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  1. hey guys, i'm having trouble running far cry2. it seems that the only framerate i'm getting is around 20-25 FPS. i've try lowering down the resolution, quality everything but i still get only 20++ fps. the odd thing is the framerate is all the same no matter what resolution or quality used. i've tried forceware 180.84 to 185.66beta and yet again the same thing happens. what is be the problem? i'm currently running vista32 on 7750BE with 9800gt and 4GB of ram
  2. hey, thx man for the info. i'm gonna get new cpu and do some light oc'ing on this thing maybe old skool tech isn't so bad at all
  3. i'm just thinking of increasing the fsb to the standard of an E8500 since both the chip is almost identical. by the way the board is a P965 chipset and i've read some reviews saying this board oc well too though P965 have a native 1066FSB maybe asking for 1333 without adding voltage is too much here is some of the reviews : http://www.tweaktown.com/articles/1028/asu...p965/index.html http://www.neoseeker.com/resourcelink.html?rlid=143789
  4. 4X1GB TWIN2X DDR2-800 on my 7750BE 2X1GB Team Elite DDR2-800 on my 5200+
  5. hey guys, i got an old p5b-e plus mobo lying here without proc so i'm thinking about getting one. is it compatible with E7200? and one more thing, can i oc the E7200 just by increasing the frequency from 266 to 333 and get a 1066 ram and run it at 800 ( since the board doesn't want to run the dimm at 1066) add some extra voltage at the dimm for some stability since it's oc'ed too. i've read the E7200 oc well but i wonder if the board will can u guys give some tips on oc'ing an E7200
  6. you can try this if you want a low profile high performance vga sink. it doesn't take more than 1 extra pci slot like other coolers
  7. hey i forgot that brand it's been a long time since i've heard those, thanks man for the qoute. now i got more option
  8. well i've tried apple but it seems that they are more to style rather than sound quality as for creative i'm still blank cause i've never get a chance to try one. still the only model available that suites me is MuVo and that thing doesn't look like it have any sound enchancements from what i've read. i guess that only leaves me with sony, or maybe i should forget portable and get creative zen x-fi
  9. hey guys, i was going to buy this the music quality is just superb , but can you guys give me some thought on other player? before i buy it i am looking for a super portable player ( thumbdrive size ) with great sound. and also with reasonable price
  10. ok, i'll try that. i'll update u guys soon
  11. hey guys, i've just finished installing parts on my friend new pc but there is a problem with video playback. it's kinda sluggish and slow the kind u get when playing crysis at super high res ( don't know how to explain it in words ) i've try different kind of player, video format , i even reinstall the codec but it's still the same so that leave only the hardware part right? he use sapphire HD4830 512mb. i'm new in ati thing so i don't really know how to examine the problem, can u guys give some tips? oh... i almost forgot, do catalyst driver took a long time to install? cause the pc stop responding during my first and second install ( i have to reset the pc ) and the third time i manage to install it but it took me 15min to finish... so is this normal or do i got a bad driver?
