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  1. looks like TT did a review of the 660ti just like they did with 670 last time, and the performance is almost at par with 7950..
  2. i'm getting it for 200$, but maybe i can still negotiate the price a little bit ;-)
  3. that is the 570 i'm going to buy
  4. i've been waiting forever to upgrade my old gtx260 and i don't wanna wait anymore, so is gtx570 a good upgrade? i know gtx660 is just around corner but all rumor points out that it's going to be a $300 card which is way out of my budget. the 570 i'm going to buy from a friend is just 6month old and still under warranty. i want to consider 7850 as an option but i've been having nightmare with amd driver and now that they are not going to release monthly driver is really bugging me i play games at 1080p and i play skyrim and diablo 3 most of the times
  5. try decreasing the rear camber and tire pressure, it should give you some traction and solve the rubbing problem
  6. thanks everyone, i'll go with 750w then... maybe 850w i a bit overkill for me
  7. i'm buying from a local pc shop, not quite sure what it will be powering yet ... i'm looking forward to upgrade my gtx260 and my CX400 is starting to give me weird voltage reading... anyway anyone here have experience with enermax psu?
  8. which one should i buy? the 850w model with 4 rail or the 750 with 2 rail, both psu sells at $50 and $40... i know this is a mainstream psu but at half the cost it's really appealing. i'm leaning towards the 750w model since it uses dual high amp rail and there is a lot of good review for this unit, i'm still unable to find a review for the 850w unit but $10 for an extra 100w is giving me a hard time to decide edit* here is my siggy for phone user Phenom II X2 550 @ 3.6Ghz CM V8 Msi DKA790GX Platinum 4GB Corsair XMS2 [email protected] XFX GTX260 Core Edition+Modded Battle Axe VGA cooler WD Caviar Black 1TB Corsair CX400 CM HAF922 LG W2253TQ Windows 7 Pro 64Bit/XP home SP2 32Bit
  9. read this, i just remember ajmatson did a review on this board back in 2009... follow the instruction on overclocking, but if you don't feel safe on 1.5v try a lower voltage say 1.45v and make sure those vrm are cooled... maybe you can pm ajmatson if he still remember about the review
  10. i use 790gx msi board too but it comes with better and cooled vrm, still unable to get 4Ghz stable probably due to C2 revision Pii. why don't you try decreasing fsb and start upping the multiplier 0.5 step each time while adding some voltage to increase stability ... i heard those C3 revision Pii is better with multiplier overclocking
  11. at least i need some effort to to earn it, it will be less thrilling if it comes out of thin air
  12. i getting the new CM gx650, it's dirt cheap and quite good. 80plus bronze too. anyway you guys still think that 5870 is a better buy? i'm thinking that amd stop optimizing drivers for older card hence the drop in performance in newer DX11 title
  13. 5xxx radeon card is DX11, remember when it's first released most manufacturer include DiRT2 game to showcase the DX11 capabilities
  14. you can use Afterburner OSD for monitoring FPS and other things such as temperature but fraps is better for benchmarking
  15. thx guys for the opinion +1 one the 5870, it's a great card at my res but I'm putting it as my last choice cause running it will require 2 8pin not to mention running 2 of it in crossfire will cost me a ton on psu. it's the lightning series from msi and it runs on 2 8pin. and most of the review i saw 5870 beats 560 in higher res but in some newer DX11 title the score is lower than 560, I'm a bit worried by this cause I will be using this card for some time like my good old 260 so is it going to be a good choice for the long run?
  16. i'm still running the same spec from the siggy but i buy directly from retailer so i can't post a link for you there is no online shop like newegg here, fyi the cheapest 560ti here is rm750=236usd and the price for the cheapest 6850 is rm530=167usd. other card is priced in between. my budget is limited to usd240 cause i still need to buy a new psu
  17. i'm going to upgrade my gpu and after a few research i found 2 option with my current budget and i need and opinion on this 1. 6850: use it for a while then crossfire later should i need more power (cheaper,low power, crossfire expandability) 2. 560ti: stick it in and use it till i buy a new card (pricey, uses more power , better performance, no hassle on dual gpu scaling ) i'll be buying a new psu too for this upgrade that is why i only have a few card in mind and the max i can go is 560ti, 6950 here cost 30 dollar more and 6870 is priced just 10 dollar cheaper than the cheapest 560ti so both is out of the question. *edit- i'll be playing at 1080p and i just saw a stock clearance sale for a MSI 5870 lightning which is cheaper than the 560ti, is it going to outperform the 560 if i oc the hell out of it?
  18. my aftermarket cooler keeps my GTX260 below 50C under load
  19. he should use an audio capacitor to cope the power surge
  20. Cool, I could use a new one since my current psu is severely underpowered hehehe CPU : AMD Phenom II X2 550 @ 3.8Ghz cooled by CM V8 Mobo : Msi DKA790GX Platinum RAM : 4GB Corsair XMS2 GPU : XFX GTX260 with custom xigmatek cooler HDD : 1TB WD Caviar Black CASE : HAF 922 OS : Win7 Pro 64Bit PSU : Corsair CX400 XFX Pro 750watt Thxx XFX and OCC for giving me this chance
  21. well i try manually selecting the driver for the receiver and it works but it wont sync with my controller, my xbox360 accesories status says there is no controller attached...and one more thing there is 2 unknown devices one for the receiver and the other one is for what? already pm you DeathNote thx
  22. hi guys, i just bought a wireless receiver for my 360 controller but i'm having a hard time trying to make it work cause driver install failed and installing it manually still wont fix the problem ... can someone who uses this thing give me a tip? i'm running win7 64bit
  23. hey, i notice that too... i have lags while in denerim even with at 3.8ghz but after unlocking my 550 to triple core problem solved hehehe
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