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  1. How is it not a deal? That's under $2 a gig for a SSD!
  2. Mind holding the RAM for me for a couple days? I'd be interested in it, but I need to check out a couple things first.
  3. I disagree. With watercooling, lapping often results in worse performance than before, due to the fact that many water bocks are bowed convexly to provide more pressure on the CPU die. But for air cooling, lapping usually helps quite a bit. I saw a 4-5C gain lapping my Phenom II 940 and Xigmatek cooler when I was still running on air.
  4. Oh I'm going to give it a try. But ultimately I'll be putting the card in my girlfriend's computer, when we have the cash to finish building it. My 5870 provides more than enough performance for me, and I don't want to have an air cooled card plus a watercooled one. But I'm definitely going to run some benchies with it to see how well it does.
  5. You have no idea how much I will rage if they do that!
  6. Thanks folks! I'm going to be putting it in my girlfriend's computer (assuming it will fit... didn't think about that! ) once we get it built. I just thought it was extremely ironic that they send out the email on April Fool's Day!
  7. I just got an email this morning that I won an HD 5830 Modern Warfare 2 Edition! Of course, my mind goes "Haha, April Fools." But then I realized that I actually entered said contest a while back! First thing I win... and it's on april fools day!
  8. Wow, another monolithic chip with way too much power draw from nVidia, what a surprise. With power consumption that high we'll never see a dual GPU version. I hope they've got a die-shrink planned, because as it stands, that thing draws way too much power. Oh well, lower ATI card prices if results are accurate. They'll just make nVidia drop prices below profit margin like with the 200 series
  9. 5 days of hotel rooms at the Hampton in Moab, Utah. Got cheap employee rates thanks to my aunt! :thumbs-up:
  10. So, I took back my Droid to the Verizon store and ordered it off Amazon instead. Saved myself $150.
  11. No, the 30GB Agility only has 32MB of cache, hence it's high access time and low write speeds compared to the 60/120GB versions. However, the 60+GB Agilities and Vertexes are pretty much equivalent in price/performance. If you need more performance you gotta get either the new Vertex LE, Intel G2, or the OCZ Colossus. As for RAID, yeah, it's worth it if you have a raid controller. If not, don't waste the money. The improvements over single disks won't be enough to justify it. Especially not on AMD systems
  12. The OCZ Vertex LE 100 GB is currently the best performance per dollar. However, the 120GB Agility is pretty damn good. The 60 gig is very good price per dollar.
  13. Haha, yeah, those things are a bit too wimpy
  14. Bah, I was too slow! Oh well, glad ya got it sold!
  15. Does the 9600GT support PhysX? I can't remember, but damn, tempting deal for a physx card if so...
  16. If you want to give one away...
  17. I got a Motorola Droid over the weekend. I love it!
  18. If I bought this, could I give away the game codes that I already have? I've got Red Faction: Guerilla and Stalker: Shadows of Chernobyl, so I don't need those, but the rest...
  19. You could get ME1 on Steam; it's only $20.
  20. I'm confused... I'm seeing 800SP 5570s on Newegg. What's up with that? Kinda off topic, sorry... The review was good!
  21. Okay, fair enough. I'm curious, though. What government actions have lead to Nevada's bad shape and your current situation? Not calling you a liar; I just want to know. And could you point me to the initiative that would shut down most of the higher education in Nevada? I simply haven't heard of such a thing. But Harry Reid is a bumbling moron... so not surprising that his state would end up in bad shape. (Not being sarcastic; I hate the guy).
  22. I think a lot of people are being ridiculously unfair here. Things could be a lot worse. Obama could be doing things a lot worse. The alternatives could have turned out a lot worse. I'm getting really sick and tired of Obama's lies, failure to keep his promises, and his flip-flopping, but I still don't think he's deserving of F-, nor do I see things getting any worse from now till the 2012 election. But, people are entitled to their opinion. I just don't see how he could be deserving of even an F if your life has not changed for the worse and does not look like it will change for the worse.
  23. C+. He has not done as good as he should have. He's lied too much. But he's not destroying the country. I still think he's done better than any of the viable alternatives would have. I also think he's done exactly what any reasonable person should have expected (not necessarily agreed with though). I have high expectations for his next 3 years.
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