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  1. I actually cleaned out 100GB of unknown usage from my hard drive by unhiding the system files, and literally deleting the recycle bin folder (permanant erase). I also deleted the Volume System Information information folder. Although recycle bin may show empty, there were still a lot of things in there that I didn't know about. Disk cleanup didn't remove it, I had to do it manually.
  2. Then why don't they try short stroking the drive and using the rest of the storage for, say archives and unfrequently accessed stuff?
  3. Monster glue? Or they make this weird double sided foam that's REALLY strong, not sure what it's called.
  4. Looking at pictures, it looks to be true . It has no DVI ports, 2 HDMI and 1 VGA lol. Get an DVI to HDMI adaptor or cable. Or get a DVI to VGA adaptor and use the VGA cable.
  5. LoL. I bought the enV3 outright with a contract, it wasn't bad, at $130.
  6. Pretty freaking fast . I run with vsync so I don't get tearing, so I don't know what frames it actually gets. I'll try to run some non vsync benches in a few days. I'm about to try Crysis on this card
  7. Whew... This card is freaky hot.. It's gonna warm my computer room this winter, but I gonna need to find a waterblock soon .
  8. It's not a low profile card. http://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews/xfx5750/. What picture are you looking at that shows it as low profile?
  9. The 4870x2 came in today, and I gotta say... It eats my 4890 alive. And the price is crazy too. When I bought it (returned now due to waterblock incompatibility), it cost me $200 + 7% tax in NJ. That's around $214, I got the 4870x2 for $240 shipped flat, I think I got a killer deal
  10. As long as CoD4 and MW2 like crossfire, I will be OK =]. And you'll get that report
  11. Looks like I'm getting the 4870x2 Anyway, thanks for the suggestions! Item arrived at Newegg today, I'm expecting refund sometime next week.
  12. What's a better deal? 4870x2 for $240 or 9800GX2 with an EK waterblock for $150? I have 2 screens and game @ 1680x1050, and don't intend to upgrade monitors. I may occasionally do 1920x1080 on my TV. I already have a W/C loop. I'm leaning towards the 9800GX2 since I don't think I'll need the power, and I like folding. How are the drivers for the GX2 now? Are there still severe micro-stutter issues?
  13. Well, I was able to sell some stuff so now I have a total of $250. Some guy on another forum is selling the 4870x2 for $240, and I'm considering it.
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