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  1. this not a new build actually just moving my old hardware from my SG09 case to this and adding a custom loop to it. i have been using the SG09 for quite sometime now and i like how compact the case is, but when i decide to jump into water cooling scene this is where the trouble starts, finding a very small micro atx case that will fit standard size 240mm rad is not easy, i was going to get the tj08-e but there is to much modding that need to be done . both 350D and arc mini r2 is too big for my liking that is why pick the n200 cause it's very compact yet able to support 240mm rad without any modding.


    the parts list

    Core i5 3570K

    Asrock Z77 Pro4-M

    2x4GB corsair vengeance 1600

    Gigabyte HD 7970

    Enermax Naxn 750w

    WD black 1TB+Kingston V300 120GB

    Cooler Master N200


    the loop

    XSPC raytorm

    EK dcp 4.0

    EK dcp 4.0 res combo

    HWL Black Ice GT Stealth 240

    2xDelta EFB1212HH

    6xXSPC 3/8 barb

    PU white tubing 5/16ID 1/2OD


    here is some picture, sorry again for the crappy phone pic :ouch:




    i use zipties for the waterblock and silicone sealant for the barb on res and rad cause i find clamp ruins the clean look of the tubing, the tubing is so tight i have cut it off to remove it so i figure using silicone sealant with it is safe enough.




    for those who's wondering where the fan is it's actually inside the front cover. i use the odd bay for my hdd and ssd.




    i made a custom ambient/water temp display on the odd bay




    finished rig on the desk. not so much bigger than the old casing which make me happy, big casing is an ugly sight for me these days, i like to cram all the hardware into one small case and utilizing all the space available inside the case.

  2. If I could start over I'd definitely get a slightly larger case, this one fit everything fine but it'd be nice to have more space.


    The heatsink issue is probably more of an oversight on my behalf anyways

    Does anyone know if all ITX motherboards have the PCI-e slot directly next to the CPU?


    i remember the only 1155 Mitx board with cpu socket not sitting next to the pci-e slot is the evga z77 stinger and asus p8z77i deluxe. both of which overpriced and have awkward sata port placement.


    I was really thinking about an AIO water cooler, perhaps I will in the future.


    i think you can if you stick to 120mm aio see here



  3. lol 3500rpm is insanely high for a fan....I would listen to Waco . I myself don't know ether way .


    actually most delta fans i have encountered spin at minimum 5000rpm so i consider this as medium speed :lol:


    .6 amps is pushing the limits of what I'd attach to a motherboard.

    The RPM sensor will probably just report funky values or nothing on the weird fans though.


    guess i play safe and make it 2 pin then, the reason i want to plug it in my motherboard is so that i can control the speed. i don't have space for a fan controller and luckily my motherboard is able to control the fan via voltage. just got a reply from asrock tech telling me that they're motherboard fan header is rated 1 amp per header so it think it should be safe.

  4. no, they're not high rpm almost all of the fan is rated 3500rpm max with amperage not more the 0.6A except for two 38mm which is rated 1.5A (this will definitely burn the header :lol: )


    back to the question, is there going to be any adverse effect if i plug in the R00 directly to the header or should i cut the failure detector wire and make it 2 pin fan ?

  5. have you look at sg07/08? with sg05 you will be limited with low profile heatsink and no aio option, i remember silverstone released the lite version of the sg08(without psu) so it will be cheaper . i'm with ComputerEd on the fx build, most micro atx fx board are crap. you better of with intel or apu, my idea is drop the 4670k and get lower tier i5 insted of i3(unless you're going to overclock)with any h87 m-itx board and use the extra fund for something else... i3 proc is fast enough so non k i5 is faster, the k proc is merely for overclocking and with the high heat output of haswell i don't think any single 120aio can cope with high overclock.

  6. hi, i just got my self some cheap delta fans on sale( a lot actually ) but some part number end with R00 and some F00 all of them is 3 pin type. i know the F00 will output tach but the R00 is for failure detector. my question is can put i the R00 fan directly to motherboard fan header? i don't mind not having tach reading just want to know if it will cause any problem to the header or not.

  7. hi everyone, i'm in


    CPU: Core i5 3570K

    Motherboard: Asrock Z77 Pro4-M

    RAM: 2x 4GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600mhz

    GPU: Gigabyte HD7970 Reference

    HDD: WD Caviar Black 1TB

    SSD: Kingston V300 120GB

    Case: Cooler Master N200

    PSU: Enermax NAXN 82+ 750 Watt

    Cooling: XSPC Raystorm Block,HWL Black Ice GTS240,DCP 4.0 Pump,DCP 4.0 Combo res,Delta EFB1212HH

    Display: Samsung S27A950D 27" 120Hz

    Headphone: Creative HQ1600

    Keyboard: Razer Acrtosa

    Mice: Logitech MX518

    OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit


    Country: Malaysia


    i wish i can win a 7970 block cause that will make my rig complete :thumbsup:

  8. No. ES parts are not for legal sale.

    he is not selling it legally, more like selling it as used chip.... i suspect he might be working in intel assembly plant here, got some es chip that was thrown away. kept some sell some

    Maybe one day he will get caught by intel and pay for that crime.

    ok conscience aside is it really worth the money?

  9. hi guys, if someone is selling an ES cpu for cheap will you buy it? he is not a scammer and been selling a lot of es chip for last the last few years without any complaint. here the cpu screenshot





    the only issue i see here is the low turbo speed despite being a high tdp part.

  10. No matter how tight the tubing is on the barbs, I recommend using clamps as a secondary safety measure.  Since it's your first build I'd stay simple with the radiator and fan setup.  A decent set of fans in push configuration should work just fine on the RX240.  Now you don't mention what all you plan on cooling, but based on your parts list it looks like a cpu only loop.


