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  1. hi everyone, it been a while since i've posted anything here :happy: i'm a total noob when it comes to networking so help me please


    a few weeks ago I noticed my internet speed is slower than normal but I didn't care much since i'm busy at work. so yesterday when I was configuring my router I noticed multiple unknown device in the ip pool.  I've tried putting those unknown device to deny association in my mac address filtering and reboot my router but they still keep showing up(with the same mac address that i put on the deny list :whoa: ). what bother me is my password is 64 hex character how the hell did they even break through that????


    so today I've change my ssid name and password again with a new 64 hex character but after an hour or so the device is in again :wallbash: this is really frustrating.. I've disable WPS and use WPA2-psk with AES only, right now the only thing i can do is set the max ip count to 4 which is the total device i got at home so they cant get in... any advice to secure my wifi? i really don't want to set my ip count each time i add or remove a new device.

  2. What would the difference between this http://www.frozencpu.com/products/20911/ex-rad-634/Koolance_Triple_120mm_Copper_High_Flow_Radiator_-_30_FPI_-_Black_HX-360XC_No_Nozzles_.html?id=q2h9Wtw5&mv_pc=1346and the aphcool I linked at the top be? I cant seem to find any FPI info on the Koolance.

    "HX-360XC is an extra thick (54mm, 2.1in) copper core radiator with a fin density of 30 FPI (fins per inch)"


    the rad is suitable if you're going to couple it with some high speed 38mm fan, if you're going to use the corsair sp fans i suggest running it in push-pull config

  3. hei guys,my old enermax psu is dead and i'm looking for a replacement so i need some fresh input. i'm looking for a modular psu within 500-600 watt capacity and i already got some on my list but maybe you guys can convince me with something else :thumbsup:


    1. seasonic g-550

    2. seasonic m12 ii evo 520

    3. cooler master silent pro gold 550

    4. antec hcg 620

  4. the phone is charged on a docking station so i won't be able to put it on any surface, i have tried a normal usb charger but the charging speed is quite slow. maybe this has something to do with docking station, the station is powered by a 12v 3amp brick which is way higher than our typical micro usb charger

  5. hi guy, i just got my self a new droid and when i charge the phone it gets really hot, do i need active cooling? i know battery doesn't last long if it's hot but is it normal for smartphones? i've been using my se satio since 2010 so i really don't know what to expect.


    the phone is imported fujitsu arrows a 301f , the reason i bought this phone because of the fast charging advertised on the web which is quite true but they forgot to tell me about the heat :ouch:  

  6. i bought that ram from hornybluecow over 3 years ago,


    and i didnt try to unlock it because i wanted to not have to stability test it, go figure i had a problem anyway


    unlocking a phenom rarely cause instabilty it will either crash at boot screen if the extra core is not useable or it will work. i bought a lot of phenom x 2 back in the old days and most of them will unlock to quad but some just unlock to triple. i use it for computers in a cafe running 24/7 .


    about stabilty issue i got one chip that need to be locked down to triple after 3 years of usage ( maybe amd did lock the core for a good reason) since you say the speed of the phenom x2 speed is 3.0 then it's the multiplier locked version (545) i wouldn't even bother overclocking it since you need a really good board to acheive high overclock.

  7. i really want to avoid using fan controller since my one and only odd bay is occupied by my hdd,ssd and water/ambient temp display but isn't the delta fan have enough static pressure already? i couldn't find any datasheet on delta website but the nearest spec i can find is from sidewinder for EFB1212VH( VH is one step higher from HH designation)


    Specifications: 120x120x25mm, 102.06 CFM @ 3300 RPM, 45.5 dBA, 4.80 watts, 0.40 amps, Maximum Air Pressure 6.94 mm H

  8. last week i replace my delta fan(EFB1212HH 3000RPM) with CM jetflo120 so i can set custom fan profile with speedfan cause my wife is annoyed with the delta fan sound. i figure that i will not get too much performance drop since i've been reading good reviews on the fan especially on rad but after a week of usage i'm totally not happy.

    sound vs performance compared to the delta is mediocre, i've been running my delta with 7v adapter and the sound is about the same as 80% pwm on the jetflo but i'm getting higher temp and my water temp raised almost 20c above ambient after a few loop of unigine. with the delta fan the max water temp barely break 15c above ambient.

