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    windows 7 ultimate
    mobo GA-P35-DQ6 V1.0
    Intel core2 quad Q6600 2.4 ,@3.4 GHz overclocked
    Air Cooler thermaltake BigTyp 120VX
    RAM 4 X King max KLDD48F-B8KB5 1GB DDR2 PC2-6400U
    sapphire HD4870 GDDR5 1GB PCIe 2.00 X16, main GPU
    physx engine sparkle Gforce 9800 gt 512MB
    2 X WD 160 GB SATAII hard drive At Raid0
    LCD Philips 19" ,1280x1024 ,32 Bit ,refresh rate 75 hertz
  1. I'll play Fallout 3 on my friend PC ,he told me played 13 hours continuously last week end i didn't know Just cause 2 that big I'm installing oblivion now , but the photo posted by shadowtroop surprised me
  2. thanks to Danrik for the game and the download link and thank you dr_bowtie for the great instructions, actually many websites talking about Daggerfall and its huge map i watched some videos nice game but the graphics very poor i heard that Fallout 3 has a great map also but I've to check the Demo before i buy it i should have a great game since i bought GTA IV but actually it was a big punch from RockStar till know i've tried all suggested ways including the patches to fix the antialaising problem or to force the game to use the computer resources but no can do,in fact it is a wast of 50$ thnx for the help
  3. my friend told me "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" has a biggest map ever another friend said "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" has a biggest map but in fact it is wast of space, it is only trees and mountains you don't have much things to do,I'm not sure if he is right or not actually I'm looking for PC game with a large map that has a lot of things to do, like explore/collect/missions "but please exclude the online games"
  4. haha thats great man... :-) ive a retired GF9600 and now i got a new job for it :thumbsup2: BTW. can i get the 3D vision to work on this mod thnx on adv.
  5. comeon man i spent 2 hours searching the internet, i got nothing can you give me a hint
  6. hahaha, its a 97 Cadillac Catera for sure
  7. oh god ,80s car but it looks like 50s cars ok i think its ur turn
  8. its a 50s Cadillac, isn't it, i'll get the model
  9. i think I'm going to say goodbye to gigabyte and buy sapphire HD-4870. and I'll get sapphire HD-4870 burned in 3Dmark directly.
  10. hi everybody.. i'm about buying a HD-4870 GDDR5 1GB PCI-E but i'm really confused and i need your help please. what i need to know is which manufacturer is better and best performance sapphire or gigabyte my last 3 VGA cards from gigabyte and i did not had any problem with it, but know there is a lot of manufacturers today, and if the answer is gigabyte is that mean that sapphire is really bad or just gigabyte hardware came with a lot of features that helps the advanced gamers. the first following link for gigabyte HD-4870 GDDR5 1GB model GV-R487-1GH-B PCI-E http://www.giga-byte.com/Products/VGA/Prod...e=GV-R487-1GH-B and this for SAPPHIRE HD-4870 1G GDDR5 PCI-E http://www.sapphiretech.com/us/products/pr...d=250&grp=3 and thanks for your time.
  11. no i cant flash it because I'm not able even to enter the bios the power button on the screen always orange it never turn to green, my last chance is to boot using another PCI-express card, I've two PCI-E slots available, for now all what i need is an official bios file but i don't know where to find it i tried gigabyte and ati website but its not available there -------------- or someone have the same card can dump his bios for me, and i'll use it under my responsibility ----------------
  12. it's not about trusting the internet or not, it's my mistake, i had to check other member's replies, maybe this file is totally fake or wrong version or maybe i did something wrong during the bios update.
  13. I've an nvidia 7950 512mb pci-express and I've two pci-express slots, is it possible to run ati and nvidia together with 2 deferent drivers, i need more details plz
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