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  1. My beautiful Thermaltake Level 10 GT case came in today! My roommates were wow'ed first when they brought the box in from the front deck and then again when I got home and opened it. I tried taking some pics with my webcam, but they were insultingly grainy and low res, so I'll have to borrow my roommate's camera to take some pictures after I set up my computer inside of it.
  2. You know, I am not even planning to build until early summer, but this is a good idea. The price of memory couldn't get much cheaper.
  3. Oh okay. Thank you again, OCC and sponsors!
  4. Anyone get any Thermaltake things yet? I just got back up to my house at college and there was nothing waiting on the front deck to greet me. It probably just hasn't arrived yet.
  5. Wow, I just found out that I won an incredible computer case! Thanks OCC! My current computer will be pretty sad inside of it for now, but I should be able to give it some more appropriate contents this summer Is there any chance that I could get a tracking code or shipping estimate for it? I might have to arrange for someone to put it into my house or hold on to it for a few days because it is going to my college address while I'm home until the 7th or 8th.
  6. I'm looking to buy a 23" IPS monitor when I'm done with this semester, myself. It seems like the Dell U2311H is on sale for $240 every month or so. Several other companies such as NEC, LG, and Viewsonic also offer IPS-panel monitors. If time isn't a huge issue, I'd just keep an eye on slickdeals.net for a while.
  7. The problem with 15 minute chargers or other timed chargers is that they don't charge until the batteries are full; they charge for x minutes, resulting in undercharged or overcharged batteries (this degrades them over time). The best solution would be to get a battery charger that charges until the batteries are full. An indication of a charger that does this is that they show the status (usually with an LED) of individual batteries, not pairs of batteries. My advice would be to lurk and search topics in www.candlepowerforums.com.
  8. I would do what you can do buy something locally so that you can check that it has no stuck/dead pixels before you buy it. I bought a monitor online and I am selling it and buying a new one because it has a stuck green pixel in the middle of the screen that just won't go away and it is very distracting when I try to play games or watch movies.
  9. What is the point of a 12v knob on the TPQ-1200? Could a higher 12v be beneficial in extreme overclocking?
  10. I think if the world were ideal (to the specifications of the respective debaters), many of the arguments would be pretty plausible. Unfortunately, the world isn't ideal to any of these. There is the corrupt politicians, the essentially evil CEO's, the welfare moms, and the people who haven't done a thing wrong but have been stricken with poverty or poor health regardless. I could go on with rhetoric, but we all already know that the world is not nor can ever be perfect. The question we are all left with is what is the best solution given this imperfect world. I don't have the experience or resources to say what is the right answer and I find it unfortunate that so many believe in the words of people who are equally unknowing, even if they do have the resources to come even close to an acceptable answer. Given the responsibility, I'd look to the advise and reason of specialists who might each hold a sliver of the answer, but it seems that many of our political leaders (both parties here) have not thought of doing that. What I did like in the limited viewing of the debate that I saw was that one side used less rhetoric than the other. Like my AP teachers from a remarkably nice public school have taught me, statements are basically worthless without any evidence or reason to support them.
  11. It wouldn't be different unless your computer is being stressed harder and thus using more power when it is displaying 1080p. That's pretty unlikely though, because computers usually just go 100% to put out as many frames as possible regardless of resolution.
  12. WOW........ The overclock and performance of that card is incredible. Thanks for the review.
  13. I'm playing through SoC with Complete 2009 before I get CoP. I'm about 10 hours in right now
  14. Probably talking about the first one. On the topic of the Mass Effect 2, I've heard some great things and some terrible things. On the bad side, I've heard that combat and equipment were simplified. On the good side, I've heard that overall it's really solid.
  15. I wish we could see some reviews or benchmarks from a 3rd party. Please Nvidia
  16. I'd rather have the PS3 for the exclusives, but I don't feel very compelled to buy one.
  17. People are still talking about MW2? I haven't bought it for the reasons you'd expect and have no plans to. Kind of sad that it's a top seller on Steam without even being on sale, though. Oh well, it's their money.
  18. Awesome! I can't wait to see what you guys do with OCC. I think a build and DIY forum would be a great idea, or maybe seperate them if they get enough traffic.
  19. Get some exercise in every day. Graduate with above a 3.5 GPA. Finish this Gamma 1 DAC I have half complete behind me. Spend more time with my friends. Try to enjoy myself more. Go cross country skiing, skating, snowmobiling, etc with my parents. Not all are resolutions exactly, but more just things I've decided I should do.
  20. I absolutely believe that there is no way PC gaming will go away. There will always be people who want the power and open-ness of the PC platform.
  21. I'm not sure if I'm doing the formatting right or not, as I usually don't do this kind of thing.
  22. I have to say that that is just dumb. You know, the first 50 Cent game did over a million. Does that mean that it was a great shooter? There are also many million+ sellers that could be used as other examples, although it is pretty subjective.
  23. Ummm, I don't think claiming that this or that side has more "hit" games does any platform justice. Besides, high rated or AAA does not really mean a game is good and sometimes some of the best games come out to merely decent critical reception. Having mods in the equation also can drastically change how good a game is. IMO, what the whole thing boils down to is do you want an easy, no-nonsense platform to play on, or do you want to put in the extra effort for the advantages of PC gaming? Or you could have both, if you want.
  24. My steam ID is nickosha if anyone wants to play.
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