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  1. i'm concern about the pin getting burned just like the old 1156 with lotes retention. but 50c load temp means i'm getting good pressure right? and is it normal to have 3-4c temperature gap between cores? core#0 and core#3 is always higher than the other 2 during idle and sometimes during p95 load...
  2. so my z77 mobo got 775 cpu hole for older cooler,i have to remove this thing to use the 775 backplate. so is the 775 backplate going to give enough pressure to cpu and pin, or maybe i should put it back and get a proper 1155 cooler instead....still testing the temps but i'm seeing good results idle 30c load p95 50c max 1 hour ambient 26-29c asrock z77 pro4-m 3570k @ stock cooler master v8
  3. i got the v300 for just $90 thanks everyone for the input, i will proceed with the build after all the parts is here...will be posting some picture in worklog soon
  4. actually my idea was to go itx but looking the size of the prodigy next to SG09 makes me think otherwise... the prodigy is bigger even if i remove the feet and handles i wish node 304 is available for sale here,i will definitely go the itx route got all the parts i needed decided to go cheap and get z77 pro4-m instead though i'm having second thought right now whether i should return this and get the fatality, the board look so cheap and flimsy. i'm going to use this system for at least 4 years and oc it when it starts to get slow....what do you guys think?return it and get the fatality, or maybe a few years down the road i can get a used one of ebay or somewhere
  5. i don't think there is going to be a price drop not here...i still remember seeing a local store selling a p67 board at retail price WTF, p67 was like 2 years ago. . retailer here is greedy they rather have the parts collecting dust on the shelf than selling it at a lower price. anyway i want to update the issue on the motherboard, after doing some research it looks like the extreme4 is merely a pro4 with different caps and heatsink and colour scheme... when you look carefully all the component layout is the same just with different color, and there is issue with cpu throttling down when the heatsink is overheated during overclock
  6. that is what i've been itching to find out
  7. just like the topic say, i'm going to build a small gaming pc in SG09 casing cause i need more space on my desk for some other things so here is the part i have listed and some part from my old pc new parts 3570K( finally going intel after 10 year with amd) Asrock z77 extreme4-m or z77 fatal1ty pro-m Silverstone SG09 128gb ssd old parts gigabyte 7970 8gb corsair vengeance 1600 cooler master v8 enermax naxn 750 watt( i'm going to sleeve this) 1tb WD black so here is the problem, i can decide whether i should get the extreme4 or the fatal1ty. or maybe i should just skip the midrange and get something cheaper like z77 pro4-m. the reason i don't include other brand is because only asrock board offer 775 mounting hole so i don't have to buy a new cooler. i'm trying to keep the budget as low as posibble. no haswell for me, i'm sick of waitng and even if it's coming out next month motherboard selection is going to be thin with only low end stuff on micro atx form
  8. how about reliability and build quality is it any different between manufacturer? i don't wanna buy something that is going to fail only after a few year of use
  9. i'm going to buy a new ssd for my build so i need some help selecting which ssd i should buy, i have compiled this list of ssd available here in my country from cheapest going up until my credit limit kingston v300(cheapest) plextor m5s kingston v+200 corsair F3 intel 330 kingston hyperx 3k intel 520 kingston hyperx corsair FGS( priciest ) the capacity is 120/128GB, so which one i should get? i'm really a noob when it come to ssd so i just wanna to get the best performance/price ssd
  10. a lil bit overcharge but i'll live with it hehehe better than messing with my head trying to find the right bios setting just to get the cpu running
  11. cool n quiet not functioning is quite an issue for me, i don't want my cpu running full speed 24/7
  12. i think my cpu is really limiting the potential of my 7970, so should i get a thuban? i would like to get 8350 but asus haven't release a bios update for piledriver, even bulldozer bios is still beta... the guys at oc.net say it will work but with some minor issue so what do you guys suggest? get a thuban and call it a day or get 8350 and tackle out the issue ( not minor though, after reading a few post there is quite some issue that need attention such as system won't post with ddr speed above 1600,cnq not working etc) *edit here is my rig Phenom II X2 550 ( unlocked to 3 core at 3.8 ) Crosshair iv Formula 8GB Corsair Vengeance Gigabyte HD7970 WD Caviar Black 1TB Enermax NAXN 82+ 750W CoolerMaster HAF922
  13. well unfortunately the game only support up to 1280x1024 res, even at low 800x600 the fps is still the same and i'm not getting any improvement... i think amd chip doesn't like old OpenGL games cause i've just put in my old 8800gt and i get 100++ fps...
  14. i think hd3300 is faster cause i remember going from a vanilla 6600 to HD3300 gave me almost 25-35% more performance ...
  15. hi guys, i just installed Star Wars Knight Of The Old Republic game but i'm getting average 25-30 fps and sometimes even lower with my on board HD3300, 8 years ago i get at least 50-60fps out of my old P4 and geforce 4Ti....is this some sort of a driver issue or just some setting problem? i have tried running it in all windows compatibility mode and it's still the same
  16. just buy the cooler master mega flow 200, it's the stock fan that come with the case...it cheap and readily available, if you don't mind the extra noise the the storm force 200 is better but remember it's built for storm sniper case so the fan led will need auxiliary power don't connect it directly to your led switch or it will fry the switch
  17. Cpu: AMD Phenom II X2 550BE Cooling : CoolerMaster V8 Motherboard: DKA790GX Platinum Ram: 2x2gb Corsair XMS2 Gfx: Onboard HD3300 Psu: Enermax NAXN 82+ 750W Case: CoolerMaster HAF922 Hdd: WD Caviar Black 1tb Odd: LG DVD burner Screen: LG W2253TQ 21.5' LCD Audio: Onboard Realtek Keyboard: Razer Arctosa Mouse: Logitech MX518 Speaker: Altec Lansing VS4121 Country: Malaysia
  18. i wish i can afford the 670 but i have to wait till they come out with 660ti. 360$ is cheap but still way out of my budget i'm curios as where the re-seller got their stock here cause it looks like both 680 and 690 is available here and alot with 670 stock way of the roof while i heard that in other country re-seller are always out of stock when it come 680/690. there is even one guy in our local forum who tell her wife to buy gtx690 for quad sli but she buy 4 gtx690 instead which is totally crazy there is only 3 unit left anyway cause 1 is bought by his friend
  19. leadtek is still in business here supplying quadro cards for workstation. the warranty for the card is 3 years
  20. should i buy a leadtek card if its cheaper than other brand? i mean a reference leadtek gtx670 here cost only 360$ while other gtx670 is for sale around 420$-450$. i'm still waiting for their gtx660ti price to see if it's cheaper cause if it's less by 20$ or 30$ i'm going to buy one
  21. i found this but it looks like i have to buy the same version for pc to successfully transfer my saves.
  22. i just wish i can finish the game in pc cause i'm saving a few last mission so i can finish it in high def , but looks like i have to start over again..
  23. is it possible to convert 360 saves to pc version? i've been playing skyrim for a few month now with 360 and currently on level 47 so i don't wanna start all over again with a new character .
  24. I know this is a silly question but what is the maximum wattage for fan headers on a typical mobo? since nowadays fans are getting faster and bigger and sleeved Y cable selling around for cheap is it posibble to fry your board's circuitry by putting too much fan on it? while most user will opted to use a fan controller there is still some like me who like to use internal header so fans can be controlled via software
  25. well i was just browsing around the net when i found out about it, but after what they did with 670 last time it's amazing why Nvidia still not taking any action and let this happen again
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