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  1. hi everyone, i have been having trouble with my driver after installing Logitech Vid. The driver will crash if i try to move around the Vid window or maximizing it from the taskbar, the screen will go black for a while and windows tell me that windows kernel mode driver stopped responding and has been recovered . the problem is while it say the driver has been recovered i still have to restart the comp or the GPU will only run in low power 3d clock in games.


    i'm still running the 195.62 driver and right now even without running Vid the driver will crash if i oc it to my usual speed of 730/1511/1150. is this driver issue or Vid issue? :blink:

  2. hi everyone, i'm going to mod my Aspire One with a 2.5' HDD and i wanna skip all the soldering stuff and buy 1.8' ZIF to 2.5' PATA adapter like this


    the site say the adaptor is for changing the ZIF socket on 1.8' HDD to a PATA socket so you can use it in a normal laptop. but i wanna reverse the process and and change a normal 2.5' PATA HDD to ZIF socket so i can use it in my Aspire One. But i need to know is the ZIF socket will supply enough power to normal 2.5' HDD since we all know 1.8' HDD consume very little power like the ones in Ipod. can u guys give me some info on this? :)

  3. well that mean your 4th core is either damaged or unlockable. but don't don't worry it won't affect your oc. mine will unlock all the core but P95 will show error on 4th core. but when I put the cpu in AMD board all 4 core work properly, I think it's Nvidia NVCC problem to unlock all the core properly so if you happen to own an AMD board with ACC give it try maybe the 4th core is unlockable and functioning ^_^

  4. actually ACC's original function is to improve overclockability in older phenom proc but the newer phenom II has the ACC built in to it. i don't know if there is going to be an option for cpu family cause my NVCC only have the option for auto/per core/all core, you might wanna try turning off the computer after setting the ACC to auto. mine won't even post after turning on the ACC till i turn off the computer and on again.

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