    here is my loop sequence

    pump/res=>gpu block=>cpu block=>rad=>pump/res(water temp probe on the res)

    cpu 3570k
    gpu 7970
    pump-ek dcp 4.0
    gpu block-heatkiller 79x0
    cpu block-xspc raystorm
    rad- black ice gt stealth 240
    5/16ID tubing on 3/8 barb + 2x90 degree adapter

    now i know cpu+gpu on a 240 rad is asking too much but before changing the fan i have great temps, the cpu is oc'ed per core to 4.1 on single 4.0 on dual and 3.9 on triple and quad so i don't think this will create too much heat and the card is running stock voltage [email protected]/1500.

    after fooling around with speedfan setting i found out that 2 of my 3pin fan header allows vr control for non pwm fan (i should have downloaded speed fan first before buying the fan, silly me :mfp: ) and now i can set custom fan profile for the delta fan. so right now what do you guys think i should do with the extra pair of fan? sell it off or mount it as pull?

  9. i don't own a 24' 144hz but i do own a 27' 120hz and at first i think 120-144hz monitor is overrated but after using it for months going back to 60hz gives me a headache :ouch:


    but if i was given a choice between a 144hz screen and 21:9 i will definitely choose the latter cause i like the extra pixel without stressing the gpu too much. gaming is even better since your fov is wider. i really don't understand why everyone is hyped up over 4K hd when 21:9 is so much better for gaming and even for movies.



    have you looked at LG 25UM65? it should give you better ppi count vs 29'


    Hey Cap - do you use the careful and gentle razor blade method to de-lid, or the brute put it in a vice and knock the hell out it method?


    What kind of TIM do you usually use after de-lid?


    I use the vice and hammer (with wood block), but it's not brute force. It's a gentle tap or two. So far I've delidded eight 3570K's, two 3770K's, and a 4670K with no failure rates.


    I use Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra for the die and IHS, and Noctua NH-1 for the TIM with the heatsink.



    does it have to be a wood block? can i use something else say a rubber block? i've been looking around for a guide but all of them use wood block... i couldn't find any wood block that is soft enough like pine( i live in the tropics, so soft wood is a rare comodity here :dunno: ) maybe you can post a guide here for all of us with ivy/haswell chip :thumbsup:

  11. I dont think the 350d looks all that bad to be honest. The main reason is for the excess fan slots as watercooling is out of the question. Also the dimensions are fine as i measured the spot in the desk where it will be hidden and theres plenty of room left.


    it's your call :thumbsup: i'm just giving some other choice since you say space is priority... but if 350d size is fine with you then go for it, i really like the 350d btw it's just that i'm used to small case ( SG09 before this N200) and 350d doesn't fit my size preference hehehe

  12. I've been looking for some deals on the 780 but have yet to find one cheap enough to be worth it. Ill start looking for the Workstaion cards on craigslist then if I can find one for that good of a deal ill buy it but it seems unlikely in the time i have to purchase it.


    I also wound up changing the case http://www.corsair.com/en-us/obsidian-series-350d-micro-atx-pc-case for size and the cooling options it posses. plus its cheaper.


    In a couple of days ill repost the new build after i finish researching compatibillity and components.


    actually 350d is quite big for a micro atx case since it was optimised for watercooling , i was going to get it but after seeing it in person i decided to go with cooler master n200 which is much snaller and also good for watercooling( and cheap too :D ).... you should also look at silverstone tj08 it looks way better than 350d and the build quality is great, since your not going to watercool the system and space is a priority i don't see a point buying the 350d unless you're in to the looks.

  13. i'm with el on the micro atx board, it's much better overall if you not going to make the pc lan rig.... the only downside is if you get the prodigy-m you will be short on the amount of hard drive you can install.


    for cpu i found a better deal for you here you go

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819116906 Xeon E3-1230V3 $249

    i always recommend anyone who's going with non k i7 to get the Xeon E3, it's cheaper and still hyper threaded. just missing igpu which you will never use anyways.



  14. The more I think about cooling, the more I'm not liking the CME130 design.


    Reconsidering the SG08, using the CNPS8900 Extreme, and making the top fan an intake to supplement the downward flow of the CPU cooler.  It costs more, but due to the PSU orientation in the case (the cables interfere with long GPU's), short non-modular PSU's are encouraged and I already own some.  A quiet 180mm fan should suffice for the top.