    As for your tubing, you mentioned that you are getting it at the hardware store.  Make sure that you are choosing tubing that is capable of handling the pressure inside the loop.  If you have any doubts use reinforced tubing.  Much of the 3/8 tubing in hardware stores here in the US has pretty thin wall thickness so I'd personally be pretty butt puckered using that in a setup that could ruin hundreds of dollars worth of gear if you spring a leak or bust a hose.


    For the blocks, I wasn't a big fan of the Rasa, but I really like the Raystorm I'm using right now.  If the Raystorm block you're using is the acrylic version be careful not to over-tighten the mounting hardware or you'll find that the acrylic block will start to bend.

    noted on the clamp, about the radiator i've been doing a lot of reading at martin's liquid lab and skinnee lab and learn that a radiator's cooling capability is not determined by it's size or thickness but more by the design/fin count and fan speed it was optimized for. so that is why i'm on the fence now on which rad i should pick :huh: i'm the high speed fan type of guy and noise is not an issue for me so i want a rad that will cool the cpu at medium to high fan speed and will cool even further if i decide to dial the fan to full speed or add another pair for push pull configuration( EFB1212VH max out at 3300rpm with 6.94mmH20 sp)


    i think i'm gonna ditch the rx240 and ex240 from the list and look for another rad that will suit my preference since both rad is optimized for low to medium fan speed with not much performance gained going to higher fan speed. and then size is another factor, after doing some quick calculation i can only use up to 50mm rad thickness or i will not have the space to put my pump/res so the rx240 is no go.


    about the tubing, we actually use metric here and the tube size is 9.5mmID and 13mmOD so the wall is a little bit thicker i just convert the size to the nearest inch so you guys will have a clear picture :happy:

    along with a stupid strong pump

    this :lol: i remember back in the 2000 era people were using industrial water pump like iwaki for their custom loop burst some tubing here and there which is quite scary, but i'm highly doubtful pc water pump these days get anywhere near that kind of pressure

  11. hi guys, i finally got all the parts except radiator. hunting for used parts here is not as easy as it looks :doh: i almost swipe my card for the new d5 photon kit out of frustration :wacko: here is the list


    used xspc raystorm block

    used ek dcp 4.0

    used ek reservoir combo dcp 4.0

    new xspc 3/8 barb(couldn't find anyone using barb these days)

    some 3/8 id 1/2 od tubing from hardware store

    some 5/16 id 1/2 od white tubing salvaged from old shower head :lol:

    money spend as of now myr300=91$usd


    all that's left is rad and i really need your guys input on this. if noise is not an issue but space is which one will you pick? rx240 push only or ex240 push pull? i got a pair of delta EFB1212VH waiting to be strap on to a rad :evilgrin:


    i know you guys going to question the choice of tubing, i pick 3/8id over 1/2id due to size. the 1/2id is just too big and will be hard to manage cause i will be using a small case for this loop( cm n200) and since the performance drop is negligible  i rather use small tubing than have a snake nesting inside my case :P i might be tempted to use that 5/16 tube cause it' more flexible and i don't have to use clamps cause it will be a tight fit on 3/8 barb :happy:

    I don't suggest anything from EK simply because I hate them for all the BS they've tried to pull in the past few years. :lol:

     sorry for not listening to your advice wacko, i end up buying ek parts after all hehehe :lol:

  12. hmm... how about used apogee xt? i can get it even cheaper than the rasa block.... i leaning toward the jingway pump because of it's higher flowrate and smaller size. the aquastream pump is quite big and flowrate is rather mediocre for it's size but it is silent with less vibration from what  i've heard..


    i think jingway is the oem for both ek and danger den pump they just change the sticker :)

  13. hi guys, i new to watercooling so need some opinion from all of you. i don't wanna buy new parts since this is my first loop and i barely had any idea what i'm doing hehehe :P so better waste it on cheaper used parts.


    rad- rx240

    block- xspc rasa

    pump- jingway [email protected] ek dcp 4.0 or AC aquastream xt usb

    tubing- 1/2 iD

    fitting-1/2 barb

    res- cheapo cylindrical res


    my question is how is the performance of the rasa block compared to newer block like the raystorm? is there going to be a large difference between them?


    the jingway pump is brand new and aquastream pump is on clearance sale. take note that this is the cheapest pump i can find so please pick one for me :)



    uh...guys, i haven't received my confirmation e-mail yet :huh:  should i wait a few more days or send in a new one?


    I don't see it. Resend it with a CC to my personal account [email protected]


    sorry dave for the hassle but i didn't get any reply yet. maybe my email is not compatible with the system, i use mail.com for email now since my yahoo mail is full of junk and spam :P do i need to send it with email that i use to sign up OCC ?

  15. i was going to order some mdpc-x sleeve(good stuff) and do sleeving work on my PSU but after doing the math on how much sleeve i'm going to need i realized that it's going to be costly :ouch: (30M x $1.50/M) so i decided to look for another alternative until i found this.


    so is paracord easy to work with? i got some experience sleeving with TechFlex and that stuff is kinda stiff and hard to work with especially the ones with dense braids, not to mention it makes your wire stiffer and harder to manage. i remember my old headphone cable had paracord sleeve and it feels great so maybe it'll work psu wires too? what do you guys think?

  16. some earlier version of b85 and h87 mb offer same overclocking option as the z87 chipset  because intel forgot to block it, you can read it about it here


    i've build 2 pc on july for a friend with asus b85m-g and 4430 the other one with asrock h87 fatality performance and 4670k. all the overclocking option is there and with the 4670k i'm able to run it at 3.9 on both mb but it's really hot with stock cooler.


    when did you buy the board? if its been sitting on the shelf since july or earlier you might be lucky but if its newer version then you might wanna invest some money for z87 mb.



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