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  1. Hah I win Also, should anyone want to beat it, they should at least use stock settings, underclocking is for wimps
  2. Alright so I failed to remember my flash drive Friday so I have the next best thing. A picture of a ycruncher benchmark featuring the uberest hardcore PIII ever made.. the Tualatin core! Running at a blistering 1200MHz with 256KB L2 cache!! B:) This is running on my Nobilis laptop that I received free and actually use on a regular basis.. yea I need an upgrade. Specs: Pentium III 1200MHz 256MB SDRAM 133MHz SiS 630 Graphics NO WIFI 20GB HDD 50 Minute Battery Feast your eyes!!
  3. Don't really think that it's a huge deal lol I think the game is pretty good. Sure it's a departure from previous games of the series but it's good, solid gameplay imo.
  4. Lol alright I'll get a screen cap tomorrow. Didn't have my flash drive on me today.
  5. PIII 1000B @ 1GHz - 860 seconds.. XD Ran the program today on one of the best computers that we have in our Computer Service Tech class for our uses. We get all the junk to work on lol.
  6. It calculates how fast your CPU can find 25million digits of Pi to see how fast your CPU is. _____________________________________________________________________________
  7. I would like to see an improvement to memory management. For some reason certain program installs max out my memory which causes the computer to become severely laggy. Even once the program is finished installing the RAM usage stays and I have to restart my computer to get things back to normal.
  8. Well like I said I don't really know anything on it's history. I system restore was already attempted which didn't solve anything. We resorted to reinstalling Windows and it solved the issue. Thanks
  9. this is most likely from an outside source, of which you can't use FRAPS on.
  10. I have a customers computer that has issues with storage. USB drives that work just fine in other computers are recognized and get proper drivers installed, but show up as RAW and need to be formatted. The same issue happens with the Floppy disks. The CDRW can read CDs just fine but when it a blank CD is inserted it says there is no CD in the drive. I have no real history on this computer. It's not a name brand computer and it is dated (Athlon 2000+). If you need any more info just ask but from his description these problems all happened around the same time so they are most likely connected. Any ideas? Update: In the CMD prompt chkdsk shows all of the files on the USB drive and says there are no errors
  11. Well as far as a HD goes there are really only two options out there that I know of the HD PVR and the Black Magic Intensity Pro. Both are around $200 (I got my Intensity Pro for $189 free shipping on ebay). The HD PVR does component in/out so you can play on your HDTV and record at the same time. It is a setup box that does all the processing itself then stores the saved video to your HDD. The Intensity Pro is a PCIe x1 card (and a very small one at that) that has a LOT more flexibility. It can record HDMI (1920x1080i max) with a HDMI passthrough that you can connect to your monitor or HDTV, and has a break away cable with component, composite and svideo, and left and right audio (all with pass throughs). You can even input through component and output through HDMI to your HDTV/Monitor. The quality of this card is *cue church quire* and I am very happy with it. Here are two examples I have uploaded to youtube ( and (Be sure to watch in 1080p) Obviously quality is lost from the original when compressing it down to H.264 and then youtube's typical quality loss. But the MJPEG video from the card is flawless. Both capture devices are great but imo the Intensity Pro is a lot more flexible and you have much more control over what goes on with your video. As long as you have the basic knowledge of how all this works then you should be good to go. Also, this will only record HDMI from an Xbox 360. The PS3 has HDCP so you have to use Component, which you can output through HDMI to your HDTV/Monitor. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Hope this helps
  12. My question is why do you have a lower grade video card on the Phenom build vs the Corei5? If there are no 3d applications involved then just about any video card with two DVI ports will suffice for dual 1080p screens. Unless you are needing it for video encoding or something super intensive then the Phenom II should be more than enough. If your screens support HDMI then the onboard video for that motherboard would even work and save your boss some $ (using DVI and HDMI)
  13. Can't wait for my key! ahh I love the CnC franchise so much.
  14. Hardware Video/Monitor Help - Cpu/Motherboard Help- rourkchris Modding/Case Help- Software Help/Programming Help- Overclocking Help- General Help- verran Member Coolest Member- Andrewr05 Coolest Staff- tacohunter52 Geekiest Geek- Most Bannable Member/Staff- Best Rookie Member- Most Committed/Dedicated OCC Member/Staff- Best Spammer- NEA Most Annoying Member/Staff- ballist1x Funniest Member/Staff- fearspartan117 Worst User of English Language- NEA Best Photoshopper/Graphics Designer- Most Improved- Best/Most Forum Pwned- Best Political Debater- Best Gamer- Worst Gamer- Overclocking Most Extreme Overclock- road-runner Most Extreme Cooling- road-runner Coolest Cooling Solution- road-runner Mods Best Case Mod- Most Ghetto Mod- Best Avatar- ShallowBay (Mizzou ftw) Best Sig- Andrew05 Best User Title- Best Username- Rokkaholik Coolest Rig- Bosco Best All Around Member- verran
  15. If you do decide to part it out I'm very very interested in the 640GB WD drive and possibly the 4GB as well. If you decide to part send me a PM right away and we can get something worked out
  16. Colts because I do not like the Saints at all. Peyton Manning is just a BA. Wish my Eagles had come to play their last two weeks..
  17. That's really neat. Could be useful to see if someone has been on your computer as well lol
  18. you have a terminator for the TV side too don't you? i know mine needs one
  19. I fold fine on 9.12s, i get that error if I OC the card AT ALL <_<
  20. Get something like these they are very nice and budget conscious. I can vouch for how great the sound is, and the mic works perfectly as well. Edit: Guess I should throw in how comfortable they are. I can wear them for hours at a time and not even realize they are on my head.
  21. I've done that many times for extended periods and have had no issues. The frame of the 360 is plenty strong enough for an LCD monitor of that size.
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