    I've considered using an 120/140mm AIO cooler using its fan as an exhaust, but I'm uncertain if that'll provide enough cooling for the VRM's.  Then again, considering how close an AIO cooler with a large radiator gets to the motherboard and the lower location of the side vents, it might actually work out better overall.  Probably install heatsinks either way.


    ok since i'm the one who suggest the sg08-lite to you i have to tell you that i forgot to mention that the the case doesn't come with the ap181 fan. you will have to buy your own or use 140mm fan with the included adapter. i'm really sorry i didn't notice that earlier :wallbash:

  15. I was reading a review on the Noctua NH-D15, and they used an i7-4770K and Handbrake for the load tests. Temps were great even overclocked to 4.4GHz at 1.225V's, but having used an i5-3570K with a custom 120.2 watercooling solution, it got up to 90C within 15 minutes of using Prime95 with similar overclocks.


    Once I delidded the 3570K and put the CPU back in the loop, load temps never got past 55C during load on Prime95.


    I think reviews for CPU Coolers should revert back to using 2600K's, or use delidded 4770K's. What are your thoughts?


    that is a very hot chip maybe intel cheap you out on the thermal paste. mine never get past 70C with my cooler master v8 and now mid 50's with a custom loop ([email protected])


    what i think reviewer should do is do multiple cpu testing on all platform so all of us with older cpu can get fresh data, the trend i'm seeing right is now almost all review is done with 1150 cpu. i can barely see testing done on am3 let alone fm2

  16. hi everyone, i'm not an expert on electronics so i really need your help on this one. i've been looking around for a way to control my non pwm fans or pump via pwm signal straight from motherboard pwm header. after googling around i found some schematics and ready to make some on my own.


    here is one from techpowerup forums






    and another one from robotroom





    now i'm a total noob when it comes to transistor, so is this plausible? both circuit is different but still using pwm signal as control. as i understand pwm speed control is done by turning the motor on and off at a very high speed(measured in hz) so lowering down the fan speed means the on and off cycle is done at a much lower hz right? i want to try the first schematic but split the fan header in two, one header with 12v and grnd goes directly to psu and the pwm and tach goes to the motherboard.


    i also found some pwm controller from ebay, is this a better solution?




     I **added** your second one


    That is strange, it could have something to do with it but it's odd the cooler affected it. Probably a bug.


    I actually cash traded my 7950 for the 7970 so Idk how the CF would be with them


    I don't think the 7950 and the 7970 can CF, can they?



    probably just a bug, cause i remember using older version of gpuz to get the asic reading with the stock blower. too bad, i tought you keep the 7950 i really want to know if it's really worth the money to get another 7950 or 7870XT.


    actually all amd card that is using the same chip for their card can be crossfired in this case 7970(tahiti xt) with 7950(tahiti pro) or 7870XT (tahiti le) and even the newer rebranded R9 280X(tahiti xtl) R9 280(tahiti pro2). they have been doing this for a long time i couldn't remember when they started it.

  18. launch day gigabyte HD7970 reference


    1. Stock Blower setting

    GIGABYTE---HD7970 REFERENCE---82.1%---925Mhz/1375Mhz~1050mV---1050Mhz/1500Mhz~1050mV


    2. Modded Deepcool Dracula setting

    GIGABYTE---HD7970 REFERENCE---82.6%---925Mhz/1375Mhz~1050mV---1100Mhz/1500Mhz~1069mV


    the weird thing is by changing the cooler my score goes up 0.5% :whoa: is that even possible?(maybe it's just gpuz glitch) one thing you should know this card doesn't like extra voltage, anything higher than 1080mV and both core and vrm temp goes up a lot. i wonder if all higher asic card suffer this problem or just my card.



    Ivi have you tried cf'ing the 7970 with your 7950? do they play nice together? i couldn't find any new review data regarding mixed card cf. with old review data mixing higher tier card with second tier card increases micro stuttering due to the second tier card rendering slower  than the higher tier card, but with the new frame pacing driver i wonder if this problem has been dealt with. if it did i might get myself a 7950 or 7870XT for cf :happy:

  19. Sweet, I like SFF cases.

    :thumbs up:


    At some point I'd like to do a small WC setup in my ITX case, though I don't think I'll have the room for a custom loop.

    thanks man, but at 34 liter i don't think this case qualify as an sff case hehehe :D i think it sit somewhere between an sff case and a mini tower.....i don't really like the prodigy but it may suit you if you wanna do custom loop, the elite110 is just too compact to stuff anything... or try apogee drive with a rad that have a fill port/reservoir end, then you will have the benefit of an aio with the performance of a custom loop :thumbsup: 

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