  12. take a look at this http://www.asus.com/product.aspx?P_ID=acJs...&templete=2 but i think amd chip is better at overclocking
  13. i am thinking of the HDT S1283 but but i only have the option to install it horizontally (fan blowing up to PSU) since i'm on am2, and the TRUE's price just doesn't justify the CPU i'm cooling. actually guys i have my northbridge cooled with cooler master CM Blue Ice and the only thing that will clear it without having to install the horizontally is the V1 and V8 but since it's too tall i might not be able to put back my side case
  14. hi guys, i've been browsing for a new HSF but clearance is a big issue for me. so is this thing good? http://www.thermaltake.com/product_info.as...&parent_cp= there is another bigger brother of it the V14 Pro but its too big. here is another one but the thing is too freaking tall http://www.coolermaster.com/products/produ...e=1&id=5279 help guys
  15. sorry guys, i did not notice that it's actually [email protected] = 50 C idle 55 C load [email protected] = 47 C idle 53 C load [email protected] = 51 C idle 60 C load not [email protected] = 50 C idle 55 C load [email protected] = 47 C idle 53 C load [email protected] = 51 C idle 60 C load anyway, can i downvolt the vcore more to get lower temps? say 1.25V? the stock performance is enough for me so OCing is not needed though i manage to pull out 3.35Ghz but the CPU is freaking hot. and another thing is i got all the cable managed and i got 2 X 12cm exhaust fan and 1 X 12cm + 1 X 14cm fan for intake so maybe it is time to change HSF? this is my HSF but with dual fan config http://my.asus.com/products.aspx?l1=16&amp...amp;modelmenu=1
  16. i use gigabyte easytune 6, i tried installing realtemp and coretemp but the cpu is not supported and reading from HWMonitor shows that cpu core temp is 34 C , i think HSF is not the problem cause it is warm all the way to the top meaning it transfer the heat properly. this is clearly not a reading anomaly cause it's really hot in there man
  17. hi guys, anyone here use 7750BE on their rig? cause i'm a bit curios about the normal temperature. mine is OEM so it does not come with the stock HSF so i use my old triton 70 HSF with tuniq tx2 and this is the number i got [email protected] = 50 C idle 55 C load [email protected] = 47 C idle 53 C load [email protected] = 51 C idle 60 C load so is this normal? cause my exhaust fan is spitting hot gasses, or maybe i should get a new HSF? i already lapped and reseat the HSF but nothing happen. this is really annoying since i try the HSF on my X4 9550 it barely tip the 50 C scale but this thing i have to undervolt the cpu ( luckily i have that option ) just to get it cooler. help me guys please
  18. hmm.. but then again if i want the ageia driver to use the GPU i will still need to install the forceware helppppp guys, this isn't going anywhere
  19. so basically my 9800GT is going to be my brand new paper weight? does ageia has driver that uses nvidia GPU as physx accelerator? ( usually i enable physx acceleration via nvidia control panel ) instead of physx card
  20. hey guys have u ever read this topic? http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.p...=phsyx&st=0 well i don't know if i'm asking a noob question here but can u run nvdia GPU as physx card on an Ati platform ( say a 790fx ) that uses a Ati Gpu for Display? hmm... i'm crapping here ,this is the setup phenom X3 8750BE Msi K9A2 Platinum V2 4GB Corsair Dominator 1066 xfx 4850 ( display ) X 2 CF xfx 9800gt ( physx card) corsair hx1000 Samsung Spinpoint F1 500GB Acer P193W 19" LCD if possible do i need to install both the forceware and catalyst?or ageia? and does it help with the picture quality/FPS
  21. hmm... i'm still getting that multimeter, just to be sure "being paranoid here since the last PSU blown and took lots of stuff with it" BTW guys thx
  22. this is my HTPC running on athlon le1620, mobo with onboard GF8200,xi-fi extreme music,500gb hd,silverstone st400 PSU i'll try getting a digital multimeter, don't wanna mess up my movie sessions with bad PSU
  23. i've seen other site posting their reviews on PSU showing the -12v and -5 are within -+5% so i'm quite concerned about it since this is way out of the range. don't have any problems YET try to stay out of it XD
  24. guys, is this normal? +3.3v @ 3.34 +5v @ 5.13 +12v @ 12.80 -12v @ -8.66 -5v @ -8.78 +5v @ 4.97 vbat @ 3.15 taken from speedfan 4.37 on idle the one i'm asking about is the -12v and also the -5v
  25. hey guys, i'm still waiting for my new PSU hehe but i've been doing some experiment. right now i'm setting up my system with external PSU feeding power to geforce and this is the result i got from 3 differrent voltage monitor 1. asus pc probe +3.3v @3.31 +5v @ 5.17-5.22 +12v @ 11.97-12.03 2. pcwizard +3.3v @3.31 +5v @ 5.11-5.22 +12v @ 12.67 3. speed fan +3.3v @ 3.31 +5v @ 5.11-5.08 +12v @ 12.67 -12v @ -8.66 -5v @ -8.78 +5v @ 4.95 vbat @ 3.14 is this normal guys? cause i'm new in the department of PSU. plus this is the result on idle i'll update later after trying on differrent situation
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