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  1. hi guys, there is something odd about my xfx 9800gt. GPUZ shows that my card vendor is asus and also the driver cd supplied with the does not work. it says 'the vga detected seems not xfx's product. please go to www.nvidia.com to get the driver for the other nvidia vga'




    i dont really have an issue with this but hoping if there is a solution for this problem

    i'm using the card on M3N78 EMH HDMI asus mobo

  2. Based on your system specs and links provided, I would go with the Corsair VX. You didn't specify whether you were looking at the VX 550 or 450 so if you can afford I would definitely go with the 550. It is a great PSU and would offer you some headroom for future upgrades. The 450 should run your system just fine but I like to play it safe and go up one level from what I need.


    i am getting the 550 cause insufficient power sux, also i have been try to oc the x2 7750 and i managed to get 3.27ghz so i think the review this month is quite odd since they say it will only go 3.17 . not to mention i,m using PSU that sux and a asus mainstream mobo

  3. Do you mean to say it doesn't have a brand, or You don't want to tell us?

    If you don't tell us than how do you expect us to know if your PSU is the culprit?

    sorry guys for the late reply, this is the url for my PSU

    http://www.leapfroglobal.com/ look in products/powerlogic/power supply/magnum pro 415


    this is the PSU that i feel like buying


    is it enough to supply me power?

    or this?



    here is some PSU within my budget




  4. hi guys, i'm new here so please help me with this problem :( . after installing some new hardware in my pc, i'm having trouble with my OS. it looks like the hard drive keep corrupting the files i installed upon restart ( including the OS itself! ) at first i tought the hard drive is the culprit but installing new hard drive still does not solve the problem so i made a conclusion that there is not enough power supplied to the system since the old setup was for low powered hardware ( unless u guys got other opinions :blink: ).this is my new hardware installed and my pc specs before upgrade




    athlon x2 7750BE

    Corsair CM2X1024-6400 1GB 5-5-5-18




    athlon x2 BE2300 1.9 [email protected]

    Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400 5-5-5-12

    asus M3N78 EMH HDMI bios 0602

    XFX 9800GT

    soundblaster live 24bit PCI

    WD Caviar SE 160GB sata

    LG 20x DVD-RW Sata

    2 x 120mm fan

    1 x 140mm fan

    2 x 92mm pwm fan for cpu cooler

    415w low end PSU wich operates at 70% efficiency (dont wanna tell the brand cause it sux )

    vista ultimate 32bit


    help me guys, can i just use cooler master extreme 500w psu cause that is the only thing within my budget ( in malaysia even middle end psu cost more than my 9800GT ) or maybe other psu u guys recommend :closedeyes:

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