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  1. that thing is a beast, 1lbs of aluminum and steel mass i bet if you mount it without the retention kit the card will break in a few days
  2. 1000Mhz the is real clock multiply by 2 for GDDR3 so you will get the 2000Mhz effective clock rated in smartdoctor. there is no problem with your card
  3. hey dude, i'm from malaysia too and i think amd is much better in term of price/performance ratio when it comes to gaming. and if you're lucky you can get an extra core out of it for free ^_^ if you're only gaming on the pc it's better to spent extra money on gpu than cpu
  4. i like to watch DVD on my pc so 16:9 is much better than 16:10
  5. i think fermi is going to be expensive when it come out and not within the price range of 260 or 275.
  6. if you don't plan to crossfire get a 790GX board, a little bit cheaper and with onboard graphics... you will never know when a gpu is going to cause a problem, but at least you have onboard spare... and on overclocking side 790GX board perform quite good
  7. i've been doing it for years, the easiest and cheapest way to clean ram... i even use it to clean other thing such as old pci card and agp card connector
  8. why would you want an all modular psu when in the end you still need to plug in and use the 24pin and 8pin unless you wanna go dual psu setup
  9. HX850 is modular, although i don't really like the flat modular cable.... looks hard to manage
  10. i spread my TX-2 with credit card, the thing is quite thick and spreading it on a HDT heatsink is really frustrating
  11. me too, i wanna know the story outside the animus
  12. i'll take these if i were you, a little bit pricey though ^_^
  13. hi everyone, i have been having trouble with my driver after installing Logitech Vid. The driver will crash if i try to move around the Vid window or maximizing it from the taskbar, the screen will go black for a while and windows tell me that windows kernel mode driver stopped responding and has been recovered . the problem is while it say the driver has been recovered i still have to restart the comp or the GPU will only run in low power 3d clock in games. i'm still running the 195.62 driver and right now even without running Vid the driver will crash if i oc it to my usual speed of 730/1511/1150. is this driver issue or Vid issue?
  14. why AM2+? AM3 board is quite cheap these days and DDR3 price is around the same price of DDR2..
  15. +1 find 1 card in the price range of 2 identical card you willing to pay, it's useless to xfire 2 cheap and new card. just get the most powerful card you can afford :thumbs-up:
  16. the soldering process is to complicated for me, i don't think i wanna try it
  17. hi everyone, i'm going to mod my Aspire One with a 2.5' HDD and i wanna skip all the soldering stuff and buy 1.8' ZIF to 2.5' PATA adapter like this the site say the adaptor is for changing the ZIF socket on 1.8' HDD to a PATA socket so you can use it in a normal laptop. but i wanna reverse the process and and change a normal 2.5' PATA HDD to ZIF socket so i can use it in my Aspire One. But i need to know is the ZIF socket will supply enough power to normal 2.5' HDD since we all know 1.8' HDD consume very little power like the ones in Ipod. can u guys give me some info on this?
  18. maybe slot no 4 is not working either, i mean the pin inside the slot. anyway there won't be a significant drop on performance so don't worry about it....
  19. i got that same problem too back when i'm using asus mobo, maybe you accidentally bent the the pin while installing the cooler.... actually 4GB is quite enough these days and so adding more is a waste since ddr2 pricey now
  20. put it on 3 and 4 for dual channel,i've put mine in 3 and 4 because of clearence issue and i have no problem so far ^_^
  21. 5770 is a good performer too at that resolution, just a few FPS short of 4890 in most games and a DX11 card plus lower power consumption. oh sorry i didn't notice this is your first post, welcome to occ B:)
  22. well that mean your 4th core is either damaged or unlockable. but don't don't worry it won't affect your oc. mine will unlock all the core but P95 will show error on 4th core. but when I put the cpu in AMD board all 4 core work properly, I think it's Nvidia NVCC problem to unlock all the core properly so if you happen to own an AMD board with ACC give it try maybe the 4th core is unlockable and functioning ^_^
  23. actually ACC's original function is to improve overclockability in older phenom proc but the newer phenom II has the ACC built in to it. i don't know if there is going to be an option for cpu family cause my NVCC only have the option for auto/per core/all core, you might wanna try turning off the computer after setting the ACC to auto. mine won't even post after turning on the ACC till i turn off the computer and on again.
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