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  1. I'm pretty sure it's a Class 2 school.
  2. Nooo! lol Weird enough I'm going to be in the Moberly area tomorrow. Going to Madison to watch Marion County in their first districts game.
  3. So in about 10 minutes my GPU WU will finish which should push me over the 1mil mark! Here's to a million, and to millions more!!
  4. When the bridge is running at the high temps, touch the metal of the heatsink and if it starts stinging within a couple seconds then you know it's probably around 55-70C. (of course this is subjective). That or you can get something like a laser heat gun (real name?) that can measure it. Also you could probably improve those temps by jury-rigging a fan to move air across it, it's probably recycling the heat that it's expelling like ShallowBay said.
  5. For one I am pretty sure that chip with the fan on it is your North Bridge. Make sure that the heatsink is completely clear of dust and the fan is spinning properly. Another thing you might check is that the voltage is set correctly to your chipset and it's not too high. You can compare the rated voltage reading from the BIOS to some spec sheets on the manufacturers website most likely. Edit: Upon further investigation a lot of reviews on Newegg say the chipset is prone to getting hot. They also mention the heatsink is upgradeable should you want to do it. One person mentions he used a Thermaltake CL-C0034 to replace the stock heatsink. Hope this helps.
  6. Same symptoms my board showed when i burned out the VRMs. Try an RMA
  7. The Creative Fatal1ty MKII Professional Headset (link in my sig) is an amazing headset. Normally it's only $70 with free shipping on newegg. It plays very well with all of my mobile devices as well as my computer. The mic has fantastic recording quality as well. The headset passed my expectations for listening to music as well as playing games alike, and you can't hear a thing when you have them on. One last thing is they are extremely comfy and you can wear them for hours at a time. $70 free ship Newegg link - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...8-081-_-Product
  8. I have had great experiences with the Netgear Wireless-N 150 and 300 routers. Two of my friends both have a 150 and I personally own a 300. They have excellent range and are very reliable. Around $50-$70 at walmart. Ok well this teaches me to read ENTIRE posts before hand.. lol. Anyways.. good routers even though you don't need wireless.
  9. I'm on the cheap keyboard that came with my old Dell E310. I don't think it does either.
  10. Zune's software has since been updated, there is no longer an equalizer in it. Why, I'm not sure but it's a big let down for me
  11. I use Zune Media Player to listen to my music because it already has all of my playlists and stuff that I sync to my Zune HD. It is lacking an EQ Overall it's not a big deal really. Just wondering if anyone knew of any quality and hopefully free ones. Thanks again.
  12. So after playing it twice last night and getting that 95, I decided to try once more this morning...
  13. Lol that's no fun. This is individual skill here
  14. I wanna put my bet on a group of ppl
  15. after that you have to dodge lines by flying an arrow. you have to hold the spacebar to lift it and let go to drop it
  16. XxHellxRaizerxX


    Just a fun little game I found with StumbleUpon a while back. See how high of a score you can get and post it here! Link to the game : http://www.kongregate.com/games/IcyLime/multitask I scored 95 so far.
  17. Any chance I could get the tracking number from ya Bosco?
  18. In performance maybe, but I have a feeling ATi will still kick Nvidia's behind in Price/Performance and that's what really matters to the average consumer imo.
  19. and a month later announcement at that! Fail
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