heatsink it in diesel, remove the excessive dust with soft brush and rinse it of with gasoline...i have a severe dust issue and the dust itself is quite sticky due to heavy smoking in the room heheheh p/s: this is only for severe dust problem and don't worry about the gasoline it will evaporate leaving the sink dry and clean and the fume will go away after a few days
  14. the supplied nvio heatsink is originally made for 8800GTX so i assume it is ok if the GTX260 have the same nvio chip, or not
  15. hi everyone, I have an old Xigmatek Battle Axe vga cooler that has been lying around unused since I give my 8800GTX to my niece so I decided to do some mod to mount it in my GTX260. after a few days of research and some metal work I manage to build a new mounting clips for the mounting screw and it fits :thumbs-up: But there is some question 1. Is the NVIO chip really need a proper cooling or can I just use the one that come with my Battle Axe?( it's already on the card, also with some modded bracing with thermal pad for heat transfer) 2. Can anyone tell me what is this 'Nvidia Input/Output' thing is and how much heat it produce? FYI right now my GTX260 load temp is around 63C on Furmark stability test with extreme burning mode on and idling at 42C and I'm very happy with it
  16. +1, my 550 run at sub 40C at full load. as long as you got a wide case to mount it hehehehe
  17. how much vcore are you feeding the chip with? i used to own one and believe me it's a hard to oc it over 15.5X multi without adding "extra" voltage to keep it stable...
  18. h kwewu, welcome to OCC B:) i don't know if there is going to be a improvement on the noise cause the fan size on DK is almost identical to Glaciator and for your information i own an old EN8800GT with glaciator sink and the temps are around 70C on load and i bet the DK is much better due to it's big surface area about the extra VRAM it's all up to your resolution and what you play actually. p/s: don't worry about the heat,G92 can go up to 105C max
  19. hey guys, i manage to find a guide here and finally i'm watching movies in this cute little thing hehehe thx a lot guys for your support
  20. i've downloaded VLC but i don't know how to install it, and it's not listed in the packages list. how the hell am i supposed to install this thing
  21. ok so i have installed my kaffeine player but i'm still unable to play my AVI files, maybe i need to install codecs but i can't seem to find any in the packages list
  22. so i already enabled the right click menu and change the password and currently downloading packages hehehe, i think i'm gonna love this linpus thing :thumbs-up: it's quite fast and easy. i'm in the middle of the jungle right now and the only thing i've bring is my 360 and this, thank god there is internet signal here
  23. hi, i recently acquired an Acer Aspire One lappie that come preinstalled with linux ( i don't know which version so don't ask me) and i've been searching around on how to install software or anything but all i see i command lines and more cryptic words so can some one do me a favor and teach me or point me to a link on how to install a program properly say a xine player maybe? i've downloaded the file and still figuring out how to install i really wanna watch movies in this thing but i can't cause there is not many codec in it, i have tried doing this but nothing happens
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