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  1. doesn't intel have speedstep?( is that what they call it?) it should keep your cpu running at lowest clock when there's low activity, unless you doing hardcore stuff in there
  2. man, that is so low i'm able to go down just around 1.15V on full clock speed and 0.925V on half speed. i guess that is the diffrence between 95watt TDP cpu and a ultra low voltage neo cpu and iviy i guess we all should go green these days since electricity bill keeps going up and fossil fuel are getting pricer i'm no greenpeace but i do care about our green earth
  3. well, i'm trying to keep vcore low while surfing to reduce heat and power consumption and use power saver. when i'm gaming i'll just put the mode on high performance. the cpu is kinda crap when it come to oc'ing since i only manage to get max +-400mhz over stock so better save energy than waste it on that kind of oc any ways guys i manage to get as low as 1.1V now stable and my temp is just 9C over ambient
  4. hi guys, is there going to be a problem if dial down my vcore lower than stock? i've been testing the last few days lowering my vcore from 1.3v to 1.175v and i get 4C lower temperature and the only bottleneck is during windows startup when everything is trying to load in taskbar. other than that everything else seem fine to me, i just want to know if there's gonna be bad effect to my cpu or components oh.. my cpu is 7850BE
  5. try pressing Ctrl+F1, maybe it will pop up my gigabyte Nvidia 720D will only show NVCC after that.. but my cpu is black edition and i don't' know if it will show up if u use locked cpu
  6. i think it's the same 9800GT but with lower core/shader clock cause it still have 112sp, maybe the manufacturer use low powered board here is another one 9800GT low power
  7. hei, i used to have that board too.. u have to update the bios to the latest one before you have the selection of 512MB frame buffer, the place is in advance setting-chipset-frame buffer
  8. thx a lot guys, i was thinking about the FSP too cause that one is the cheapest hehehe
  9. right now i'm looking for low wattage PSU within 400-500 watt so this is what i get from local store... and i'm not really a big fan with online reseller cause i like to touch things that i'm going to buy so you guys have to select one from this list. this is for my little brother's gaming PC, this is the setup: Phenom II X2 550 4GB DDR2800 G. Skill PK Gigabyte M720-US3 XFX9800GT 500gb WD caviar se LG DVD super multi 20x CM HAF922 this what i found on local store FSP Group Epsilon 80Plus 450 XIGMATEK NRP PC502 Corsair CX400 CM Real Power Pro 460 Silver stone ST50F now guys, i know 400-500 watt is bare minimum but that is all he's going to need, he not upgrading it nor OC'ing it so i guess is quite enough for him so help guys
  10. i don't think so, usually higher ram voltage is for tighter timing specified by vendor so if you run it at 1.8V it will just run at normal timing not decrease the capacity anyone correct me if i'm wrong EDIT* do you uprade to 2X2GB ram or add 2 more 1GB stick?
  11. the same thing happen to me too, instead of 3GB of ram i got 2.5GB. i use 3 stick of 1GB ram and right now i'm running both vista and xp 32bit both os show the same thing. i check it via task manager's total physical memory and memtest lets just say the 32bit limit is 3.25GB including VRAM i'm still missing 0.25GB of ram, it's not that big but i'm curious about the missing ram
  12. the colored wire are positive + and the white wire is negative -
  13. dude, AMD memory controller is built in to the processor chip not like intel 775 which have the memory controller built in to the board... can u guys help me translate this phrase to a more easier word cause i'm having trouble understanding this AMD cpu specifications support unregistered DIMMs up to PC2-8500 (DDR2-1066MHz) -AND- PC3-10600 (DDR3-1333MHz)
  14. thx for quote verran, i'm kinda sux when it come to memory since i never really care about it . just another question, let say i wanna upgrade my cpu to phenom 2 ( P II 720/ P II 955 ) will i be able to run it with DDR2 800? since the native support for phenom 2 DDR2 is 1066. and i never see anyone use AM2+ based board.
  15. so basically i get better performance with lower latency 800 ( 4-4-4-12) than 1066 at 5-5-5-15 ? but it doesn't look like an upgrade since the only thing that change is the latency
  16. c'mon man, don't give the dilemma again i'm running the ram with x3 8750 on nforce720d mobo with 9800GT, OS is vista ultimate 32bit
  17. thx bro, i also agree that 2GB is bare minimum these days.. and 1 more thing, am i going to see any difference going from 800 to 1066? maybe 1200mhz is an overkill hehe
  18. hi guys, i'm upgrading and i want some opinion on ram. currently i'm using 2GB of twin2x6400 5-5-5-12 so should i go with higher frequency or go for extra capacity. here's my thought http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820227347 or this? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820104073
  19. hi dude,why don't u try putting more volt on the cpu, mine was never successful till i try cranking up the voltage.. the thing will run games stable at 2.9 stock voltage but the moment u put it under full load (prime95, OCCT) it will just go bsod in a few minute and one more thing, i don't really know how the oc will go with am2 based board since the HT link is just 1000mhz max.. mine is am2+ and you have to set the ht link and nb freq lower if want to try oc'ing the HTT/FSB here's a shot of my cpuz, do ignore the temp cause my room temp is kinda hot right now since my A/c is offline but usually the temp never goes beyond 60C i'm still testing for other way to oc the cpu but i guess i'm stuck with it since my A/c is out and my crappy PSU( no brand ) is not giving enough juice..
  20. finally i'm able to pass occt 1hour test i'm running the cpu at 1.46v with a multi of 15X215 but i had to drop down the NB and HT frequency to 1.6GHz... i have tried 220 on the fsb but i keep getting core error on OCCT, is it heat problem? cause right now on load my cpu is running 58-59 C...or maybe i'm hitting the wall already for your information my ambient temp is 32-34 degrees C and i'm getting temp 26 C above ambient is this normal? or do i need to reseat the HSF
  21. hmm... core 0 has error due to sudden ripple in my 12v rail help guys, this is not going anywhere
  22. right now i'm on 1.488 but bios shows 1.520.. occt is testing right now temp is quite high ( 58-59 C ) i think my CM V8 need reseating man do i need to fool around with cpu vid or NB voltage?
  23. so guys i need some info, i know that ACC is for phenom only but recently i found out my mobo has ACC but hidden in bios and accessible with ctrl+f1 ( gigabyte didn't mention any of this ) and after putting ACC +6% on all core i finally able to boot to vista with multiplier of 16.5 when usually it just go BSOD ... i'm currently writing this at speed of 3.3ghz but unstable on OCCT. i need help on vcore voltage cause i'm afraid of frying my cpu so what is the maximum vcore i should try? or maybe you guys got better idea
  24. hey, i found the culprit. it looks like my cpu throttle down to half right after i install far cry. is this a bug? since i already update to newest patch and right now my cpu wont' throttle up no matter how much i torture it i already disable the cool and quiet and also oc'ing the chip but nothing change. so right now i might have a crap os
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